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Whoa, never seen someone starting off his collection with bronze! If that's your first pair, that is.
Think I started this. So I am IN for sure. But for the regular dark brown calf only, shearling or no shearling, I'm fine. Just not the oiled teak thing .. I forgot, how many shoes do we need and what price are we talking about?  
Can you workout the UK9.5 as well?
You could easily get dinged 50% of the rejected shoe value with the postage and customs.
Black Calf   202 last.   The shoes are marked with "B".   No crease. No scratches. No growth marks. No shop wear. They are perfect.   Size is UK9.5/10, width E. Translated to the US, this is a true to size 10 D.   Please know your size in Edward Green as I cannot accept returns.   Comes with the Edward Green dust towel and unmarked edward green box.   Postage at cost. Add 4% PayPal fee.   Giving the opportunity to SF members first, before ebay.   PayPal.
I do recognize her attempt to subtly modernize the line, though I'm not sure I would pay a full price for any of the new styles. I think the shoes lost that "traditional british" something..                 Source: http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/autumn-winter-2015/mens/john-lobb
First, she doesn't sound interested in providing any useful info over the phone. I know for sure she provided me a false info at least once, as I phoned her on the day of the sale to ask about the style and got the reply" We haven't got any", but the guy who went there found them sitting on the rack and purchased them for me.Second, I do think she might be lazy, as EG FS do not have the clear policy about posting the shoes outside their shop. Recently, Hilary Freeman...
As far as I know, there was a cold lady working in Factory Shop every working day in the past one year. I phoned the shop couple of times on various working days, and she was always there. You could make an appointment too. Do not see how this are a news?
Something strange is happening at John Lobb and I don't like the smell of it. First, there's a new young female designer with some highly questionable design directions. Their refreshed Instagram page does not promise anything good too. Now the prices are sky rocketing.
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