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The only worst thing than a regretful purchase is a regretful sale!
Does the seamless heel cost extra, or it's a matter of choice when going MTO? Really love the clean look of these ..
IME, every shoe I received looked darker IRL. So I wouldn't be worried if a bit darker appearance is what you are hoping for!
Well, hardly, honestly.I am also a impulse buyer. I regret later. So once I saw these in my size and new condition (we all know how hard that happens on eBay) I was ready to burn most of the budget I dedicated for the Galway this Fall. But something about the colour that @hoodog mentioned was bugging me, so I decided to post them here in hope someone will tell me - "Don't do it". And I got much more of those than I hoped for.
Thanks for the support. Means a lot from someone with so many G's.
Mmuuussst ressiisstt and save the budget for Galway!
Seems like F last is a perfect balance between the EG 82 and 202.
I'm not sure. If they are close to a resole then even a 50$ is too much. Resole these days including postage in both ways can cost min. $300 in their Factory, meaning (300+129=429$).I wouldn't give EG to a local cobbler to change a sole, as it would not be a EG "anymore".Even after the Factory resole you would have someone's worn shoes as for a $429 you could purchase a Edward Green pair on ebay worn 2 times which is not yet broken in and you would be practically a...
Thanks a lot, NAMOR.
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