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Good decision, Shouldaville! Not worth selling with a massive loss.
Be patient, 27 December is your date! There are quite a few online store that retail a Cheaney and I'm sure some of them will offer the discount. I remember the Cheaney online store it self offered a sale option last year, though I don't remember when/what was available.
LOVELY BOOTS ! Do they really look that reddish in person?  
Thank You!
Yesterday, I decided to try myself for the 1st time and bring up a bit of cap toe shine in some Oxfords sitting around. So this would be a X post from The Hanger Project Thread. Hope you don't mind. Special Thanks to a dear Farhad for proxying me a pair of Black Chelsea from this year's EG FS Sale.    
Hope I'm not too late for the party. I decided to follow the @RedDevil10 polishing directions yesterday. I'm still a noob, and this was my first attempt to bring up a mirror like shine on the cap toe area. I tried using the same amount of polish cream he advised, but I got 0% effect after 5 coats. So, I decided to use about 3x more wax than he used on his cotton pad. I used the rubbing alcohol:water as directed. 1:3 mixture.  A single drop of that mixture per each coat...
You are applying the Red Cream on a Gold Museum !? Anyway, use the black cream on black misty.
@arneben Lovely shoe, though I have no idea what I would teamed it with. Shape of an Oxford, look of an derby. Too casual for a suit, too serious for the trousers/jeans/polo/shirt ..
Some flipper bought 10 pair of shoes in JL FS this weekend. They end up on ebay, it might be worth checking if your size is there .. http://www.ebay.com/usr/bradley32007?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
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