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I was looking at the beginning of this thread at the stores that carry RRL, but it didn't mention any outlet stores.  I know there aren't any dedicated RRL outlets, but was curious if there are any RL outlets that are generally the stores that get all of the RRL leftovers?  Does anyone know which would be my best bet to call to track something down?   Thanks!
Does anyone know when the initial sales start on fall items at RL stores?  I know it is right about the time they start bringing their holiday stuff out, usually sometime in October.
Guys, I have no problem sending out the PDF, but you're going to have to send your email address in your PM. I'm not going to track it down for you.
 I have the PDF.  If you want it PM me with your email address and I will forward on.   Some pretty cool stuff coming in this next season!
Any chance someone has the spring 2015 pdf that they wouldnt mind sharing? I havent had luck getting from my SA yet.
Agreed on the service. I have messaged them at least 5-6 times about getting some replacement clips for my Odell Jacket. Finally got a response this last time and they said the would send them. That was over a month ago, no clips...I have emailed since and no response.I have also tried messaging them about finding a particular item with zero response also.Crazy that a company that charges what they do has such crappy customer service
Just got my Davis suede jacket in from the sale...anyone else think it fits weird? I typically don't have fit issues with RRL stuff. I got an XL, the sleeves are short and baggy, and the shoulders are wide. I feel like the L would fit much better through the chest and shoulders, but the sleeves would hit me 3" above my wrist.
Reviving this thread from the depths...hope I'm not posting in the wrong thread. I am 6'-4" about 220, and I am looking at buying a Dsquared2 jacket. Anyone have an idea if Dsquared2 makes anything big enough for a guy my size? The largest size left in the jacket is a 50. Any help is appreciated!
Anyone know anywhere online that carries the crazy cameraman from this season in a 52/54? END was the only place I saw carrying it and they sold out almost instantly.
Got my clip coats, one in a medium the other a large. I typically am an XL or 54 in cabourn pieces. After trying both on several times, I will prob keep the large. It fits better arm length wise and more comfortable through the chest, allowing room for a sweater...although in Oklahoma, I could prob wear a tank top under it and keep plenty warm during the winter. I am thinking about taking it to my tailor to see about getting it taken in just a tad at the sides. Someone...
New Posts  All Forums: