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I understand this may sound idiotic before I even started thinking, but after realizing the full store price of a EG Oxford shoe is 740 GBP (1,026 EUR), I couldn't stop myself to think again if they really are worth almost double the price of a VASS MTO pair of Oxford shoes with the shoe trees included, which can be acquired for 550 EUR? I realize labor costs are higher in the UK, but wondering if they will find out how expensive they became ..
Reporting in regarding the London sale. Just phoned them. All the popular styles (Berkeley, Chelsea, Galway) are not on sale. What is available are some suede loafers priced at 445 GBP, marked down from 740 I believe.  
Any chance someone could identify the maker of this double breasted sport jacket?
It's so quiet here lately. Guess all the party is at Vass thread these days.  Wondering if there will be a London Pop up sale this year. Remember it was in July last year. How time flies..  
I had a awful experience with the William last. All my JL styles are in UK9E and they do fit great. However, when I ordered a William in UK9E, I had a feeling it's at least half size bigger. A LOT of heel slip ..So if you are a US 7 D, I would suggest you try the UK 5.5 E in William!
^Sweet style. I have a pair in Dark Brown Suede. Amazing value for the money .. Though I wouldn't be wearing a black loafer. Had the John Lobb Lopez in Black Calf once. It's a tricky to combine. Looks too formal for the casual outfit, yet without enough punch for the suit.
These are so hot, I guess they are a recent John Lobb makeup in Claret Misty Calf ..
I must say all EG styles fits me awfully. There's always a great amount of heel slip on each pair I tried/had. I do not know why this is the case. They were all on regular UK E fit. They are good as it gets at other areas .. Surprisingly, I got by far the best fit in my Crockett Jones shoes. (236, 314, 325 last) It's like they are molded to my feet.
Looks legit. 1379 units left in Stock.
Would love to hear someones opinion on a Squirrel Calf .. Is it that ugly in person as it looks in the photos? Have the opportunity to purchase a Spring/Summer pair in the mentioned colour really cheap ..
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