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I would just go with the Black Lopez instead, but nice shoes! Is the Oxford shoe in the middle City II in Parisian Brown Museum?
Ah, I see .. Thanks .. Really nice leather and last. Soles too. Hardcore.
Is this some new arrival to Skoak or a mto? Do you have it in stock?I love the last and color, is it a walnut country on 64 last?
@hjhrUse the search option of this forum please. There are several threads regarding the shoe care. Even if you enter in google: "Shoe care styleforum" it will lead you directly to a thread on SF. But - Avoid using neutral cream and wax as it will produce white crease once dried, and when you start walking it will crack leaving white lines all over .. Dark Oak is not as dark color as the name says .. Use the Saphir Light Brown Cream and light brown wax if you like the...
Speaking of ebay .. Not a single new pair from recent EG pop up sale .. Wondering what happened to all those flippers ..
Yes, thank you! We needed some black!
^ Chelsea on 202 is always a winner!
Yes, I agree. However, if there's a specif style or leather in JL you really, really like than it's still worth buying their rejects for 480 GBP compared to their recently increased prices in Jermyn store and shoes from a non prestige line that now cost 735 GBP. There's still around 260 GBP saving on a pair.
Sorry If I was unclear. The £480 price refers to a price of a John Lobb rejected pair in their Factory Shop in Northampton. The £295 refers to a Edward Greens rejected pair price both in their Factory Shop and now at this pop up sale. I was just comparing the huge distance between the prices. So, I thought it would be good both for the EG Factory and us a buyers to allow us to order their Rejects via the Phone, like John Lobb is offering and not just once in a year at...
@nmoore82 My thoughts too. I am sure Edward Green is "paying the price" of it's "isolated" policy regarding the rejects sale. Purchasing rejects only in Northampton and with needed appointment ahead makes me think this is a 1951 all over again.  There's just not enough people traveling there who would be willing to purchase their rejects. John Lobb on the other hand has a G-R-E-A-T lady working in their Factory Shop, always willing to help, and she just packs the shoes...
New Posts  All Forums: