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This is the new (old) style I was referring to .. Looks practical for everyday beating .. A Hardwick Derby shoe ..  
Managed to sneak peak before it was closed down again .. Nothing spectacular, really. In my experience British makers have their web sites inversely proportional to the quality of their shoes. Which could have it's charms, perhaps ..  Anyway, there's a new style which looks like a modest brother of a EG Dover, made in brown suede with the City Rubber soles I believe, decently priced as well.. 
Their customer service is a mess (RN). There's a incompetent guy working there, which has no clue about Edward Green shoes at all, not to mention the lasts and widths .. Also, most of their shoes are outsourced from other Italian suppliers like Sir Wilson, Torino ..  Those Piccadilly loafers are amazing. I'm on the market for one as well. I love the harmony of the 184 last. 
            I would appreciate your thoughts regarding the authenticity of this Burberry trench .. What do you think - Genuine or not? Thanks.   
Not sure how much those shoes would cost, but If I'm after a EG Dover style, there's no chance I could satisfy with these, especially with Ascot prices that are, what, like 30% off the genuine Dover .. I would have that "those are the shoes I should have bought" feeling whenever I see someone wearing the Dovers .. 
R last is the most handsome of those 3, IMO. 
Looking good! 
Thanks, Patrick! Congrat on a new pair. Do you happen to have any F lasted Vass to compare it to the R? 
Was always wondering why almost all Italian retailers have the EG shoes in F fit? Also, most of them tend to be on the ugly double leather soles, even the Oxfords. 
Why not both? 
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