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@riton You mentioned on your proxy page there will be a 2015 SS Summer Sale during the January 2016? Does this refer to the European sale?
I think it would team well with this style ..
Neither I believe. The batches they have recently sourced simply are not the same as before and have lost the character of a old Doak shade and got that look of a regular dark brown shoes, IMO.
I would definitely go with the Burnt Pine. A lovely shade of brown and IMO -  the closest shade of what's the Dark Oak used to be before the dark batches.
What do you guys think of a Rain last? Is it pointy in person? Thinking about ordering a dm on the R, though not sure how chiseled it is irl. John Lobb William last is a style I am comparing all the good monks with ..
Lol, nvm.Things are literally disappearing in my size as I browse through the shop. Hope some of you guys in US are lucky enough to acquire your size. The prices are simply unreal.
Thaaanks! Some amazing deals there! Anyone willing to proxy to EU? Any info if the Europe will have the Outlet store soon?
When I switch to the USA and click on their Outlet link, just to see what's there I am asked to enter some CODE? Trying from EU.  
Sorry for a noob Q. but where can I find Kent Wang jackets and suits online? I'm in EU. There's no much selection at all on a KW web page. I like the design of the jackets too. Wish there's a more styles available for purchase ..
Because it's quite sturdy pushing the heel outside of the shoe whilst walking. It does get better at some point after the "hinge" is made after some break in period.  IMO, The William last is a tricky one. The heel area is way too shallow (It felt like half of my heel is exiting the shoe by just standing still) and the last itself is a generous one.
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