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Why there's no much love? I am just eying a pair on a Rain last, lol.
I realize this is a long shot, but is there anyone here who got both the John Lobb William monk shoe and a Carmina Rain lasted style and is kind enough to make a quick photo comparison?
If only I could find a style similar to the Santoni Clean Sneaker, ETQ Amsterdam, Brunello Cucinelli or perhaps a ACNE with a MATCHING upper soles ! It hurt my eyes to see a nice upper only to find a white rubber ruins the whole look. Not to mention the rubber will go yellowish after some time even if you do clean it regularly.  Also, the matching non-white sole are more forgiving and can be worn year-around while the white sole always reminds to the Spring-Summer, imo ..
Do you find any similarity to the JL 7000 last?
Scammer buyer on other hand is far more difficult to handle as I know. Paypal generally tend to stay on the buyers side 99% of the time. At some point you don't even have a sellers protection.I am not certain what stops some dishonest buyer to claim he received a faulty item (asking for a partial refund), or not to mention to claim he received a totally different item and demand a full refund.I've read many horror stories on eBay forum where devastated sellers asked for a...
Sending money as a gift is basically same as paying via Bank Account or Western Union I guess. Risking the whole transaction over a 3% is really not a good idea. I can't imagine why would someone risk a $500 transaction over a 15 bucks. Also, as per rules, fees are sellers responsibility I believe. But, yeah, good advice for people not aware of this!  
How can someone scam you if you are purchasing via Paypal? If he's a real scammer you won't be the only victim, meaning Paypal will start picking complaints against the same account, meaning you will be refunded easily. I can't imagine paying someone via Bank account or Western Union anyway ..
Rejects. No obvious reason. Original CJ Box. UK 8.5 E / US 9.5 D Shoes are located in the UK. Any question or info - please mail to the : richard_clarke@nfumutual.co.uk
Rejects. No obvious reason. Will be sent in Original CJ Box. Shoes are located in the UK. UK 9.5 E / US 10.5 D. For any info please e-mail: richard_clarke@nfumutual.co.uk
Brand New in Box. Rejects. No obvious reason. Original Crockett Jones Box. Size is UK 8.5E or US 9.5 D For info, please send e-mail to: richard_clarke@nfumutual.co.uk Shoes are located in the UK.  
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