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Yeap, they really f*cked up on that one. EG rejected a pair of Dovers for a similar reason.
Looking cool on your friends feet. I believe William II and Double Monks generally sits between the Oxfords and Derby shoes. I would just steer clear from the Black Calf, and go for a Parisian Brown or Dark Brown Museum ..
Fuck me. Those Red Museum loafers are pure p0rn. Wish they are my size. Guys, take the advice from a guy here who has 3 pairs of Lopez loafers. It's the best looking loafer out there.
@Zapasman Shoe trees for William last are the only lasted trees JL is producing. Good thing in this case is they cost about the same as their Generic useless trees.  However, I am not able to tell which size of a shoe tree you should go for in case you are about to order a UK 8.5 E William II shoe. The shoe trees are produced in full sizes (8,9,10 ... ) So if someone is wearing a UK 8.5 William I would like to hear if he went with the shoe tree in size 8 or 9 .. Smaller...
Yeah, it's a good moment to be a US customer considering a record high $ and a VAT deduction. It's almost like buying at sale.
Whoa, unnoticeable crease considering a 2 year of ownership + non branded shoe trees. Really raising a question why would someone pay a 5x more for a EG trees.
Amazing price!
How do you clean a Saphir Cloth used for applying the cream and wax? Do you just dispose of it once there is no more clean area, or you wash it with some detergent?
I bought the black loafers once. Once.They always looked too formal on any casual outfit, yet they were too week for a suit .. I ended up selling them.
After someone snatched the William II in Parisian in 8.5 they haven't replenished the stock. Same is with Dark Brown in 8.5 as well as with some EG styles. I'm not sure about the CJ. The prices for EU customers are same as if I would order via Official JL web store. That is 1,055.00 EUR for a pair. JL shop offers free shipping over 100 EUR.  
New Posts  All Forums: