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That £3495 Ralph Lauren Purple Label 2 Pieces Wool Suits Medium Grey was gone before I had a chance to click on the link.
Amazing. If only my size.
Good to know. I always thought grain leather is different and more rigid than regular calf.
95€ for a non branded trees!? Why would someone pay that much when branded trees, even though not lasted, cost almost the same? They sure offer the better fit as they are molded on generic last covering most of the styles.
^ Love the proportions of those!
All I love about the leather sole is a cool sound it makes whilst walking. Everything else, and i mean by performance, practicality and durability is on a Dainite side. Heck,I even got the JL Lopez loafers on their November sole, its the jl homemade sole similar to Dainite and i couldnt believe the versitality that sole offered me. I wore them recently in a rany summer days and it was a cool feeling. Basically I feel I could wear them almost any time of the year except in...
Those are Galways. This particular pair was offered on ebay months ago. And if i remember correctly the seller marked them as a mushroom suede.
Ryder III in G width is the most comfort. shoe I own.
This time next year it will probably be a $2,000.00 with the pound getting stronger and inflation .. So why not get a bargain now for the future? 
Great, thanks for letting me know. They are lovely looking boots. Love the shape and brougue-ing.
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