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Does anyone have any updated information on the November sale? Thanks so much.
My fiancee and I are looking to buy a pair of plain gold wedding bands (no diamonds, no platinum, nothing flashy). Does anyone have any recommendation for the Los Angeles area? We're not too knowledgeable about the local jewelry scene and thought this would be a good place to ask. Vintage/antique stores would be okay if you think they'd have enough stock to have a few different sizes. Thanks!
I don't see prices for either of the pairs of shoes. Am I just missing them?
The size of the Ferragamos would be helpful to potential buyers.
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow Steven Alan Sample sales nyc this thursday - sunday 87 Franklin St between Broadway & Church As always with the Steve Alan sample sale, "starts Thursday" means "starts Wednesday" but they don't announce it to control the size of the crowd. Usually it opens Thursday around 4pm. Same for the LA one.
I thought the APC sale was a major bust, especially compared with the ones they had in Williamsburg. Everything was 75% off but that didn't feel like much of a deal for what was there. Green jeans and the like. Ugh.
Can anyone tell me where to find some nice blackwatch slim fit pants? I think RL used to carry some, and I know J Crew did a few seasons back, but I can't find any now. Thanks in advance.
Secret Forts has a bunch of pictures from SS10 up:
Confederacy in LA is at 50%.
Tom's aren't really espadrilles, though. I had some friends going to Spain last spring buy me two pair; the first pair has last more than a year and a half and survived a New York summer intact (although the blue faded a good bit in pattern of my foot). In Barcelona you can find them on the street for 5 euro. Ask someone who is going to pick you up a pair. People go to Spain a lot.
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