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Love the wingtip and I need one in my rotation! These look very cool. I am considering them for quite some time. Still not sure if I should go with Warwick or Edward Green Beaulieu .. I am gravitating toward the JL due to seamless heel these have as they belong to the prestige line I believe, but not sure about the 7000 last they are made on for this style .. Still have a odd feeling it's a bit more elongated than I would like it to be. But than again I am the type of...
Now that you suggested it does seem like a Huntsman work .. Though one would think a proud Japanese got their own tailors to promote .. 
Could be the photo, but it appears to me there's quite some room at around the top button? 
@coldinboston Wise words there! It must be I took judgment of their sale figures based on SF interest. Than again, SF members are probably making less than a 0.3% of all buyers out there. Though I am highly thankful to this community for defining my taste .. I believe I would still be buying overpriced gucci loafer crap if I haven't find about this place.. 
Sad to see only a couple of guys are discussing the thread in the last few months. It looks like all the party is at Edward Green these days .. JL doesn't seem to be so popular, especially after the goth chick took over. Wondering if they felt the downside of this through the sales .. 
Thanks. I've just signed in so I could contact him regarding a SAB styled briefcase. Always wanted to have this one, but without a hefty $3.5K price tag .. 
Thanks letsi, I even thought for a second it's the SAB Westminster though proportions are a bit different. Does he still makes these as a made to order? 
Whoa, that Japan's Emperor had some impeccable double breasted suits throughout the history .. Wondering who's the tailor ..           
@trlhtn Handsome briefcase! Who's the maker? 
When I spoke to their Jermyn street shop last year at the Sale time, a guy working there advised me it would be no problem to post the shoes wherever needed. At that time they were accepting both CC and PP. 
New Posts  All Forums: