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I was referring to the Adrian as a style I like. I was wondering if there's any other brand making the similar style? ETQ, Acne and Santoni are what looks cool and decently priced to me. (Average of $300). Buttero is also interesting, but I don't like the lacing area and a proportion of a cap toe. So, if you could suggest any other brand making the similar styles I would be thankful. Is this really possible? Basically those numbers are all that kept me off from getting...
And what would be the general consensus regarding the ETQ Amsterdam and ACNE Studios sneakers? Are they worth the money? I don't like the idea of spending a $700 on a pair of sneakers, so would be thankful if someone could suggest a clean/classic style of sneakers similar to the ETQ, ACNE or Santoni? Am I missing something?  
Am I the only one who cannot digest those golden numbers on Achilles sneakers?
Nutmeg is a disaster. Avoid.
Whoa, really surprised to see you selling these. They are amazing!
I got remarks Lopez loafers are grandpa shoes, mostly from those friends proud of wearing $150 sneakers and jeans. Someone who's not into shoes can't distinct a $100 from a $1,100 shoe, IMO. Plot twist they would opt for those cheaper if they would have a free choice with hidden price info.
Why would you want to get rid of them? They don't fit as expected?
Yeah. Once you know it's there, it's all you see.
My thoughts exactly, but I didn't want to make you feel bad, potentially .. Let's just hope he's fine at the first place. I e-mailed him last time about a week ago, and he usually replied to me within hours. Haven't heard from him since then and I don't have any shoes on order.
Could you please advise on the fit? Have you went only 1 size down from your normal US size, or 1,5?  
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