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Love the blue lapel windowpane waistcoat on your tumblr page. where is it from?
beautiful cut
What's the name of the seller on ebay? Does he have a store?
what a find that is
I use the AE shoe polish on my Moras but they don't shine as much as I would like. Any thoughts? I recently used the kiwi shoe shine liquid on one of my throwaway Robert Waynes and was pleased with the results. Should i do the same with my Moras or is that blasphemous. Also afraid the kiwi brown might be too light in shade compared to Brown Burnished Calf shade. Suggestions?
I have it and I love it
last one is Zegna? It's nice
dark brown
Just received an email from bookster re: their holiday promo. Guess they're back but I'll never get my vest or my money back.
love elbow patches
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