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Bensilver got some of the best styles that are nowhere else to be found on lasts CJ is not producing anymore .. Whitehall, Rosebery, Berkeley .. Prices are outrageous, though ..  Crockett Jones has introduced the new feature "Special Order" .. Basically a MTO program, starting at 600 GBP. Would be interesting to know if you could select some of their 1950s lasts when their styles were typically English .. 
Thinking a lot about these lately. Only worried if they will appear too loud for a casual wear .. How do you find them as a everyday casual shoe? Or you wear them with a jacket/shirt only? 
Don't topy. Don't put any taps. Wear them as they are meant to .. Wearing the soles alarmingly quick is a good reason to extend the rotation. 
You will never be able to conclude the look of a Parisian Brown Museum Calf leather via photos. It depends so much on the lighting condition, the camera used, your screen. Then, there are all sorts of batches .. Lighter, darker, less mottled .. I had a 3 pairs of Parisian Brown that all varied from Dark Brown to almost Caramel .. 
Thinking about ordering these as a Spring loafers.. How did they prove? 
Parisian all the way. More vivid colour. 
Do you think if they are offering the less attractive products first, so they can sell more easily before the rest of the collection is uploaded? 
You opted for those grainy caviar leather for a reason. You wanted them to be more water resistant. Now with the leather soles that's a bit of a oxymoron ..  Perhaps you could get an extra pair of shoe trees for this mix up ..  Brings bit of a memory of a friend who ordered a Porsche Cayenne with the Black leather seats and he received one with the pale gray interior, and manager asked him to remain quite so he don't get into trouble .. 
I would feel like a complete lunatic paying a $1,800 for those boots in black calf, though I see they are almost sold out .. 
I would like to hear thoughts regarding this as well. 
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