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Actually they are on 202 last. Might be that photo angle elongated them a bit so they may appear as 82.
I just googled for some shirt tuck in solutions, and used the SF search button, however, I couldn't find the actual products used for this purpose. Military tuck, or some other forms and methods of tucking in the shirt are just not working for me. I need the product. So, I came up on these two products, and as I could tell, no one on SF mentioned them in some of the threads per Search option. First one I found and that makes most sense to me is a Shirt...
I'm sure we will make a quick deal on this one if they end up running half size smaller than US 10.5 ..
I really doubt anything have left from the Pop up sale to be bought in their Factory shop once they open the doors again at the end of August.
Dark Oak vs Parisian Brown Museum
A bit of comparison between Edward Gren Dark Oak and Parisian Brown Museum Calf ..
They still look like a unworn pair, Cleav. They are happy shoes. Rejects got their revenge!
sevenfoldtg, why do you think Lopez is less formal than these loafers? I have two pairs and they are dead-classic in my eyes, they can go well even with the suit, although I never wear them with a suit .. Parisian Brown is the prettiest looking John Lobb brown in my book. Not too screamy like the New Gold might be, yet not too dark as dark brown museum might be. A perfect shade balance IMO.
I would just go with the Black Lopez instead, but nice shoes! Is the Oxford shoe in the middle City II in Parisian Brown Museum?
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