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I cannot post any new ads in BUY/SELL thread. Is something changed? How do you post new stuff these days?
They should have end up as Rejects, IMO.
^Not worth the asking price, IMO.
I have the exact same drop. Am 30 in the waist and 40 in the chest. I also weightlift at the gym, but nothing drastically I would say compared to some on-steroid fellows there ..Trouble is that if I order the 40 suit, it usually come up with the 34 trousers .. So there is a excess of 4 inch right out of the box in waist alone ..The 32 trousers are good everywhere else except in the waist. So, I usually purchase them and get those 2 inch off at tailor. What a mess,...
I've been browsing trough this list a lot lately. It is amazing source once I lose the idea what to look for online. What I wanted to ask some of you that are subscribed to this thread is - What do you think of Hardy Amies London? I see it's not on the list here with the similarly priced brands like Hackett or Ede R. Are their stuff worth the asking price? https://hardyamies.com/
A very tempting Oxford makeup at Mr.Porter. I believe it's the Nightshade.  http://www.mrporter.com/en-de/mens/edward_green/canterbury-adelaide-cut-leather-oxford-brogues/612901
@velvel87 is an amazing guy and a seller! I have bought the Ralph Lauren Purple Label 100% Cashmere sweater from him some time ago. He detached the original tags upon my request and marked the whole parcel as used item&gift so it can go smooth through the custom as it was International USA-EU thing. That is really something to appreciate!
I am surprised with the colour selection. With all the washed brown, pastel to dark green and almost a black double breasted it reminiscent more of a Autumn than Spring ..I think I will stop by the SS Shop on my next visit to one of the EU cities and opt for a MTO DB blazer in colour I prefer. It's not much of a difference in price anyway and you get what you truly wish starting with lapels width to the fabric and colour choice. Waiting for the right style to appear for a...
The SA told me there is a gray DB suit arriving in the "upcoming months" .. I just wish they make more of the Soho, it has much better proportions than Madison, IMO.Could you please provide us a link of the SS SS '16 shoot?
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