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Fantastic pair of John Lobb canvass summer shoes in a uk 10 E width on the 8695 last.   Shoes are firsts, not rejects or seconds and will be delivered in lobb box with shoe bags. Shoe trees not included.   Length of outside sole 31.5 cms Width of sole 11.5 cms UK 10 / US 11 / EU 44 Located in UK. Shipping at cost  
Not sure if these have enough coolness for this thread, but the price does exceed the 300 number thread is holding .. Got them pretty cheap. The only criteria I had was to find the sneakers with soles other than white (which gets dirty than yellowish) .. So I thought, why not Church's ..
Got these pretty cheap, and needed some sneakers anyway .. So I thought why not have a pair from Church's as well. It was really hard to find the sneakers with a sole other than white which gets dirty quickly and after some time goes ugly yellowish .. So I was happy with these sole that could be worn year around ..   Wish I took some photos from different angle, but you can see the point ..
Deets on shoes, please.
Thanks @Zapasman . The fit is great! I would strongly recommend anyone considering the William to go with a half size smaller size compared to their usual John Lobb size.
Some of you may remember my sizing adventure with the William style. Basically, I went with my regular John Lobb size ( UK 9 E ) and upon trying them on they were literally falling off my feet as the last they are made on is exceptionally generous. I felt I should give them a chance with a half size smaller size, but being that I never had any shoe in 8.5 never felt it was a good idea with all the hassle and return cost I had to pay. (Nearest John Lobb brick and mortar...
90 EUR is dirty cheap as they are.
Nice find @jujujoo11. Those 2009's are pure pr0n.
I have asked the very same thing couple of months ago and some suggested that it must be I brush too hard, but I believe the brush itself is too strong and is making the suede look fluffy.
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