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Thanks a lot! Really handsome suit. Goes surprisingly well with the black shoes too. Have you end up buying it?Thanks for letting me know. I did plan on purchasing it as a casual suit and possibly split&mix it with gray trousers later .. Wish I have a SS store somewhere near so I could try it on without ordering it first.
What is considered to be a "low ball" offer? I found some of the sellers here lately hard to make a deal at 15% off the asking price. Am I low balling?
It's a long shot, but does anyone have a photo in the wild of this one? Still not certain if I should order it. It's a cool Autumn colour, it's just those massive Madison lapels could be a deal breaker ..  http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/suits/madison-brown-check/P3944.html?vpid=P394405  
I have a 9G Church's Ryder III Chukka boot (best fitting shoe in my wardrobe) and I am always a size UK 9 E in Crockett Jones.
Around the World he forgot to add.
You are correct. Wish I haven't found out, lol. $7k exclusive of tax for a 2-Piece Suit.
This suit is so awesome that even Vass shoes look cheap. Any idea who's the maker or it's bespoke?
Everything is perfect about these. The colour, shade, leather, last ..
Thanks guys. Based on online photos the Kamakura shirts do look a bit more "professional" IMO, though importing them from the USA or Japan to Europe would be a nightmare with all the custom/tax/shipping fees. So I will give a SS a try.   
What do you fellows think of their shirts? Are they worth the money or you have a better alternative within the price range?
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