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  It wasn't an attack on dbhdnhdbh- who might be on to something- or anyone else; just a gentle satire on the whole thread.
  Following the recent furore over cracked leather (the Curious Case of Patrick Booth, or "Renogate" as the press are calling it) and the subsequent speculation over humidity levels, I have decided to market a humidor for fine shoes.     The cabinet is made from the finest rosewood, with a cedar interior. The humidor will have three settings: "Dank Day in Northampton" for calfskin; "Spring Morning on Jermyn Street" for suede; and "Sweltering Afternoon in Chicago, No.8"...
  Just kidding, I'm afraid...
That wasn't you then, wearing a green checked tuxedo at the White House Correspondents' Dinner? ;-)
Interesting stuff, unbelragazzo, especially the Henry Poole piece. While I agree that there are, strictly speaking, no fixed rules, there are well established norms, which are well worth emphasising, especially to newcomers. The black tie "rules" work pretty well for the individual and, if the majority of men adhere to them reasonably closely, for the event, too. Disagree?
I hear there are still some bear costumes available...   My preference would be traditional black tie, but you're perhaps right to be reluctant if so few others are going to wear it.   Wear the black suit, a white shirt and a black tie. A black suit is at its best in the evening- they are never quite right during the day, unless you're auditioning for a "Reservoir Dogs" remake- so now is the time to use it. A french cuff shirt, silver cufflinks and a white linen...
I accept that AFPoS might be wrong (see the edit to my last post) even though they stock both Saphir and LCA. Anyone know for sure? The flippant answer is because I'm not manufacturing and finishing. The serious point is that their rebadging is a recommendation of sorts. Of course, they might simply be exploiting their customers' gullibility, if cheaper and better products are available...
I can't see much disagreement, despite your tone, chogall. Don't we all suspect that some of the better shoe makers rebadge Saphir, rather than manufacturing their own shoe care products? It's still a recommendation of sorts. I was under the impression that LCA was rebadged Saphir, too. "A Fine Pair of Shoes" certainly thinks so: "All the travel kits contain creams and polishes by Saphir Medaille D'Or, privately labelled for LCA."
Duplicate post.
The Hangar Project claims that Saphir is the choice of John Lobb, too, FWIW.
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