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@PCK1 That's not the option in my case, as for a CJ MTO price I can purchase a Edward Green Galway boot, which is a whole level beyond the CJ. Crockett Jones should really think about adding some more color options for certain models, I mean, It get's on my nerves that every time I want to order a brown oxford shoe on 236 last I can choose between Black and chestnut. And I hate chestnut. Where are all those cool shades of darker browns?
Well, I would like to see that too, as I do not like the open shade of Tan scotch color, but I'm just not sure how realistic that process would be? That's why I wanted to consult with the SF crowd. I know it's easy to darken the shoes a bit with darker creams and waxes, but I am not sure will that process be permanent, or if that's the way  Crockett and Jones "shoe doctor" will do it.
Yes, I am. So, you might actually deduct the VAT (though, I am not sure what would be the effective percentage) from that amount, and hope you won't get raped in the US custom, or whatever non-eu custom.
Basically they would have to turn the: Scotch Tan Grain: into a beechnut brown:
No, I haven't. But I wanted to know the price for a single MTO of Galway on 202 Last anyway, and it appears that would cost: $ 1,600.00
I'm about to make a order on Tan Scotch grain country boots as they don't have them in Dark Brown Country, meaning I would have to go with the MTO process to get them in Dark Brown, which is expensive and lasts too long. The thing is, C&J store manager told me they have a "shoe doctor" in their store and that he can darken them to almost Beechnut color !? I was wondering, what is a "shoe doctor" in the first place, and what's he going to do with the boots to darken them...
Nothing to be sorry about, ther's no consensus over the 202 Galway anyway.
Well, I won't make questions about the sole! I intend wearing them in snow/rain, so Medway or ridgeway may be even better option. I JUST WANT THEM ON 202! let's hear others .. 5 potentially interested
Let's make it happen, damn it! Would you guys be IN for a Galway on 202 last in Dark Oak/ Walnut Country Calf with Dainite rubber sole? It would be a killer boot! I think because @Leaves / Skoak didn't have them as a stock model, we would need to gather the 6 pairs for a MTO at a price of a regular Galway boot! Please Confirm. Also, inform us on price .. @Farhad19620 @budapest12 @pandaologist @laufer @Nikola   
Skoak has one more space left for the exact same color combo and last Galway- Dark Oak and Walnut CC on 82 last .. It's my favorite leather/color combination for a boot on the last I hate most.
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