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Gents,  I've got a brand new with tags, Jort Casentino coat for sale in size US 40. RRP $699. Will be offering it here for a limited amount of time for a $399 + $35 postage to USA. Hardly this will ever appear in this common size and price.  Needless to say, the fabric and colour are amazing as well as the cut, though I am sure there's no need to talk about it further here .. Will be supplied with the original SS huge dust bag and original hanger ..  Here are the...
I thought of Church's more like the Armani or Hugo Boss which outsells the more quality brands with similar price point mainly due to more stockists and general presence or the taste of the uneducated buyers .. That is part of a beauty of the CJ as well, as I believe far less people outside of this board are aware of it's existence compared to Church's. 
LoL, thanks gents. Didn't expect the Chiltern is considered that much of a better choice. I already have a pair of Dark Brown Suede Ryder and was pretty happy. I need another pair for a transition period between Winter and Spring, and Tobacco/Snuff seems to be the popular choice ..  It's also strange how Church's prices are now higher than those at Crockett Jones, I would say at least 15% higher .. Must be the Church's is a better seller due to Prada ownership and they...
What would you go for?  Chiltern Snuff Suede vs Church's Ryder Maracca Suede? Price point is not important in this case, as they are similarly priced.  Chiltern     Ryder
Oh, damn! How much does it cost for your name to be written there? 
Looking decent. CT generally was considered as a okay deal here I believe. However, I am not sure if this line of suits is fused? 
Bensilver got some of the best styles that are nowhere else to be found on lasts CJ is not producing anymore .. Whitehall, Rosebery, Berkeley .. Prices are outrageous, though ..  Crockett Jones has introduced the new feature "Special Order" .. Basically a MTO program, starting at 600 GBP. Would be interesting to know if you could select some of their 1950s lasts when their styles were typically English .. 
Thinking a lot about these lately. Only worried if they will appear too loud for a casual wear .. How do you find them as a everyday casual shoe? Or you wear them with a jacket/shirt only? 
Don't topy. Don't put any taps. Wear them as they are meant to .. Wearing the soles alarmingly quick is a good reason to extend the rotation. 
You will never be able to conclude the look of a Parisian Brown Museum Calf leather via photos. It depends so much on the lighting condition, the camera used, your screen. Then, there are all sorts of batches .. Lighter, darker, less mottled .. I had a 3 pairs of Parisian Brown that all varied from Dark Brown to almost Caramel .. 
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