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Yes, these are a post resin lasted Chelsea, so definitely more like a US 10. 
Wear some thicker socks, dammit. 
Yes, and one of them just did. Thank you.  
Because I don't believe it would be polite to stick my nose in someones business directly by questioning him regarding his price policy. If they can profit from a 30% higher margin fine for them, it's just that I thought there may be some reason for this as I can't think of anyone who knows about Vass store that would pay a 30% higher price point especially if Vass is offering the VAT deduction or a 10% cash discount option as well .. 
I got a Q. regarding the Ascot shoes as well. Is there any logical explanation why their eBay Vass styles are so expensive? I have received a price list from Kuti and it appears that regular calf MTO styles ordered from the Budapest store are about 30% cheaper then any of Ascot prices .. 
Does Vass acquire their museum leather from the same source as John Lobb? This new Walnut Museum looks spectacular, though I remember John Lobb had them for the past 10 years.  Second row - middle.  thanks to j ingevaldsson
[[SPOILER]] Those trousers are pretty poor fit. The jacket also appears to be a bit long for his constitution. Umbrella sucks hard. 
^That's quite dark, but in a good way! Nice photo as well! 
@coldinboston Glad to hear you are enjoying them fully! They really are a rich shade of a burnt pine ..As far as I can tell with these new batches, the Burnt Pine now is almost what the old Dark Oak used to look, I even had the old Dark Oak Antique Chelsea which were lighter than your burnt pine..   [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Lovely shade, the burnt pine is so underestimated here .. It could be worn basically anytime except in Winter .. Did you opt for the cuban heel or it came as a standard? 
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