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Fellows, I need your assistance. I am desperate to purchase the wool double breasted blazer/ sport coat. After days of browsing online, I didn't manage to find anything. Most of the blazers I found are in Linen/Cotton .. Must be it's due to the current summer season. I was wondering if you could propose me some brand that makes decent DB blazers. My budget is around 700-1,000 $. What brands should I keep my eye on? Thanks in advance.
@nmoore82  Could you report what was on the racks? Any popular styles like Galway, Berkeley, Chelsea, Dover .. ?
Oh no, I believe they are one of those crappy shoes made in South Africa under the same name ..
Push it to the limit! http://www.htleather.co.uk/briefcases/the-standard-briefcase
Yes, but surcharging 250 GBP for something that they have listed as a stock color is kind of silly? I thought colours that are offered bellow the each style are their current stock colors that are offered at the same price.
Can some of you regular buyers confirm if the styles/colours that are currently listed in their online catalogue can be ordered without any surcharge even they are not available in the Jermyn store? For example, there's a modified version of Canterbury (no more side heel brogue) as I can tell - in Nightshade. Something very tempting after I saw a nightshade .. I phoned theJermyn Store, but the guy working there didn't sound convincing, I believe he's new to the store, as...
But what are they doing with the rejected cases and umbrellas? Destroying them?
I was surprised too, but after the google search I even found a member's report from 2007 who visited the shop and was amazed with the deals at the time. It appears they are selling Brigg Umbrellas as seconds beside briefcases as well. However I am not sure if they are on the same address in Cambridge anymore as I cannot make a phone connection with the shop. Perhaps they have changed phone numbers and location, so I wanted to ask here if someone visited them...
I find Chelsea to be a bit boring lately. I would suggest you to take a look at Berkeley beside Dover and Galway.
You can always sell a family car and visit a Paris bespoke store.
New Posts  All Forums: