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How can you tell if a shoe will fit if you can only put it on the foot without actually making a step thus bending it/creasing. I was usually instructed to freely try on a pair on my carpet in order to avoid marking the soles, though I believe it's completely normal that you will end up buying a shoe that's slightly creased sometime, because someone tried it on before you, unless it's a direct factory order. 
They will not. It's their permanent collection. And may I suggest you to stop looking so much for the black items, lol. I understand you are 24, and we all wanted to look more serious at that age, but still, Black jacket, black oxfords .. Have some fun with colours.  
I will be browsing from outside of the EU but with the delivery address to Germany. Is there any trick to see what will be in the outlet? I remember last year someone told about some extension that I should have add and I could enter the shop. 
It's a matter of luck that day. You should be checking the ebay every few days, not weeks if you are after a certain pair. What I would suggest you to think about is to purchase a pair of Connaught in Black Calf and redirect the rest of the money to Dark Oak or other cool Edward Green colours. That's a thing I have learned here. Investing in the black shoes is not considered much of a wise decision. That is, if the money is not a object. I am happy with my black calf...
Indeed, they are a Chelsea on the 202 last in the regular E fit.Recently, I have acquired a pair of EG Cadogan Oxfords in the F width (wide) on the 202 last in the same size, and the fit is even better. This could, however, be subjective as I like a roomier fit and might be that for a fact, I do have the wider feet which I am unaware of as I never actually used the Brannock or the similar tool.  I have never paid the full retail price for any of my shoes, especially not...
I didn't say the 8695 is round as the 202, I said it could be round enough to meet the criteria of the roundness .. At the end I believe it's best to pay more and enjoy what you truly like than to save some money on alternatives like CJ and always think the 202 is what you should have bought. That is, if you can stretch up to more than 2 times the price of the Chelsea compared to Connaught. 
Guys, I plan on going via 'design your own suit' route as I was pretty happy with how the custom made shirt came up.  Being that I have the athletic build and quite a drop - 40 chest - 31 waist, I was thinking of order the jacket and trousers separately and enjoy the process of choosing the fabric and colour.  I do not plan on wearing the belt anymore as I always find it to pull down the trousers to my hips and do not like the extra weight on the waist. Instead I am...
The only style that can match the roundness of the 202 last is the C&J Connaught 236 last, IMO.There are hardly any top UK manufacturers that are making anything similar these days for some reason. I thought the John Lobb 7000 was classic, but in fact it's quite pointy (at least compared to the 202). The 8695 last could be round enough, but it's not produced anymore unless you go via expensive MTO route. Wish I can get more of these pre-prada Church's Oxfords.  I was lucky...
I have phoned the Jermyn Store couple of hours ago, and they had nothing on sale in size 9.5 in E/F in both Oxford or Derby style, if that's of any help. 
Feels like those guys took the suits from their late grandpas, hardly their youth can pull it off.  
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