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Aha, well, my fault then. I thought those were the old news now .. Thought it could be purchased as a stock model like an 82 or 64 last in a certain color .. Could we make a group of 3 pair and pay the 202 last as a stock model? Like you are doing with the 82 last?  
@Leaves Sent you a PM. After contacting your department I was informed that 202 is not available as a stock model. Only as a MTO.
@Leaves I have a confusion. Please clarify for us interested in 202 last. Does the group of 3 pairs of Galways in Dark Oak/Walnut CC refers to a 82 or 202 last? As I understood 2 pairs in mentioned color/leather are already paid for, one more is needed. But are they on a 82 last or 202 last?  
Smoking deal. Wish you have them in UK9!
@Leaves Great News! What would be the price via skoaktiebolaget? What colors are available?
@pandaologist I really like the 202, but as I understood it would cost 1,080 GBP with a MTO surcharge .. We can purchase the Galway right away on 64 last for a 670 GBP .. I'm just not sure whether or not I really want the 202 last for 400 GBP / 700 USD more .. 
^ I'm sure it's a matter of hours before they will get sold. Maybe you could invite a seller to join a SF and sell them to you for a $450 without fees ..
For all of you lucky guys in size UK7.5/ US8.5D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11one Blue Calf Coniston Boots, $499 Brand New in Box, Dirty cheap: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Crockett-Jones-715-NEW-Coniston-Navy-8-5D-US-mens-boots-and-shoes-NIB-7-5EUK-/301240492621?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item462355224d
@tifosi Hot Damn! I might just follow! But will use a darker cream, as the color is a bit loud for my taste. One Q: I see the price is 745£ including the VAT, in my case shoes would be sent to Germany, that is EU. So, no VAT return for me, need to pay the full price. However, can I have the 10% discount on that amount and end up paying them 670 GBP? For that money - all systems go-, that's the price some flippers are selling the Galway rejects on ebay.
Need Your Galway Boots in Edward Green size 9.5/10. Not interested in Black color. Send me a PM to make a deal ..
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