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Gents, I would appreciate your thought regarding this British fellow :  Are you familiar with his work? I have managed to get us a discount in case you like anything from his work.  www.roeproducts.com   
Ofc no, I just thought you would get a precise answer from the owner as the image might be deceptive and we could suggest it's actually a different colour to the original resulting in ordering a wrong shoe, esp. since you want the exact makeup. 
Looks like a bronze antique to me with cloud shaft, but why don't you ask a guy who posted them to the Instagram what makeup it actually is. I am sure he will be willing to help. 
[[SPOILER]] Amazing, is that Ray Clark's briefcase? 
Nice, though the overall look and proportions would benefit more with a more wider lapels, imo. 
Spend some time on the board. Observe some EG photos. Buy the genuine pair and you will definitely be able to tell the authentic EG on a first sight, though I still believe there is no such thing as a fake EG. 
Yeah, I can't imagine someone counterfeit the EG without looking like crap. 
Yes. I generally go with the wider fit when possible, however I bought the 236 Connaught in their regular E width and the fit is really good. I like the round toe, so I've chosen it over the Radstock which is also rounded, but not as round as the 236, imo. 
I have experienced the same thing with my car actually when I went for a tyre alignment if that something that could be compared ..  For example - the price for a 14" tire alignment was like $15. My car has the 19" rims and the price was $25 for the same thing.. Strange and unfair .. The labor and process he uses for alignment is same as with 14" and 19", yet I had a feeling he's surcharging for the bigger rims only because he knew he can grab some more money .. 
@letsi Thanks man! I have contacted the Ray regarding the quoted SAB briefcase and he was very polite, but told me he's not doing the SAB copies , though his grantchester is pretty much same as SAB's Westminster  ..  I really love the Niestroj's briefcase, yet I am not certain if I should go straight away for a 4mm Bridle butt and pay the $1.3K or to just convince myself I am happy with a more modest shoulder leather version of about $800 .. Also, not sure if that one...
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