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It has one of the hooks slightly deformed (though it can still hold the lace normally), and they provided a new one in the box as a spare .. 
Thanks, I believe they were £200. However getting to Northampton and back has it's cost, ofc .. Wish they have the online factory shop just like Tricker's do on eBay..  
Yes, that is the Islay. They are both the same size. I have never used the brannock. However, I am a size UK 9 in every Crockett Jones shoe I have tried on. I am also a UK 9 in John Lobb, Church's, Nike trainers and Edward Green with their new resin last they are using. I am a typical US 10 as well. The Islay may fit slightly roomier, however I don't feel like I could size down a half size. 
This is a brand new double breasted blazer from Hardy Amies - never worn and in brand new condition.  Originally purchased from a Hardy Amies sample sale this still contains the 40R tag on the sleeve.    A classic double breasted style this is a fairly slim fit. The jacket is part-lined in the shoulder area.   The colour is a classic navy blue. The jacket has a quality feel to it and looks sharp and distinctive in appearance.   Made from 52% linen and 48% wool....
Received few messages with the question if I am selling these shoes ..  They are not for sale except the Dark Brown Scotch Grain Pembroke in size UK 11 - US 12 which I bought for my brother unaware he's actually a size smaller .. So they need to go .. 
Yes, the price/value ratio with CJ is probably the best of all Northampton manufacturers, IMO .. Especially if bought at their Factory Shop .. 
Couple of green boxes from the Factory Shop with fairly recent purchases.. Wish they are all .. edward green .. if you know what I mean .. Nevertheless ..       
Brand New In Box pair of Crockett Jones Pembroke derby shoes in rich Dark Brown Scotch grain on Dainite rubber sole. Size is UK 11 E which translates to the US 12 D.  The box is marked SUBS, though shoes does not have the stamps anywhere and also do not have any visible cosmetic marks. They are brand new and have never been tried on. Shoes are located in Europe, and I will use the USPS Priority Express, est. at about 5 business days delivery time with tracking number...
Do any of you guys have both the Edward Green 202 lasted oxfords/derby and F lasted Vass? Any photo for comparison purposes? 
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