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Whoa . You are wearing a US 11 in Nike and you want a UK 8.5 in Cavendish? This sounds like a full 1,5 US size difference. I couldn't advise you at all based on the size info you have provided above. 
Oh no, I spoke with him in August via Etsy and we were discussing some of the styles I wanted to order ..Remember he was quite restrictive with the mods I wanted to change, but I was building my self up to ordering a briefcase nevertheless ..Thought he went on Holiday and that he will return in September, but now I don't think he'll be coming back .. Do you know where's he selling his remaining stock? How can I contact him other than etsy? 
Ray Clark ran out of business for good this time? 
Basically sounds it should be called: Bright Navy
Seems like the bordeaux varies a lot from batch to batch ..  This one is a lovely shade:  while this one looks a lot more "girlish" and flashy .. Or it could be the light/ post processing playing games with my eyes .. 
S O L D .
Too late for a reply, but I will try to provide the answer for other interested parties. Best would be to check your Nike air max size. If you are wearing a US 10 than these will fit great. I am not familiar with alden. 
Yes, me too .. It's just because some of the members are referring to the Bordeaux as Burgundy that I thought it could be some third shade of a reddish colour .. 
Is there a difference between their Burgundy and Bordeaux colour, or it's the same colour basically with two different names? 
Thanks, the 348 last Drummond is made on is probably the most disgusting last I've seen on any shoe. I have checked their selection of styles before posting, so it was more of a surprise tha anything else, considering the CJ is covering almost every aspect from loafers to boots and from plain to full brogue ..  Think I will give Vass a chance this time considering the price of CJ and Vass is same where I live .. 
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