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Black Museum Calf looks washed out to me. I have a pair in Black Misty and it looks more rich. Misty Black has a bit of "plastic shine" but in a good way, it's like giving a black a bit of accent.  
I do have a pair of Doak Chelsea, however I never thought it was a good idea to burn the cash on a pair in Black version .. Always thought CJ Connaught are good enough for a plain black oxford and save the difference for more doak EGs ..
Guys, I need your suggestion. These would be my first pair of Cheaney and I'm on a market for a chukka boot. I found the one I like. However, I'm worried if the fur in a combination with burgundy color look will look a bit feminine? *My feet always feel cold during autumn/winter, so I do need a pair of a fur lined version in my collection.
So true. I'm the one.
Chelsea and jeans is a bad idea. You would look like a cowboy on a nigh out ..
Well, they advise against topying as somehow the glue and rubber from the topy will trap the moisture and thus degrade the soles quickly .. I think it's a two-edged sword regarding this .. Also, EG may refuse to refurbish the shoes topyed by a local cobbler.
EG suggests not to topy their soles as the leather needs to breath .. I think with a good cedar trees and some good topy that you would be just fine .. Though I can recall a member here posting a photos of a recently refurbished shoe from EG, and it end up looking like a brand new pair.
Beautiful stevent, my size exactly .. I like the look of F width!
Yes, I noticed too that Burnt Pine is almost same color/shade is Daok .. You can find the dark shades of burnt pine looking same as doak and light shades of doak looking as burnt pine .. especially after a few coats of medium brown saphir cream
I will try not to go off topic, but Ray Clark from the UK represented his work in a Briefcase Thread a while back. His briefcases were in a 350 GBP price range, which is just what I need, and I loved his work .. Clean and nice ..  Personally I would be satisfied doing a briefcase like this one he made only in Dark Oak and wear it with navy suit and doak chelsea ..
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