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[[SPOILER]] Lovely shade, the burnt pine is so underestimated here .. It could be worn basically anytime except in Winter .. Did you opt for the cuban heel or it came as a standard? 
That shirt just ruined everything, IMO. 
Thanks. Any trunk show in Europe in the near future? Still trying to negotiate that MTO fee cancellation .. I was offered a free pair of shoe trees to soften the blow, but would really love to take off that 150 GBP surcharge instead. 
^I don't like anything Italian, but that double breasted suit is really good. 
So the B1 is basically a 1.5 sole tapering to 1 at the waist? 
Whoa . You are wearing a US 11 in Nike and you want a UK 8.5 in Cavendish? This sounds like a full 1,5 US size difference. I couldn't advise you at all based on the size info you have provided above. 
Oh no, I spoke with him in August via Etsy and we were discussing some of the styles I wanted to order ..Remember he was quite restrictive with the mods I wanted to change, but I was building my self up to ordering a briefcase nevertheless ..Thought he went on Holiday and that he will return in September, but now I don't think he'll be coming back .. Do you know where's he selling his remaining stock? How can I contact him other than etsy? 
Ray Clark ran out of business for good this time? 
Basically sounds it should be called: Bright Navy
Seems like the bordeaux varies a lot from batch to batch ..  This one is a lovely shade:  while this one looks a lot more "girlish" and flashy .. Or it could be the light/ post processing playing games with my eyes .. 
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