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Sweet deal.
@carpu65  Good catch. SS it is. I had plans wearing it as a after-work suit at some coffee shop parties during the Fall/Winter. It is quite limited for the season considering the almost flannel texture and a typical Fall/Winter colour. This one has far more serious appearance. I like the proportions of the jacket, though the matching trousers seems to have a bit strange fit. It's Gieves Hawkes.  
Any thoughts on this one? Brown it is.
Well, f* me. I might have been wearing a wrong size from the beginning. I'm a UK 9 in John Lobb, and always felt EG 9.5/10 E has a considerable amount of a heel slip. Never tried them in 9/9.5 E/F though ..
Sorry if I missed the post, but Vass seems to have discontinued the sale of a 3 piece shoe tree. Wanted to order them for a new pair, and was informed by Kuti they are not satisfied with the supplier and have suspended them !?
Farhad, I would love to see your Walnut Shearling Version. If I remember correctly it was that good you bought it at a full price during the summer after the regretful selling of a -luckily found Reject- in the same makeup.  It's again that time of the year I consider making the purchase. But not sure if they are that good to burn twice as much cash as CJ Islay. They both passed the test of time since the last year as I still want them .. Frans Boone Info : On demand...
I can go a full size down from a US size ... if I find them dirty cheap!
Would like to hear a thought on this suit .. Thinking of pulling the trigger, but didn't have the Brown suit so far. I understand it would be strictly limited to a Fall/Winter season use due to a colour and a Flannel like texture ..  
Can someone wearing a Islay boot (365 last) comment on a fit? Is this last generous? Should I stick with my regular size, or go a half size down? Edit: Sorry, just saw SuitedDx answered this question back in 2012.
@NewStart cool photographs slowed me down on my way to purchase Galway at a full price as I am now ordering a Nikon D7100 with the equally priced lens.
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