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850 pounds for a pair of Chelsea .. What a joke .. They are good, but come on .. Their prices were like 650 pounds 2 years ago .. 
Does someone have experience with Scott Charters sizing? I am based in EU and ordering a SC shawl from USA would give a custom in my country a field day. So, I wanted to order straight from their online shop. However, size there are not selected as Small, Medium or Large .. They are simply offered as 42", 44" , 46" ... The customer service is disaster, they appear to have only 2 colour options - charcoal and navy, no other colours at all .. What do you think I would...
I am surprised they are accepting returns on MTO suits as well. Typically, I'm a EU48 in trousers and EU50 in jackets .. and I need to take that in by some inch as well ..  Remember there was a guy here somewhere who was tricking the system by ordering two suits - one in size 50 and the other in 52 and he kept the trousers from one of the suits and jacket from the other because he was different trousers/jacket size and basically returned the size 50 jacket and size 52...
Brand New in Box, never worn pair of rich Dark Brown Suede Oxford style shoes. Made on Dainite Rubber soles. These are built like a tank.  Great for the upcoming Autumn/Winter and year around.  Size is UK 9G which is a US 10 ..  For what it's worth If you wear a UK 9 in Crockett Jones, John Lobb, Church's and Nike Air Max these will fit you great.  Postage to USA is $25 via USPS Priority est. 5 business days. Shipped from EU.  Thanks.   
Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the 348 is one of the most popular lasts these days .. Then again I am known to brag that anything beside the 236 or EG 202 is pointy .. It's just that I don't see myself wearing one. Making the GMTO is quite challenging too. 
It's amazing to see how the double breasted suits look way less outdated compared to single breasted upon looking at those 50 years old styles .. 
@nigeljh Thanks, and good luck with bidding, the style is amazing.  @othertravel Yes, I would be in, though would not go with the 348 even if they are free. That's the ugliest last I've seen on any shoe .. in my life.  They are perfect as they are on the 365 last, the only thing I would add is the faux toe cap (though not necessary).. 
Sadly, I've got no additional info. I should have saved the eBay search with these as it appears they are no longer available on eBay ..  I remember the info said they were made for Barney New York and the size was a US 11 I believe ..  The seller stated it's the style called "Aron" If I recall well, though nothing by that name can be found .. 
Interesting C&J makeup .. 
Do you believe James Smith has the edge over the Fox Umbrella?  I am going for a Hickory solid stick teamed with french blue canopy this time. Not sure if I should continue with the Fox Co. or give another maker a chance. Love the Brigg umbrella as well, though their prices do irritate me a bit and am not certain if they are worth the extra ~30% compared to Fox. 
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