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Yes, they are on the same last except this boot has a better proportions IMO due to a 4 speed hooks row vs 5 on Snowdon. They are sold currently for 750$ i think + plus shipping at Rakuten, but when I put them in basket it says shipping not possible out of the store ..  Perhaps a dark brown cream+ dark brown wax + wear can darken them a lot.
They are C&J on 228 last for sure, i just don't know the exact name. They look so cool, veldt construction. A pair in Dark Brown would be a top notch.
What's the model name and last of this particular boot (228)? Is it still possible to order it? I would be in! Just not sure about the tan color, would like a darker brown ..
Or is this?
Whoa, Lowndes double monks for $349 ..
It could be it's the variation made for Purdey. For example Frans Boone version of Coniston doesn't have the speed hooks .. Also, the pair in your link can easily qualify for Reject or Seconds. They got a broken stitch just above the heel area. I wouldn't purchase them.  
It's been discussed several months ago as I was interested too. These are on CJ 325 last. Purdey won't disclose anything. They just claim they are made in Northampton.
@goodlensboy is right. Philips have brogueing on quarters. So definitely not them. I think he and and chogall are right. They are bespoke. I just copy pasted the photo to google and appears they only trow them in for marketing purposes upon advertising their Accessories for AW14. Philipp II would look closest to these, but also too pointy. Shame.
Does Anyone know more about this model? I only have a photo and info that say it's for the AW 14. Amazing last and color.
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