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90 EUR is dirty cheap as they are.
Nice find @jujujoo11. Those 2009's are pure pr0n.
I have asked the very same thing couple of months ago and some suggested that it must be I brush too hard, but I believe the brush itself is too strong and is making the suede look fluffy.
NO WAY! Those are my dream Lobbs! How much were you quoted for those and is there any advantage if more of us take the order? I would most definitely go with the Plum Museum between the the one you wrote. But they would look insane in Walnut Museum Calf if that's still possible to opt for.
Proof how a good footwear can make the rest of the outfit look expensive as well, or as Hardy Amies would say: It is totally impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes..
You made excellent choice teaming the Parisian Brown Museum with Warwick. They are a lovely Wingtip style. I was eying for a pair myself. Please share some photos once you receive them if possible.
Justin, what size are those Chelsea? UK 9.5?
Price drop to $570 + postage
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