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Would be more cool looking if lapels are a tad wider, IMO.
Worn handful of times. No creases, no dirty spots, no faded parts, the jacket is like new! Size L, fits true to size US 42. Made from Loro Piana 100% WOOL ! Current 2015 model Pit to Pit: 108 cm or 42 inch Sleeves: about 64 cm or 25 inch Total length About 75 cm or 29.5 inch BrooksStorm® Bomber Jacket Jacket made from pure wool, woven in Italy by Loro Piana® and bonded to resist water and wind while retaining a luxurious texture and drape. Full-zip with...
@Farhad19620 @sevenfoldtieguy Thanks guys, I also love the proportions of the Skye more (4 row of hooks and 4 row of lace holes instead of a mile high 5 on the Islay), and a heel brogueing is more appealing on the Skye as well, though I like the rounded toe shape of the Islay last .. Still a bit of a mixed feelings .. Need the boots before the ugly weather starts so I will post the photos of a purchase decision soon ..
You should invest in a Dainite sole shoes for those rainy days. They are far more practical.
Brand New With Tags. Unworn. Used as a example in store so the Waist is slightly taken in. See the measure.   Total length 82 cm / 32 inch   Sleeves: 61.5 cm/ 24.2 inch   Pit to pit: 102cm / 40 inch   Waist: 49 cm / 19.21 Postage at cost.
Lovely family photo! Williams are holding great! Must be those lasted Trees are doing their job right! I love the proportions of JL sneakers, it's just the price that I could never justify ..
Not sure which one to order on Monday. Islay or Skye? Both in Dark Brown Grain. Islay feel kind of odd with 5 rows of speed hooks, disproportionate .. Am I missing something? What would be the difference between the two other than that? Not much difference in last or brogueing either ..
Who's the maker of that jacket? Any deets? Nice shirt as well.
BNWT. Unworn. 2015 Style. Lovely Gray colour. -85% OFF MSRP.   Inseam is about 32 inch. Fits true to size US 32 R or IT 48. Postage at cost, but will be quite cheap as these can be sent in envelope. Located in Europe.  
I would like to see how have those William monks aged. If you find some time to snap a daylight photo of all 3 of them it would be cool.
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