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It must be, as crockett jones is only making them in ugly Tan grain or a too fashion forward for my taste- navy grain
^ Great find, budapest!
I liked this thread the way it used to be a month ago with people posting their recent purchases, discussing models and providing some useful information where to buy the shoes ... Now, every time I enter the thread all I see are countless lists and MTO suggestions. I hope I have a right to point on that. What I am seeing here could easily qualify for a separate thread where anyone could propose their MTO model .. I am sure I'm not alone with this remark, however I don't...
Hope admin will rename the thread into "EG MTO Suggestions"
Np. Please let us know what they replied to you.
That loose thread is unacceptable. Shoes with such faults are sold as Rejects at 40% off the price in their Factory Shop in Northampton. I would visit the boutique or store where you bought them and make a complaint. They should either exchange them for you, or send them for refurbishment.
@bespoken pa Took this bad random quick shot of 202, just to see how it will look under the different angle, and they appear to have more rounded look..   Anyway, don't really like the black shoes just like the rest of the crowd here, but I think my recently broken in Lopez in Black are serving just fine for the weekend casual night out ..
Personally I think EG beats the JL in boot compartment. Also in derby. What JL has better is the leather and perhaps Oxford shoes.. IMO ofc. I'm completely gravitating towards EG lately.
WoW .. Those Piccadilly's are in my size. Wish I haven't burned my loafers budget on a extra pair of CJ Bostons ..
Is there a forum filter block option for a word "zug" to be applied?
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