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A bit surprised with that particular Parisian Brown Museum Calf batch. Looking more like a regular Misty Calf, there seems to be less hues .. Looking good, nevertheless!  
Looks sweet. Any info on quality? Does it justify the price?
Stunning photo. What camera/lens do you use?
Wondering how these are still here after one whole year .. !?
I decided to place an order for the Vass Valway. Similar to what Namor ordered a while back, though I won't be cashing out for the Cordovan. Instead, plan on going with the Dark Brown Calf/ Brown Suede Shaft on Dainite sole. I would like to have rounded toes as possible but not P2 rounded .. So, I guess this sums it up to either R or F last. Is the R last actually more rounded than the F? Price is pretty good for these boots in calf/suede combo .. 550 EUR + 10% cash...
 T R U E . Save the money and buy the real deal. You will always have that "I should have bought these" feeling when you see someone wearing the style you initially wanted. It will only get worse, as it they will look more cool on other ppl feet.
Lovely way for starting off the collection. Where have you found the 2009 St. Crepin style? It looks great!  
Prices of their styles are a bit steep?EUR 1.750.00 ~ $ 2,000.00 for a pair of Galway ..EG Web Store have them for a GBP 955 ~ $1,400.00 .. And both of these prices are with included EU VAT.
New Posts  All Forums: