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Thanks letsi, I even thought for a second it's the SAB Westminster though proportions are a bit different. Does he still makes these as a made to order? 
Whoa, that Japan's Emperor had some impeccable double breasted suits throughout the history .. Wondering who's the tailor ..           
@trlhtn Handsome briefcase! Who's the maker? 
When I spoke to their Jermyn street shop last year at the Sale time, a guy working there advised me it would be no problem to post the shoes wherever needed. At that time they were accepting both CC and PP. 
Knowing the Italians I bet you can bargain as well! 
Thanks for letting us now. I guess the price is not something you would like to be asked about .. Post some photos of the final product when convenient, though it looks good already! 
Great work there! I like how the old lady appears to be interested/involved in the process as well. Any deets on the maker/price? 
With a scenario like that you should definitely invest in the Dainite soles .. Purchasing the leather sole shoes and applying aftermarket layer of rubber never sounded like a good idea. I did it once on a pair of a John Lobb loafers and ended up selling after I realized what I've done. The Dainite does not give a way it's a rubber sole on a first sight and it must be far better solution than the thin piece of rubber applied locally.
Yeah, a lot of trash on sale .. 
^ A mortal sin. 
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