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Yeah, but have you ever seen EG with these leather patches? 
Those are some strange styles .. I never saw that little leather thing sticking out at the bottom of the laces .. What is it?
It's all gone by now. This one's over. 
Thanks. It worked. Very modest selection. Guess all the good stuff is gone long before I got a chance to check ..One of the shirts I wanted to buy for 28 EUR suddenly changed the price in the cart to 59 EUR, don't know why .. But you guys in thet US are not missing much ..  
How to override the IP address when accessing? Cannot see the outlet from my country .. I need it for Germany outlet store .. I remember there was a catch last time outlet was open .. Thanks! 
I have just received the Rutherfords leather samples .. I also managed to get us a 15% discount code which I will let you know shortly. They need to add the promo bar option for SF members. The wax is polished off for a better colour representation ..    Row 1: Mid Tan/Dark Tan/Racing Green/Chestnut Row 2: Light Tan (is slightly darker)/Dark Brown/Mid Blue/Red Row 3: Mid green/Navy/Black/Burgundy
Thanks .. I am gravitating toward the dark green lately .. Do you happen to have any photo of the DG/Hickory in your computer? 
Well, this just keeps getting better and better .. 
Perhaps the collar that appears to be lifted at the neck area is making the lapels look strange ..  
With the pound to eur record low I consider ordering a Hickory or Oak Solid at Fox Umbrella to add to my current modest collection of 2 Fox umbrellas.. Still not certain about the canopy colour. Safest bet would be black I guess, but also the most boring.    The RS6 is lighter with a lot of detail in the graining of the wood.  Hickory is one of the densest woods. The RS8 is much darker than the RS6 but has lovely highlights in the...
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