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More incoming.  
 I can't comment on CAs suits and jackets, however I wasn't all that impressed with a Kiton SC I tried. The quality was great, but I wasn't a fan of the cut or the styling. I find Fray shirts excellent too, but they're too slim for my liking.
 Thanks! Now I just need to buy some Attolini to compare hahah.... Thanks! The tie is Kiton as well and all three were from the Zurich location of http://www.bongenie-grieder.ch/
Cross post:  
A few SF approved purchases:  
Does anyone know the approximate cost for a made to measure Zegna shirt?
A bunch of boring blue and white shirts and these:  
This stuff seems too cheap, but would someone really go to the trouble to knock off Fray, etc.?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-SUPERFINE-FRAY-45-17-75-SHIRT-/161059533463?pt=US_Men_s_Dress_Shirts&hash=item257fe57297
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