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WTF on Context!  I think they were sold out before they even sent out the email...
You should get this if you haven't already. I own it and it is a great jacket. I have a very similar RRL jacket and I like this one better.I own tons of TS stuff and overall I find it to be on par with Billy Reid and RRL (these are the three main brands I buy). There sizing is pretty accurate across the brand, I wear an XL in just about all of the top items I own.I think they have great customer service but I buy a lot so they may work with me a little more.My biggest...
Thanks for the help/suggestions!
Has anyone seen the Mendoza Leather jacket in any of the retail stores still for sale?  Same price as online?   Also, does anyone have an email address/contact for a store rep that has been good to work with? 
Did anyone order the Mendoza leather jacket? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=30760486&cp=11588650.12145641&ab=ln_men_cs2_seeall&view=99&parentPage=family I'd be interested to see actual pics. Would also be interested in buying an XL if anyone was planning on returning theirs...
http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/nigel-cabourn-duffel-coat-503014553.html?index=1&cgid=men About $900 for the duffle...
Who bought the size 54 cameraman jacket from superdenim?! I'll buy it from you if you don't want it once you get it. Also, I've got a Cabourn Odell jacket in a 54 that I'm probably going to sell. It has two broken "ladders" and I don't have the patience to track down replacements.
Does Kafka deduct VAT?
Obviously you've never used your excessive packaging to give someone your dick in a box.Cut a hole in your boxPut your junk in that boxMake her open that box
Oh c'mon man I was just giving you a hard time. Being in the middle of the country, two-day delivery would be a treat! That's all. I really don't know why I am defending La Garconne, except that I had a great experience, better than the great majority of stores I deal l with...but I guess more people than not have a bad experience. They have great stuff and usually good sales, so I guess the fewer people that shop there, the better selection for me
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