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Prices without VAT should be around 440 EUR for Oxford shoes on F last in regular calf leathers like Dark Brown ..
I believe they are a rich shade of Dark Oak .. Cleav, do you happen to have a high instep? I noticed couple of times that laces are barely closed on your Dovers ..
Thanks! How do you find the non- speed hook version? Does it still feel strong in the ankle area? Also, what is the pair on far right?
Yes, you are. Just bring the cash and ask for the 10% discount.
Could someone please post a photo of those FB DB Conistons?
Sorry guys, just continuing the tradition of @jrd617 who got me real bad last year on the same joke!http://www.styleforum.net/t/385377/psa-edward-green-70-off-blowout-galways-shannons-and-dovers-in-all-sizes
A store in Germany is having a blowout sale of around 70% off on all EGs. Just picked up a pair of Dovers in doak in size UK9.5E. They also have a selection of Galway and Shannon boots!!!
Brand New with tags. Unused. This umbrella is made on a 26" 10 Rib Black Steel Tube Frame with Fibreglass Ribs and a Nickel Tip Cup.   The length of this umbrella is 37" (94 cm) from handle to ferrule and the Polyester cover/canopy when opened is approximately 44" in diameter (113.5 cm).   It comes complete with its own outside case.   At the push of a button this umbrella opens automatically. Paypal + postage.
I think it's because in case you decide to opt for the VAT refund they have to issue you a fiscal receipt and therefore to declare a sold pair of shoes to the state of Hungary and their "IRS". In case you choose to pay in cash and opt for a 10% discount they just do not declare the sold pair at all to the IRS, and have a internal book of sold pairs. It is a common thing done in most east European states. The 10% cash discount is something that would a local guys have most...
I think their online shop might appear misleading to a US and non-EU citizen. They do not have the clearly displayed excl.VAT prices like the Skoak do. In the Berkeley Oxford case they are around 15% cheaper compared to Skoak + they offer a free shipping.
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