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Looks like Vass is overtaking the glory of a EG styles!
Someone should phone the JL Factory Shop. They got a sweet choice of styles currently. Only down side is a god damn weak EUR i have my account attached to. Philipp II for 570 GBP. City II for 440 GBP. I remember purchasing pairs from there last year with a GBP-EUR ratio of 1.23, now it's the 1.40 .. Only 12 months later. INSANE !!!  
Speaking of boots, SF dear friend, sausages, got his hands on a freshly produced doak Galway. Low starting price for those in EG UK8, classic makeup. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Edward-Green-GALWAY-Dark-Oak-Calf-Leather-Mink-Suede-BOOTS-UK-8-E-1650-/361278168029?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item541ddb5bdd
Whoa, wondering those haven't been rejected ..
^Thanks. The total length is about 95 cm (36 inch). I believe that is their Standard version. The photos of the colour of canopy hardly do justice as in person the colour feels more rich, much like on the sellers photo couple of posts above .. All in all, a very good umbrella for a $129 .. Though it cost me a bit more with the postage, but still 50% cheaper compared to the Fox Umbrella web page ..
You are probably right. I phoned the Shop 3 weeks ago to ask about some styles I am looking for. I was told nothing is available and was informed about the upcoming Sale at the time.I phoned them today again just to check if they have received anything in the meantime and again, lady working there asked me what I am looking for/ said nothing is available and informed me again about the sale.I explained her that I am willing to pay the regular Shop price just to avoid the...
Reporting In. Received the parcel early this morning. Thought I received a sniper rifle upon opening the big box as it had 2 layers of thick bubble paper and a 2 layers of protective heavy paper all wrapped around making the umbrella itself completely invisible. My suspicions proved right. First, after I eagerly got my hands on the handle through all the paper I noticed the original price was still attached, and it said $295 (luckily my custom agent was lazy enough not...
I am still waiting for the umbrella. Long trip from the USA+Customs in my state that were pretty busy around the Easter.. I should receive it Monday or Tuesday finally and will, of course, report back with some photos so you guys could tell your thoughts .. Really excited, I remember this umbrella had a lot of watchers on ebay, and a jack pot would be if the handle is made of a continuous piece of wood (solid) ..
I'm not sure, I just started wearing it. However after 3 long walks I could already tell it's pretty sturdy, much harder than Dainite, though Dainite feels a bit more connected to the surface.. That's at least my personal experience so far ..
My Mr Porter Lopez makeup on the Spring sun before the first wear past week .. I really like the soles on these, much better grip and feel compared to leather ones, though not prettier .. But the Plum Museum and November sole (in April) really is a interesting gemish.
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