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But what are they doing with the rejected cases and umbrellas? Destroying them?
I was surprised too, but after the google search I even found a member's report from 2007 who visited the shop and was amazed with the deals at the time. It appears they are selling Brigg Umbrellas as seconds beside briefcases as well. However I am not sure if they are on the same address in Cambridge anymore as I cannot make a phone connection with the shop. Perhaps they have changed phone numbers and location, so I wanted to ask here if someone visited them...
I find Chelsea to be a bit boring lately. I would suggest you to take a look at Berkeley beside Dover and Galway.
You can always sell a family car and visit a Paris bespoke store.
I'm more worried about the recent batches of dark oak leather now that I finally decided to pay the full price for Berkeley .. Got a feeling I would have to order a a Burnt Pine now in order to have the shade similar to the old stock of Dark Oak .. Quite dark. Almost like a boring regular dark brown calf ..
If a competition is reading this he could potentially have a lot of trouble. I am not sure if a retailer is allowed to offer such a deep discount on EG popular styles ..
I guess that would be a 2511.
It depends if you wore it 4 times around the world or around the block.. If you are after a quick sell then probably around $400. If you can wait for a few months, maybe someone will purchase it for around $450-500 .. That would be my guess.
Dang ..
Would have been really cool if you took the seamless heel shot of that suede makeup!
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