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I think it's because in case you decide to opt for the VAT refund they have to issue you a fiscal receipt and therefore to declare a sold pair of shoes to the state of Hungary and their "IRS". In case you choose to pay in cash and opt for a 10% discount they just do not declare the sold pair at all to the IRS, and have a internal book of sold pairs. It is a common thing done in most east European states. The 10% cash discount is something that would a local guys have most...
I think their online shop might appear misleading to a US and non-EU citizen. They do not have the clearly displayed excl.VAT prices like the Skoak do. In the Berkeley Oxford case they are around 15% cheaper compared to Skoak + they offer a free shipping.
Just an additional heads up on the Vass policy. The 10% cash discount and VAT deduction cannot be combined. You will have to decide what is better for you. I believe the Hungarian VAT is 27%, however, I think it is not possible to have the full percentage amount of VAT back. It ranges from 13-15% as the agency refunding is taking a vast amount for it self..Correct me if I'm wrong. Perhaps the chance you get the full VAT back is when you personally come back to the store...
Upper shoes have the cheapest prices and a good selection of EG shoes in Europe currently, I believe. Check it out.http://www.upper-shoes.com/en/s/141/edward-green-man
Just phone them. Pauline at JL and Jillian at EG. Don't hope too much. Especially at EG. All the popular styles are usually unavailable. Funny thing is whenever I call the EG factory they don't have a single style, but at the pop-up sale they are loaded .. :D something fishy there .. CJ has a huge amount of rejects available that I wanted to purchase. Coniston boots for instance are 200 GBP ~ $295 ..
@CandJONLINE May I ask if you plan on allowing the rejected shoes to be dispatched outside the Factory Shop? I phoned the Shop last weekend, and was informed about the shoes available that I wanted to purchase but the lady working there told me the policy does not allow her to post the shoes outside the Factory shop anymore. It really is a shame as nowadays both the John Lobb and Edward Green shops will charge your card and post the seconds to the desired address.
Could you post some photos please? I was hesitating ordering a pair as they do not have the speed hooks, though I love the color very much. 
@Shouldaville Thank You very much. I like the idea of the lasted trees and a reasonably priced styles combined with the Ilcea leathers. Everything just sounds pretty balanced and well packed + with the cash discount and Vat deduction it should be a no-brainer. I will visit their shop just for the sake of visiting and will purchase a pair or two to see how they perform over the time .. And will post some photos of the shop and purchase.
Guys, I need your thoughts. I was never a fond of a Vass shoes, but all the talking about the great value and a bit of a disappointment on how the EG shoes fit (heel slip) made me eager to try something new. Budapest is in my neighborhood. Trip cost is almost free. Plus, I am not a EU citizen, so I could get the Hungarian VAT refund too. My questions basically are: 1.) Is it worth making transition from Crockett Jones bench grade line like Connaught Oxford to the Vass F...
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