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At this level of quality, leathers and a hype, I expect them to raise prices soon .. It's completely senseless Vass is almost 50% cheaper than EG.
 I N S A N E  ! ! !
Whoaa .. Make sure you post some photos, this style is spectacular and with Plum Museum collaboration it should be a jack pot!
I officially stopped browsing the Marketplace since razl started filtering the ads for us! 
I imagine these in Plum Museum .. That would be a pure porn .. Is this style available as a MTO?
I believe Vass has screwed both these brands for most of the styles when it comes to value/price/hype lately.
Church's still got it! As I wrote before, their Ryder III Chukka boot is the most comfortable shoe I own. Suede is amazing too! Trouble is the aura this brand developed after the Prada took over. But I think their classics like Ryder or Consul will still find it's way to buyers, though it's hard to compete with the brand like Crockett Jones that is offering products at the same price level these days.
Always nice to see a colorful page!
What do you mean by "joking"?Firstly, I didn't mention the JLP at all. I was referring to the John Lobb St. James street (JLSJ)Secondly, Those are the prices I found on the John Lobb SJ web page.http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/main/pricelist.htmSays leather shoes cost 3,470 GBP + 20 VAT if you are in the UK. Total = 4.164 GBP ~ 6.300 $ (ALL OUR MODELS ARE EXCLUSIVELY BESPOKE HANDMADE TO MEASURE) @mw313 It does make sense if you have a orthopedic disorder or unusually big...
Is it really worth shelling out a $6K for a bespoke pair if a RTW fits you just fine? I never thought actually ordering a pair, nor I will, but would like to hear an opinion if someone here got a pair from JLSJ .. What could possibly justify the 6x bigger price? Uniqueness?  
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