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LoL, that's what I referred to .. What's the point of the studded rubber soles if they are slippery on the wet surface? Under the normal weather conditions even the regular leather soles are good enough .. 
I do hope this has improved the traction a bit, as the Dainite soles sometime feels like the soap bars ..
Would love to see the comparison between the Nightshade and Burgundy with the recent leather batches. If someone there is lucky to have both, I would appreciate some daylight quick shots. 
202 for me all the way! Formal or casual. I am yet to find the last that appealing in any shoe maker, but that's just me of course.The Vass F last sits somewhat between the 82 and 202, and it could be the jack of all trades, but master of none. 
Thanks.. The ones I am looking for are Oxfords, lol .. That could be the reason for the odd look .. 
What are your thoughts regarding the double leather or HAF soles?    Not much interested in pros and cons of each solution, rather curios how do you find the aesthetic perspective of these? I am not certain personally what to think. The whole shoe looks much different to me (not just the sole part, but the leather of the shoe and the last itself looks a bit tighter than the one made on a single leather sole ..  Seems like the most of the Italian retailers are stocking...
Looking at these after my 82 lasted Chelsea and think to my self- that is the last I should have go for. 
Then you got the answer. Nowhere. 
Anyone else from Europe got a Transmission problem upon accessing their website?  Can't enter the online shop for 3 hours now .. 
Sweet style, however those are Elmsley Derby shoe, not the Berkeley (Oxford). 
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