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Gotcha.  I have heard of Grailed but never checked it out.  Interested to see what its about.
What is this site that no one wants to name! I've been racking my brain trying to figure out this puzzle. Can someone PM me the name if you don't want to post it publicly?
It's been a while since I've posted on this thread so excuse me for blowing it up! I never could track down thus cameraman from a few seasons back. If anyone runs across it in a 52 or 54, please do tell!
...speaking of, does anyone know when SS hits stores?
Everyone is already looking forward to AW16! I'm pretty excited to see SS stuff. At least from the limited pictures I can find online, looks like some cool pieces coming out.
Does anyone know if stores are doing an additional percentage off ATM or is it just online that has the extra off?
I was looking at the beginning of this thread at the stores that carry RRL, but it didn't mention any outlet stores.  I know there aren't any dedicated RRL outlets, but was curious if there are any RL outlets that are generally the stores that get all of the RRL leftovers?  Does anyone know which would be my best bet to call to track something down?   Thanks!
Does anyone know when the initial sales start on fall items at RL stores?  I know it is right about the time they start bringing their holiday stuff out, usually sometime in October.
Guys, I have no problem sending out the PDF, but you're going to have to send your email address in your PM. I'm not going to track it down for you.
 I have the PDF.  If you want it PM me with your email address and I will forward on.   Some pretty cool stuff coming in this next season!
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