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   O M G !   They are beautiful! Congratulations man!
I believe the poor photoshop is also part of their campaign. Like - They are too cool to care.
@gr789 Yes, I specifically wanted this type of style on a practical Dainite sole. I have less and less nerves lately for a leather sole on a casual daily beaters. Also, these were on a 30% discount as they appear to be from the Autumn collection. @Zapasman Thanks! These really are built like a tank! They felt awfully heavy too when I first took them out of the box. But I like heavy. Heavy means reliable.
Just received these:
These are amazing. Truly difficult to imagine why they are still here.
Was browsing through the eBay and was fascinated enough to share with you how creaseless upper is looking on these after so many years of wear. Still hard to figure how this is possible..    
Perhaps in a hindsight you knew black is boring .. Anyway, you can always kill the blue with some black cream$wax.
I do hope they ended up as someone's love. They were Rejects and I got them pretty cheap, sold them at about half of what they cost me, so yes, we could consider someone got lucky based solely on a price.
I am certain they will look great. I would have probably kept mine if they were a Oxfords or Derby shoes as I could blend them more easily. It was a challenging to wear a deep blue loafers that always looked black. They were too weak for a suit and to formal for a casual outfit, so they had to go. You will have much more fun with those derby style Lobbs.
Cleav, the only photo I got saved in my computer is the one dear Pauline from the Factory sent me at the time I made a transaction.I didn't have a manner at that time to photograph my purchases upon receiving them, which I regret now, so I hope this one from their FS might  be of enough assistance.
New Posts  All Forums: