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Thanks @Giannis .. I was surprised how heavy they are compared to my other Italian boots. Finger crossed I didn't buy the version with a problematic Dainite sole. The choice was either these or Crockett Jones Chiltern, but the more rounded shape of toe was on Church's side.
Thanks @sevenfoldtieguy .. I would also prefer a Dainite sole for boots. Pity JL decided to go with the November sole for their boot line. I think November is good enough for derby and loafers, but boot needs to be on Dainite Studded or even better Ridgeway sole.
Just bought these. Church's Ryder III boot with Dainite sole.     Next to a John Lobb Lopez.
John Lobb Lopez Plum Museum Calf      
Took some time to reply to gentlemen showing interest in my recently purchased Lopez November Sole. I made a few more shoe purchases too, including the Church's Ryder III boot with Dainite sole, so I will hereby make a quick comparison. My first impression was that Dainite soles are somehow inferior to the November. On a closer inspection, I can now tell that the Dainite sole feel like they have more rubber in it's construction, whilst November sole feel a bit plastic to...
O H   M Y   G O D . Someone should jump on these quickly before they are gone forever. Galway on 888 last US11. Best Offer available! Brand New And are 50% off the price. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Edward-Green-shoes-Boots-GALWAY-10-5-11-B888-OAK-Antique-Mink-Suede-/111484792130?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item19f502ed42
One of my major concerns was it will be clearly visible from a side that the shoe is featuring a rigid rubber sole, especially since it's a loafer. However, it is not noticable at all unless you know it's there and focus to catch it. That's why I posted a quick side look photo. I can say it has a clean look of a leather sole shoe with the functionality of a rubber. November sole is great, good as Dainite, perhaps even tougher. I can see these loafers will have a long...
Could end up as a great deal for someone in UK8/US9 .. You don't see much of Islay on ebay .. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crockett-and-Jones-Islay-Mens-Boots-dark-brown-scotch-grain-calf-leather-NEW-UK8-/131320368470?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item1e934dcd56
I did it.  [[SPOILER]]
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