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So the B1 is basically a 1.5 sole tapering to 1 at the waist? 
Whoa . You are wearing a US 11 in Nike and you want a UK 8.5 in Cavendish? This sounds like a full 1,5 US size difference. I couldn't advise you at all based on the size info you have provided above. 
Oh no, I spoke with him in August via Etsy and we were discussing some of the styles I wanted to order ..Remember he was quite restrictive with the mods I wanted to change, but I was building my self up to ordering a briefcase nevertheless ..Thought he went on Holiday and that he will return in September, but now I don't think he'll be coming back .. Do you know where's he selling his remaining stock? How can I contact him other than etsy? 
Ray Clark ran out of business for good this time? 
Basically sounds it should be called: Bright Navy
Seems like the bordeaux varies a lot from batch to batch ..  This one is a lovely shade:  while this one looks a lot more "girlish" and flashy .. Or it could be the light/ post processing playing games with my eyes .. 
S O L D .
Too late for a reply, but I will try to provide the answer for other interested parties. Best would be to check your Nike air max size. If you are wearing a US 10 than these will fit great. I am not familiar with alden. 
Yes, me too .. It's just because some of the members are referring to the Bordeaux as Burgundy that I thought it could be some third shade of a reddish colour .. 
Is there a difference between their Burgundy and Bordeaux colour, or it's the same colour basically with two different names? 
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