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You know you want it even more now! 
The SA are usually persons who know far less than any styleforum members reading this thread. The same quality leathers are used for both prestige and non prestige .. For example, you can opt for a Plum Museum Philip II Prestige Oxford. There is no chance a Plum Museum would be of a higher grade than the one used for their City II Oxford which does not belong to the Prestige line for example. Shoe trees do come with the Prestige style shoes, though I am certain JL...
Amazing .. What would be the cost for such a 2 piece suit with regular wool fabric - If you don't me asking? Edit: Just found out by reading a F.A.Q .. 
Thought it might be worth adding these as they have just been posted. Located in the UK. Brand New In Box! Postage at cost. $635 NEW IN BOX CROCKETT & JONES MALTON - UK 9 E / US 10 D  - $320 http://www.styleforum.net/t/524061/635-new-in-box-crockett-jones-malton-uk-9-e-us-10-d $635 NEW IN BOX Crockett And Jones Radstock - UK 8 G / US 9  - $320 http://www.styleforum.net/t/524060/635-new-in-box-crockett-and-jones-radstock-uk-8-g-us-9 $635 NEW IN BOX Crockett &...
Fantastic pair of Crockett & Jones Malton in a uk size 9 in a standard E width.    Shoes are finished in black calf on the lovely sleek 360 last , finished on a rubber sole for durability.    Shoes are marked as subs, but I can see no reason why they are.    Lovely shoe for business or formal    Shoes will be delivered in original Crockett & Jones box.  Postage at cost. Shoes are in UK. 
Superb pair of Crockett and Jones Radstock on the 341 last in a lovely dark brown burnished calf.,in a uk size 9 in a "G" width (a bit wider than standard)   They are marked a subs, but to my eye can't see why.    Shoes will be sent in original Crockett and Jones box Postage at cost. Shoes are in UK. 
Classic Oxford from Crockett and Jones.     Lasted on the 236 last on a standard E width    Finished in a lovely black calf.    Shoes are marked as subs, but to my eye I can't see any faults.    Will be sent in original Crockett and Jones box
Styleforum favorite seller. I bet the best offer is set to 590 as well. 
True. Wish I could do something about it. 
Or you will eventually fed up with a bit flashy John Lobb styles like I did and will want to explore a pure English classic Edward Green has to offer. Besides the Lopez, William and Philip II I wouldn't buy anything else from the JL at the moment, TBH.  
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