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Marked with R. Black Misty Calf.   Black Misty has more of a rich tone compared to a regular black calf, and doesn't have the mottled wash-out look of a Black Museum Calf. The shoes are in UK E width which translates to the US D width (normal). They fit true to size. Worn total of 4 times.I topyed the soles. You can see from a heel area how slightly they have been worn.   Interior is clean as new! No Signs of wear or greasy marks at all.   Comes with the Original John...
May I ask what is the Carmina Double Monk model and on what last it is? I like the rounded toes!
Guy wrote he doesn't need the elongated last. Wesbourne is on 348. That's elongated is it gets. A mile long toe.I would go with the Draycott, but the Chestnut Calf that is only available as a brown is to light and brings too much attention to the feet for my taste.Wish CJ is making them in Dark Brown Calf. I had a same dilemma recently. Love some of their derby shoes but the current standard colors are all wrong. MTO is not worth it.
Took longer than I expected before someone asked that!
They all appear to be completely unworn. No signs of a slightest crease?
I think most of the foreign buyers are not even aware the shoes are carrying the city names. Not to mention the Midland industrial towns. Perhaps they are choosing those names as they just sound cool, and also chances are bigger someone from those Midland UK towns will purchase the shoes with the name of city they live in. I guess it can only be odd to a more urban gentlemen living in UK.
Good news for all wearing a Plum Museum Calf Shoes. I was informed the Plum Museum matching Belts are currently in production and will be available through their online shop in around 10 days.
Thanks, never bought anything from JL cream & waxes range as I thought they are just re-packed Saphir creams with 40% higher price.. I was looking to find the claret cream color in Saphir. Perhaps Hermes Red is most similar. Or maybe it's the time I try the Neutral to see how it will go.
Do you experience the white creases using the neutral cream? I already have a Parisian Brown Museum shoes, and I use the Saphir Light Brown cream/light brown wax. Works like a charm, as the cream color itself is too light to cover the light brown hoes of a Parisian museum, and the darker brown hoes don't mind it anyway. So, basically I am looking for a same effect this time for a Plum Museum. As it consist of a dark red and a light red hoes. I am looking for a  cream...
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