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Does anyone have any experience with polishing gold delapre? I used Saphir Reno, then light brown cream, and tan/yellow wax. The shoe got just a tad darker and I'm wondering if I should use neutral cream next time to keep that tan color. Also is it harder for your foot to sink into the footbed of a dainite sole versus single leather sole?
I've bought this pair recently and I'm a bit surprised I haven't seen a lot of black double monks out there. Seems like a lot of people prefer other colors but black, not sure why.
It was measured by Hilary Freeman (the Managing Director) and her associate.
I was measured from EG themselves, so I would hope they know what they're doing. I believe the 202/606 is the widest standard last they have. I may have to try other brands.
Those options make perfect sense but I'm trying to find the best alternative because of the much higher $$$$. Ultimately, I may have no choice...
I wish I know the answer, the problem I deal with all the time in shoe shopping. Not to mention the widest part of my foot is where most shoes curve in.
The above image is what my right foot (the longer foot) looks like after I take it off. My toes are bunched on both feet (worse on this one) and it's hard to wiggle them. So now the conundrum, do I go a half size up to a 7E or get 6.5F MTO? If I have to go MTO, I'm being offered without any up charge but I can't return it.
With the Dovers, did anyone have trouble moving their toes? Mine feel bunched up, not in pain, just not flat.
Fair enough, I interpreted your comments as sarcastic in a condescending way. Anyways, shoe shopping is painful for me in more ways than one. Besides if I'm paying 1300 for a shoe, it better fit me right.
Unfortunately I have foot problems because of the shape of my foot (it's wide, especially in the mid-foot). I always have issues when buying any shoe. Trust me, it's not by choice. I play ice hockey and I cannot wear any standard skate, I had to get it custom made. Again, not by choice. So you don't know me and keep your comments to yourself.
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