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Yeah, Dark Oak/Walnut is a must. Especially on a cool 202. Fill that gap first .. You know it makes sense.  
Well, you fcking stole my initiative for 202 Galway ..
I'm uniting the guys willing to do a MTO with me for a Galway on 202 last in Dark Oak Calf/ Walnut Country Calf .. I don't care about the soles, will accept anything from Dainite, medway, ridgeway .. Delivery time would be around 4 months, so it's now or never for this year, considering the delivery date would be late November .. Here's how it would look like, except the photos are shown with the pointy 82 last. Imagine them on a 202 classically British rounded...
What are the specs? Dark Oak/Walnut CC? When do you expect them to arrive?
Good Luck. You are gonna need it.
Awww, they are beauties .. Color is much more toned down compared to the online shop photos .. The rounded 64 last toes are simply adorable! Wear them in good health!
I really did my research regarding the subject, however, all I found among many Italian suit brands ( and I hate Italian suit cuts/brands) is: 1.) Hackett  2.) Gieves and Hawkes Am I missing some quality Canvas suit brands from UK in my price range? Could you give me some more British brand suggestions? I need a formal suit, and I really prefer the "rigid" British look over Italian .. Thank You in advance. Nikola  
^ That's the only way for 202 Galway!
Or just add the 250 USD for a single MTO and wait no one!
I still think that such info should not be hidden from the buyer if asked. Me as a buyer would like to know more than just " Made in England" knowing that Purdey is not a shoe manufacturer .. Not all are shoe experts to tell if the boots really worth the value and knowing who makes them might help with the decision and piece of mind. Of course, no one is forcing me to make a purchase .. Take a look at this example: W.R company in UK they clearly stated in description...
New Posts  All Forums: