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[[SPOILER]] Are you sure? I got several Lopez loafers and they are all on a 4395 last. It's a quite comfy last that fits true to size. I remember purchasing a Black Misty Calf which had a bit plasticky look and it required some break in .. The Museum Calf and regular calf leathers are quite supple and require almost no break-in, IME. 
[[SPOILER]] Amazing. I sometime feel like John Lobb got robbed with so many other brands using the same mottled leather JL started first. (To my knowledge) Now even a Meermin can deceive on a first sight with their styles. Almost same as with Range Rover and those Chinese copy cat cars .. 
Have just received mine as well. The fit is amazing, quite tailored, though I will have to shorten the sleeves a bit If I decide to keep it. Baby alpaca fabric is amazing, so soft, though the colour is the one that worries me. It has a striking look to it, but sometime I am worried if it's too much striking. The label says $699, so this one was definitely sent from one of the US stores to Europe. 
When to expect the first stream of S/S collection? 
John Lobb still got it! 
I haven't received it yet. It was sent from the US because it was not available in the EU and needs to clear the customs. I will let you know if you don't receive it before me. 
Nice grab, I bought the very same style, in beige .. Wish we had this colour in EU as well. 
Definitely a better selection of styles than in Europe sales. At least with shirts and suits. 
What do you gents think of a Cardiff Derby Style in Tan Burnished Calf?  I am not sure why it's no longer visible on the CJ web page, but does look more refined compared to a scotch grain Pembroke and more versatile for a city wear.   
Did you have to pay any additional charges - custom duties, taxes, etc.? I have order this to the company address, and there would be no one to deal with any of those in case there's some hassle regarding the custom forms. 
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