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Let's make it happen, damn it! Would you guys be IN for a Galway on 202 last in Dark Oak/ Walnut Country Calf with Dainite rubber sole? It would be a killer boot! I think because @Leaves / Skoak didn't have them as a stock model, we would need to gather the 6 pairs for a MTO at a price of a regular Galway boot! Please Confirm. Also, inform us on price .. @Farhad19620 @budapest12 @pandaologist @laufer @Nikola   
Skoak has one more space left for the exact same color combo and last Galway- Dark Oak and Walnut CC on 82 last .. It's my favorite leather/color combination for a boot on the last I hate most.
Are those Bordon in Cloud Antique on 202 last? There was one pair left on sale in Jermyn store in my size, but I never saw my self wearing the gray shoes. Though, they look lovely.
Same here, are you sure Dark Oak Boot is 202 last? It is too pointy. edit: I think you are right @rydenfan
Oh, well .. I must have badly understood the skoak sale manager. When I asked him about order of Galway on 202 last, he told me there is a one sport left for a Galway in Dark Oak/Walnut CC if I want to join. He obviously meant on Galway on 82 last, even though I asked about the 202 last specifically .. Paying the full price + MTO price is just too much only to get the 202 last Galway boot. And I am not much optimistic about collecting 6 guys here over the Galway on 202...
Aha, well, my fault then. I thought those were the old news now .. Thought it could be purchased as a stock model like an 82 or 64 last in a certain color .. Could we make a group of 3 pair and pay the 202 last as a stock model? Like you are doing with the 82 last?  
@Leaves Sent you a PM. After contacting your department I was informed that 202 is not available as a stock model. Only as a MTO.
@Leaves I have a confusion. Please clarify for us interested in 202 last. Does the group of 3 pairs of Galways in Dark Oak/Walnut CC refers to a 82 or 202 last? As I understood 2 pairs in mentioned color/leather are already paid for, one more is needed. But are they on a 82 last or 202 last?  
Smoking deal. Wish you have them in UK9!
@Leaves Great News! What would be the price via skoaktiebolaget? What colors are available?
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