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I'm looking for a mid range price point option for my first introduction to DB suits. Also looking into SuitSupply. Any recos would be welcomed.
Can anyone comment on quality Charles T suits?¤tPageNum=3&prefv1=SS17&prefv2=new%7Ccontinuity%7Cterminal&sz=58&start=3&cgid=suits-complete-suits
Any suggestions?
I don't usually wear suits for work. So I just want an inexpensive double breasted suit that I can wear once in a while. I'm debating between: which is made from super 110s   or a made to measure from made with super 100s.   Cost of Charles T: $428 Cost of Tailor4less: $274.95   Thoughts or other suggestions?
Love the jacket...where is it from?   Any thoughts on this?
These are firsts from last fall I believe? I can count on my hands how many times I've worn them. Shoetreed and polish(included in price). Includes shoe bags.
Flawless condition. Worn 3 times to weddings. Really beautiful suit.   Specs:   36R ( I wear a 40 and it fits nicely on me)   Pants fit a 31/32 waist Inseam: 28   3 Button Center seam   100% Virgin wool   Made in Slovenia   PM me for specific measurements.
Worn 4 times. Maintained with Allen Edmonds polish. Price includes rest of container. Treed after each wear. Comes with original shoe bags.   Size 9D
Size: 9   VERY RARE MICRODOT EDITION(Rare in the sense that you don't find it available for sale anywhere) Beautiful and elegant. Literally worn 3 times. As you can see I've taken great care with shoe tree after every wear. They also go back in the box after each wear. Comes with original shoe bags.
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