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I had this on one of my jackets, but it has disappeared after the first dry clean. Just don't try anything on your own and do as suggested, give a couple of bucks to a local dry clean lady if she can iron it out on sight. 
Looks like you got lucky (if they decide to post you the shoes) as they have blocked the complete C&J page now .. I don't remember they had such a massive sale in their history ..
I've just got an e-mail from the C&J with their new Winter styles, and indeed it appears they have altered even their iconic 314 rounded last the Boston was made on (Hopefully only for this style). It's now designated as the 376 last .. It looks like their new lasts are gravitating toward more Italian (a bit elongated) look. I had a trouble getting the pairs there already in classically English, softly curved lasts .. Bought the Connaught, Boston, Coniston and Islay so...
I believe sometime around the January 2017 .. 
I guess these are hardly considered as cool here, but walking in these is like walking on clouds ..  Was wondering if anyone here got a pair of Nike Air Max 97 Rio in size US 10 willing to sell? 
Not sure where I should post this, however I was wondering if anyone has tried the Steed's MTO program? Could one expect the similar results we saw couple of pages ago with his double breasted suit considering that the:  "The largest limitation of Steed MTM is that the actual garment is not made up by hand in house. Instead, the garment is assembled by skilful cutters and tailors in a European based factory with a long history of manufacturing at a manageable and more...
My experience as well. 
Thanks a lot. So, you believe the seller had probably just trow in that bookbinder booklet in the photo above from some other pair?Yes, one of the specs is the uniform color, however I believe I've read somewhere that this type of a leather is hard on accepting any cream and waxes as it has some synthetic layer which prevents even the rain to enter the pores of the shoes. I wouldn't really want that ..
Thanks. I've checked them out couple of days ago, however the double leather soles are a deal breaker for me, they just don't look good on Oxfords, IMO .. Most stockist have the dark oak on the 82 last. I am not sure why, it feels like the 82 is more popular for some reason .. 
Paging @bengal-stripe for the assistance and anyone else knowledgeable enough regarding the pre-prada shoes.  The box says Sandalwood aniline calf, where the Sandalwood is probably just a colour name, however, I am worried regarding the aniline calf. There's also a small "Bookbinder finish leather" booklet that's coming with these 1980s Church's.  So, does the aniline calf and bookbinder means these shoes actually got a acrylic/plasticky layer and that the pores of the...
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