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Or just add the 250 USD for a single MTO and wait no one!
I still think that such info should not be hidden from the buyer if asked. Me as a buyer would like to know more than just " Made in England" knowing that Purdey is not a shoe manufacturer .. Not all are shoe experts to tell if the boots really worth the value and knowing who makes them might help with the decision and piece of mind. Of course, no one is forcing me to make a purchase .. Take a look at this example: W.R company in UK they clearly stated in description...
And you will have them in the middle of Summer, how more cool can it be? Looking forward seeing some photos, I'm still on the fence to order them. Sent them e-mail, they confirmed me 10% discount. You got them for a great price considering you didn't have to pay the EU 20% VAT .. Lucky you.
Yeah, brings the suspicion to me as a buyer, though I am sure everything is fine. But just the fact they won't disclose the supplier is making me cold ..
Just received the e-mail from Purdey & Sons Ltd Dear Mr ### I hope you are well. It is Company policy not to disclose our suppliers details. Postage to Germany would be free of charge.  Regards Jonathan Elsworth Well, that's just stupid, If I may say so. Why would someone hide such a info and expect you to spend $800 on a shoes? I understand they must be standing behind their company credibility, however, up until now, all resellers clearly and proudly mentioned...
They only wrote "Hand crafted for Purdey in Northampton, England." Hope they will reply quickly with the manufacturer name to me. I don't see why would they hide such a thing? As a customer I would like to know what brand I am buying for $800+ .. But is the thinner Dainite sole and not as nice leather really something CJ would do?
They appear to be cloned Conistons apart from the toe box area which might be deceptive due to a angle shot. It would actually be pretty cool to me that C&J made the altered last only for Purdey & Sons .. Meaning they would be a "limited edition" .. That just brings more heat for me!
Thank You Tenance, I really appreciate your assistance.That color is just the one I am looking for. I have sent them e-mail regarding the manufacturer, and If the Crockett Jones makes them, I will order them.I am not sure if they are same boots, as the toe box area appears to be boxier in the one you linked me + they are 50 GBP more expensive than CJ. Take a look. Could be a angle or slotted tree thing though ..  
They sure look handsome. What brand is that? The price is higher than Coniston, are they worth the value?
It really would be a waste of money IMO too, that's why I'm not even considering it. My question was basically what will a "shoe doctor" do to darken them that much before they ship them to me, is such a process permanent and safe? Maybe he has some spray paint method besides cream/wax .. The manager was pretty much serious about the idea that he can turn them into a beechnut brown, which is a much, much darker shade than Tan.  
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