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Thank you guys so much for the feedback. I will do so. Obviously not over the limit as I could post a new classified moments ago with gyasih link. It's just that I am missing the option on the BUY / SELL thread. I can't be the only one.
They are amazing indeed. If only they are a half size smaller, I would be wearing them with alarming frequency. They are worth stashing the money aside. Best offer is available, so they can't be that far away. ;)
Brand New With Tags. The Kensington model. Size is US 40/ EU 50 / M. Mid-length. Pit to pit: about 40 inch Sleeves: 27 inch Total length is about 36 inch Made in England. Stone colour. https://us.burberry.com/the-kensington-mid-length-heritage-trench-coat-p39833381# Bought in Burberry London store. Comes with the original dust bag. Postage at cost.  
Whoa, thanks a lot. That changed everything. Though I am still bugged what was I doing wrong and why there's no clearly visible New Classified option like before.
I can't even do it from my Desktop. I do not see any Open new classified button or anything .. What do you normally do when you want to post a new classified? Click on BUY & SELL tab on top of the screen between the Galleries and Sponsors and after that what?  
Lol, thanks @gyasih , however I am more concerned that I no longer see the option of placing a new ad in the Buy/Sell Section. The last time I wanted to add a new stuff all I had to do was to click on a button and select the photos from my computer. How do I open the new classified? Go to BUY/SELL link and then what? This is really strange. 
I cannot post any new ads in BUY/SELL thread. Is something changed? How do you post new stuff these days?
They should have end up as Rejects, IMO.
^Not worth the asking price, IMO.
I have the exact same drop. Am 30 in the waist and 40 in the chest. I also weightlift at the gym, but nothing drastically I would say compared to some on-steroid fellows there ..Trouble is that if I order the 40 suit, it usually come up with the 34 trousers .. So there is a excess of 4 inch right out of the box in waist alone ..The 32 trousers are good everywhere else except in the waist. So, I usually purchase them and get those 2 inch off at tailor. What a mess,...
New Posts  All Forums: