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They are all unfused.
For anyone interested in longevity - I have just hit 18 months with a batch of 5 shirts that get worn once a week - each shirt has had about 70 wears. Collars and elbows are still in good condition on all shirts. Only one button came off in total which is negligible and better than my general expectations. Overall, really happy.
Does this mean it's possible for existing PJ/SS customers getting good results to commission pieces from either PJ or SS and effectively replicate the fit? That would be pretty appealing.Also, thanks journeyman and lachyzee for the responses on travel.
I was hoping for some travel advice for an upcoming overseas work trip. Five weeks. Six days a week. 14+ hours a day. Suits and ties. Think you could scrape by on three suits and two shoes plus six shirts/ties?
 I had an extended loan of one. They are certainly capable of good coffee, but it felt like a lot of work getting everything heated up and then dialling in shots. I've had the luck of being able to try a lot of home coffee solutions and always find myself coming back to the commandante hand grinder, alternating between the hario v60 and kalita wave. Cheap, clean, simple and a both capable of a great cup. 
I would be interested to know to know the process, if you're willing to share. Is there a basted fitting and are garments sent back to Seoul after each fitting for adjustment?
 I think Nabil's advice is spot on. Personally, I feel either underdressed or too 'loud' in cotton trousers with an odd-jacket the moment a colleague puts on a dark wool suit jacket, even without a tie. Regardless of fit, quality, colour and texture, it just feels like they live at different ends of the formality spectrum. If wearing jackets really is a rare situation, go for it.  I think dark brown and dark green cotton suits can also look great when cut right. But I'm...
Mine were on the seam rather than the waistband by default, but I would specify your preference for the avoidance of doubt.I have never had them dig into me, either with luxire or any other maker.
Unionmade's site are probably for the previous cut. 
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