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As some of you may remember at the end of a last year I bought a pair of William II monks in my regular UK 9 E size. What I felt was a complete disaster. To sum it up, my heel was so loose that I expected it to jump out of the shoe any moment. Some suggested it's because of a double leather sole which was not broken in, but I had a strange feeling like the whole shoe is half size bigger but just in the heel area. My Q. for someone wearing a William II is .. Would you...
I believe that is a Museum Calf Walnut. Real question is: How did they manage to remain unworn for a decade!
There is an amazing store in Netherland, called Pelger. They are selling Crockett Jones shoes there. They got stores in Den Haag and Amsterdam. http://www.pelger.nl/ Also, you got Fransboone in CW Sluis .. http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/crockett-and-jones
I'm not sure where you are from but in France there is one guy selling beaten branded shoes like this though the ebay. They all look like sh*t, and if you can save the money for a new pair, do it. If you are in the hurry to purchase a first pair for a job/wedding or whatever, order it online at full price. If you can wait, keep browsing the ebay.com / ebay.co.uk for a new pair at around 30-50% off selling price.. They will appear eventually .. 
Seen a bum today wearing shoes in better condition .. Even these are 50 EUR question is, would you like to be wearing someone else's beaten shoes?
Received these couple of days ago ..
Do it!If I'm not such a cheapass myself I would have pulled the trigger.Instead, couple of days ago, I bought a Dundee substitute. These are on Commando Soles, Veldtschoen Construction, full bellows tongue. Cheaney is the manufacturer.Sorry I'm posting these on EG Thread, but just wanted to brave you as I can imagine how good Dundee could be when Cheaney is this cool.    [[SPOILER]]
Sweet deal for you guys wearing a UK8. Brand new Hallam Oxford in Dark Brown Calf. Best offer available ..  I'm guessing he would let them go for 250 eur shipped .. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Crockett-Jones-Hallam-8-UK-/251954596373?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_186&hash=item3aa9aa0a15
I always use a shade of cream slightly lighter. Really love how it refreshes the look. I experimented with the darker shades but it tends to change the appearance of the original leather too much. So, If you like the colour of your shoes exactly as they are, you should always use a cream slightly lighter ( for DBM you can go with mid brown as well as light brown). I would go with the middle dark brown as the light could be too anemic actually ..
That new style is great for a gipsy wedding!
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