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Yes! I was eyeing that jacket as well. Not sure about the lapels gap, wish it was a tighter, but could be it looks differently in the wild.
I got the same thing on a pair of Church's with Dainite sole. Heard some horror stories, but not sure what to think.
Because everybody wants a pair of Phillip and they will sell sooner or later regardless of a discount.
Interesting they are a 8.5, but the seller stated they fit like a US 10 D !?
 Too bad styles like Cadogan are getting pretty much unnoticed.. They are amazing!
From bad to worse. Styles are also getting more expensive and uglier ..
I understand this is not a Market place, but in case someone is interested, all he managed to copp is:"Best I could find was an Asquith in doak (10.5), and a Newbury in Edwardian pine on the 890 in 9/9.5, as well as Asquith in mocca suede on the 888 in an 8/8.5. "
If only they make those on 341 or 236 ..
Not worth visiting the Factory Shop Sale if you are looking for their best sellers. A fellow visited them Today and said he was very disappointed with the selection of styles. He bought 3 pairs eventually, but said there wasn't any popular styles like Chelsea, Dover, Galway ..
BLACK FRIDAY 15% OFF http://www.macsamillion.co.uk/crockett-and-jones/b12  
New Posts  All Forums: