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You should reconsider using some trees also. Those shoes need them bad.
Edward Green is finally updating their web page, you can already tell the new look even it's still being developed. http://www.edwardgreen.com/index.html
Glad for you guys. Basically you are getting the shoes at discount ..
Does the non EU people always manage to get away with no additional custom/import charges in their countries? Would like to know what it's like in the US. As I understood it's like lottery .. Sometimes you end up paying like 20% and completely cancel the EU VAT deduction, yet sometimes you get away with almost nothing ..
Purdey's version has it all! Yet, the price is outrageous. 475 GBP + shipping / around 800 $ + shipping
Frans Boone store version of Coniston: and Crockett Jones web page:
It must be, as crockett jones is only making them in ugly Tan grain or a too fashion forward for my taste- navy grain
^ Great find, budapest!
I liked this thread the way it used to be a month ago with people posting their recent purchases, discussing models and providing some useful information where to buy the shoes ... Now, every time I enter the thread all I see are countless lists and MTO suggestions. I hope I have a right to point on that. What I am seeing here could easily qualify for a separate thread where anyone could propose their MTO model .. I am sure I'm not alone with this remark, however I don't...
Hope admin will rename the thread into "EG MTO Suggestions"
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