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Price drop to $570 + postage
Shhh! He's my size.
Claret Misty is amazing. A bit more reddish than a Plum and would work great with a more casual style shoe, IMO.I would avoid getting it on their Oxford classics like Philip II or City II though, but would go with the style William bellow!  [[SPOILER]]
So, is the Hudson generally to be considered as a more casual suit due to all those patch pockets? Would it be OK to go out in a club on a Friday night wearing one without a tie?  
For a more striking look go with the Plum Museum. I got a pair of Lopez in Plum myself and they are one of the most versatile shoes I own (for the Spring/Summer that is). Plum is essentially a darker red colour which goes with virtually everything. It could be worn even with the black pants if you ever need to wear black pants.. Dark B.M is a classic as texasmade noted. Parisian Brown Museum Calf is also a sexy leather, to me it's just the right amount of a brown shade...
@MrVenneri I am still hoping for those Bugundy Galways of yours!
Thanks. Sold.
Yeah, I even wrote to their Customer Service who had no logical explanation why there isn't any Soho or Madison offered and to make the things more frustrating they referred me to one of their stores and their made to order route .. When I said the nearest store is 3 states from me they replied they are very sorry ..  Who knows what's behind this decision. Maybe in a hindsight they think a vast majority would order a Soho and Madison and few ones would be ordering...
And I am wondering why couldn't they just offer a Soho or Madison as well? Not even a Hudson is there. Some of my favorite styles are missing for no obvious reason.
Superb pair of shoes from Crockett & Jones on the 341 last finished in a lovely black calf in a uk size 8   These shoes are on a standard E width   Shoes are marked as subs, no obvious reason.   Shoes will be sent in original Crockett & Jones box. Shoes are located in the UK.   For any info please e-mail: richard_clarke@nfumutual.co.uk
New Posts  All Forums: