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Perhaps the collar that appears to be lifted at the neck area is making the lapels look strange ..  
With the pound to eur record low I consider ordering a Hickory or Oak Solid at Fox Umbrella to add to my current modest collection of 2 Fox umbrellas.. Still not certain about the canopy colour. Safest bet would be black I guess, but also the most boring.    The RS6 is lighter with a lot of detail in the graining of the wood.  Hickory is one of the densest woods. The RS8 is much darker than the RS6 but has lovely highlights in the...
Like the proportions and pockets on this one! Not sure about the colour though (looking good at the moment, though not certain if it will look "so past season" next yaer). Hopefully they will offer it in a blue or gray as well ..   [[SPOILER]]
Love the green suede lining. How much does it raise the cost, roughly speaking? 
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for the prompt reply. I believe he's using the shoulder part ..I thought of ordering a twist lock portfolio in racing green - http://www.roeproducts.com/twistlock.html P.S Why are you embarrassed regarding the Music bag? I also like the look, though my girlfriend says it's too feminine and she wouldn't like to see me wearing one .. When is music bag supposed to be worn? I couldn't find much about it's history and would like to hear if there are some...
Gents, I would appreciate your thought regarding this British fellow :  Are you familiar with his work? I have managed to get us a discount in case you like anything from his work.  www.roeproducts.com   
Ofc no, I just thought you would get a precise answer from the owner as the image might be deceptive and we could suggest it's actually a different colour to the original resulting in ordering a wrong shoe, esp. since you want the exact makeup. 
Looks like a bronze antique to me with cloud shaft, but why don't you ask a guy who posted them to the Instagram what makeup it actually is. I am sure he will be willing to help. 
[[SPOILER]] Amazing, is that Ray Clark's briefcase? 
Nice, though the overall look and proportions would benefit more with a more wider lapels, imo. 
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