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Can someone comment on the Rangoon style? What type of shoe is that? Is it intended to be teamed with a shorts for a beach look?
Guess the final sale price gives away their wholesale price we were discussing couple of days ago ..
Was wondering if someone made any purchase in Swaine Adeney Factory Shop? What are the prices/selection these days?
Disregarding that, and a fact that I am no suit expert myself, I was bugged to see so many sizes left on sale, considering the movie hype and that someone mentioned the quality of these suits is pretty good ..So I wanted to consult with the board about the Kingsman brand as such. Does anyone know what is the quality? I believe I read somewhere they are made by Huntsman UK. Which should be a good thing ..  I like the appearance of the suit, it's just that I would like to be...
Was thinking about pulling the trigger on that one. Any thoughts about the quality? Do not understand why so many size were on sale. The look is really cool, am I missing something?
Whoa, I got JL factory rejects with less flaws than that.
20% off a full retail would be really too low considering that owner would have to cover the running costs of the store, wages, commercial,  and to make some profit .. I thought JL Factory is selling the shoes to the stores at least 50% off the retail price, considering there's also a sale time period when prices are down 30% for the certain styles .. Guess this is only known to the store managers, but was curios myself .. Starting a shoe business and becoming a...
Mr.Porter has a strange size chart adviser regarging the EG.. For most of the EG styles they say: fits true to size, while obviously they are posting the shoes half size smaller.They only managed to advise this regarding the Galway Walnut where they clearly stated one should order a half size larger than normal.
O M G !  That's exactly the same makeup I am preparing to order. Do they have a seamless heel too?I am still uncertain about the colour. Was thinking bordeaux, but it may look too loud ..What did you go for? Dark Brown Calf?Edit: Just saw your blog. They don't have a seamless heel. It would add an absolute bespoke feel with that opt IMO. But looking great anyhow!
Was always curious to know at what price does the John Lobb Factory sells shoes to the online stores? More specifically how much room for profit per a pair of shoe is left? Would be interesting to hear if someone knows this data.  
New Posts  All Forums: