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The 8000 is far off the 202. Personally, I would never purchase them with the 202 comparison in mind.My experience with ordering from Nick is great. Though I believe he has a return fee policy in case you do not like the shoes .. So, choose wisely. 
OMG! I just found out that in the section of "Design Your own Suit" there is now a option of choosing fabric and size separately for trousers/ jacket for a S O H O suit! This is so cool. Price is great as well! 399 EUR only .. 
Hopefully they will include the Soho as well. Much better proportions! 
Does he have a web page? Any deets on the price as well? 
Can someone recall if Mr. Porter had a 50% sale at all last year or it was a 30% at the beginning and 70% at the end? 
Good luck finding that! The most similar would be the 8695, though I am not certain if this last is still made without going through the MTO. @Abdullah71601 Could you just read what's written on the box regarding the colour, or did you receive a hanging paper with shoe details? 
Congrat! Are you certain if they are a Claret Museum? Usually the Claret is made in Misty Calf (Claret Misty Calf). Would be cool if you could post some photos ..
I know for a fact that SA knows far less than most SF JL members. Considering the leather - I got that answer from the Factory Shop a while back where they told me the same quality of leather is used for both prestige and non-prestige (Museum Calf) .. I am not sure if their Oxford Calf is of a higher quality than other leathers though.
You know you want it even more now! 
The SA are usually persons who know far less than any styleforum members reading this thread. The same quality leathers are used for both prestige and non prestige .. For example, you can opt for a Plum Museum Philip II Prestige Oxford. There is no chance a Plum Museum would be of a higher grade than the one used for their City II Oxford which does not belong to the Prestige line for example. Shoe trees do come with the Prestige style shoes, though I am certain JL...
New Posts  All Forums: