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What do you gents think of a Cardiff Derby Style in Tan Burnished Calf?  I am not sure why it's no longer visible on the CJ web page, but does look more refined compared to a scotch grain Pembroke and more versatile for a city wear.   
Did you have to pay any additional charges - custom duties, taxes, etc.? I have order this to the company address, and there would be no one to deal with any of those in case there's some hassle regarding the custom forms. 
Thanks.. But who will pay the import duties and taxes in that case? The German custom is pretty strict and all items over 50 EUR or so are taxed .. Nevermind, I will have to wait and see .. First time I experience something like this .. 
Update: I have ordered 10 items at the online outlet but in the separate orders as I was browsing and adding items on the go so they don't stay long in the shopping box, risking someone will buy them before me, and guess what. The one I was thrilled most about - the double breasted coat I have posted here- says it is now in Philadelphia per UPS. The thing is I have ordered all the items to the address in Germany and I have no one living in Philadelphia nor do I have any...
Amazing price. If only these are a 9.5/10! 
Are you sure these are a US 8,5E? Almost certain these are a UK 8.5E which corresponds to the US 9.5D, though I could be wrong .. 
Always lovely to read your reports. Would be a great addition to add a periodic photo of the umbrella battling the elements! 
Great. No one seems to like the binder, lol. Yet, I see they move fast online, especially with more expensive styles like Burwood .. Must be that 99% of the buyers out there is completely unaware of that leather shitness ..
Thanks. The price of 636 EUR is quite tempting at Borghini with the 20% off. Especially knowing these now cost a 440 gbp / 506 EUR in the Factory Shop without proxy fee/ postage. Would equal at the end. However, what are these? Are they Piccadilly?
Thanks. I was actually hoping for this. Had in mind that the effect of almost milky white look must be due to strong light they have used in the studio. Edit: During the browsing and adding items to the shopping bag, the return policy of 30 days was always active aside. Now, bellow the information that the order was send sits the - Return order option. So I believe this year it will definitely be possible to return items. Also, I can hardly imagine if someone paid via PP...
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