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12 is already extremely hard to reach, but let's do our best. Perhaps try posting the photo with the price on Marketplace so others can see ..
"Shut up and take my money!" I'm all in, Mister!  Bellows tongue Faux toecap Waxed Oak Commando Sole You can put my name on the list.  
We appreciate your intention. However, you are making more confusion than help. For the past couple of pages budapest clearly advised he's already on the line with the C&J Factory, and he's waiting for the info on price. No Aki/ London store is necessary.
I have applied the Saphir wax on toe cap when i received them in order to protect them and add some shine. It can easily be removed, of course.
I would agree bellows tongue are a must. One of the reasons I hesitated ordering a regular Snowdon ..
AD - Advertising .. Or the Marketplace .. I thought placing the notification there with the photo of a MTO Snowdon and the price. A lot of ppl browsing, someone might join ..
I spoke to them. The manager working there told me their web page is obsolete and that they cannot post the shoes not even within the EU. Not to mention the US and VAT deduction.He also informed me they will update their web page sometime during the 2015 for the 40 or so year anniversary of their company. For know they can't even help themselves, not to mention MTO...
@budapest12 Commando sole is excellent choice!  The proportions of the boot we want are much better due to a 4 speed hook instead of regular 5 Snowdon has. Cap toe is really what makes it stand out. Ok, let's try to round up this a bit: 1.) Dark Brown Wax Hide (great water resistant leather)  2.) Commando Sole   I suggest you or me put this in a AD section too. Not much people are browsing the CJ MTO Central thread, and I'm sure we could pick a lot more there .. But...
Keep in mind shearling does not look good after one or two winter wear. Its thinning over the period of time. I think in this case it might only make the boots more expensive without much use. But if that's needed to get this going, I'm in. Np.
@budapest12 12 sounds plausible. I think we might have 4 already. The 228 last is amazing, and the cap toe really completes the look. What soles should we opt for? Do they make ridgeway or a regular Dainite studded?
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