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Send a message to their online customer service and ask if they can reserve one for you. They have it in one of their brick and mortar stores and can dispatch it from there. 
It appears the new batches of Burgundy are highly similar to the Dark Oak. To the point there's hardly any difference unless next to each other. 
They are lovely. I thought of purchasing a pair, but never felt too much of a difference compared to my Islays to justify the expense ..  
I would feel strange wearing the boots during summer no matter how cold some days might be .. Summer is just not for the boots, IMO .. 
I believe each brand will find out if they prove to be expensive ..  EG is amazing, probably the best RTW Northampton shoe manufacturer, however considering hand welted Vass shoes now costing 50% less it really raises some questions .. Yes, I know - labor and running costs in the UK are probably much higher than those in Hungary, however I don't think the average buyer really cares about that much ..  Luckily I managed to acquire a pair of 202 lasted Chelsea from the...
850 pounds for a pair of Chelsea .. What a joke .. They are good, but come on .. Their prices were like 650 pounds 2 years ago .. 
Does someone have experience with Scott Charters sizing? I am based in EU and ordering a SC shawl from USA would give a custom in my country a field day. So, I wanted to order straight from their online shop. However, size there are not selected as Small, Medium or Large .. They are simply offered as 42", 44" , 46" ... The customer service is disaster, they appear to have only 2 colour options - charcoal and navy, no other colours at all .. What do you think I would...
I am surprised they are accepting returns on MTO suits as well. Typically, I'm a EU48 in trousers and EU50 in jackets .. and I need to take that in by some inch as well ..  Remember there was a guy here somewhere who was tricking the system by ordering two suits - one in size 50 and the other in 52 and he kept the trousers from one of the suits and jacket from the other because he was different trousers/jacket size and basically returned the size 50 jacket and size 52...
Brand New in Box, never worn pair of rich Dark Brown Suede Oxford style shoes. Made on Dainite Rubber soles. These are built like a tank.  Great for the upcoming Autumn/Winter and year around.  Size is UK 9G which is a US 10 ..  For what it's worth If you wear a UK 9 in Crockett Jones, John Lobb, Church's and Nike Air Max these will fit you great.  Postage to USA is $25 via USPS Priority est. 5 business days. Shipped from EU.  Thanks.   
Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the 348 is one of the most popular lasts these days .. Then again I am known to brag that anything beside the 236 or EG 202 is pointy .. It's just that I don't see myself wearing one. Making the GMTO is quite challenging too. 
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