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Any difference in fit? How did they stretch out for u?
EG did size my larger foot (the right) only. On the Chelsea in a 202, it works good enough. I was assuming it would be the same on a 606. Yea that is the dilemma on the smaller one. What I wanted to see if people who have it can comment on how it stretches out or if they had the same problem as I have. I know using a local cobbler, who can stretch it, is an option but I want to see if these can break in first.Also the place I purchased from only has it on the 606.
To all owners of an EG Dover, I need help with sizing. Before I start, I'm trying to avoid the MTO option. I had my foot sized by EG during a recent trunk shoe and they recommended a 6.5E UK in a 202. I tried that on and they weren't half bad on my wide feet. I recently went to buy the Dover in the 606 thinking its the same. The left fit perfectly but my right had issues. The left side of the big toe was up against the shoe which is then slightly mushing the next toe....
Question for all. Did EG recently raised their prices?
How about 7.5 UK?
Double post
Man, don't tell me this now. My order has a 2-3 week wait since they sold out.
325's are wider than the 341's as I understand? I do have wider feet, I measure close to an E US.
Is the 341 E width and 202 F width pretty close? Do you also have wide feet?
I told Mark about it, he seemed pretty shocked.
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