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On the market for a classic plain Wingtip Austerity Oxford and it's just now that I realize Crockett Jones has none of these. A bit strange ..  This is the style I am referring to: 
We just got a new multi brand store selling mainly Church's, Tricker's and Cheaney shoes .. The SA told me the Church's management notified them about the price increase of a 30% starting soon. LoL .. I am not sure if the SA is BS me, or the Church's went completely crazy but will be interesting to see. Their diplomat style is already in the 450 pounds territory, seeing those at 600 pounds would be a joke .. 
Someone got any photos in the wild of one of their Cardigans in mixture of wool and cashmere? http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/knitwear/green-shawl-collar/SW56704.html Are you happy with the purchase?
Just cut some of the nails more deeply and suck it up. The half size is not that much + the leather will give up a bit .. 
Seems like the vintage Brigg umbrellas are holding their value hard and more surprisingly it appears there's a lot of interested folks still out there hunting for these. I found a used& and quite old (+20 years I believe) piece of Brigg umbrella in the UK with the silk canopy ( guess it's the most expensive version at the time) which sold for +250 GBP (couldn't bid myself as the seller didn't post outside the UK), and it had tiny holes in the canopy as well as some pulls,...
[[SPOILER]] Amazing. Steed is on top of the list upon my UK visit .. Is this jacket part of their bespoke suit? Would be great to see how the trousers fit as well once you find the time to snap another photo .. 
The Cheaney appears to have some quality shoes. What could be the reason for the lack of interest here?
[[SPOILER]] I so love this fabric. Does it have the exact name other than prince of wales check? The proportions are good, however it would feel more balanced with the slimmer lapels, IMO. 
Lovely outfit, like the harmony! Though, a bit of a Autumn hint? Thought for a second it's a middle of October .. 
How about their brick and mortar flagship store in Amsterdam? Do you think they got all-at-once or they are also adding items throughout the season?
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