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With a scenario like that you should definitely invest in the Dainite soles .. Purchasing the leather sole shoes and applying aftermarket layer of rubber never sounded like a good idea. I did it once on a pair of a John Lobb loafers and ended up selling after I realized what I've done. The Dainite does not give a way it's a rubber sole on a first sight and it must be far better solution than the thin piece of rubber applied locally.
Yeah, a lot of trash on sale .. 
^ A mortal sin. 
Some really good stuff! Thanks for the great work, Razl! 
Great results! How long did it take for the soles to wear out? Remember when you bought these and how much they have been into rotation per week? 
I also wouldn't wear a double breasted suit with the double monks - feels kinda buckled too much. But that's just me. Only unload them if you can score. Not sure what are the prices in the FS these days, but if you paid those around 440 pounds (that was the price last time I was purchasing there, heard they raised the prices to 480 now) it could be challenging to flip them. Happened to me with couple of pairs I didn't like too much. Otherwise just keep & enjoy them, after...
^ If those are black just resell them. Not worth keeping them, IMO. Buckles are also too shiny and distract from the overall good proportions of the shoe. 
Wondering why they have stopped making these. Handsome style for a more casual occasion and a lot of character in these .. The Robertsbridge
For all of you wearing a 8/8.5E ... These are cool and priced well at $649 + Best Offer.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOB-Edward-Green-82-Last-Beaulieu-Burgundy-Leather-Wingtip-Shoes-England-8-8-5E-/311625955652?hash=item488e5ab944:g:A5AAAOSwuhhXULvO
You should patent! Now even swims are this good! 
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