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Whoa, Lowndes double monks for $349 ..
It could be it's the variation made for Purdey. For example Frans Boone version of Coniston doesn't have the speed hooks .. Also, the pair in your link can easily qualify for Reject or Seconds. They got a broken stitch just above the heel area. I wouldn't purchase them.  
It's been discussed several months ago as I was interested too. These are on CJ 325 last. Purdey won't disclose anything. They just claim they are made in Northampton.
@goodlensboy is right. Philips have brogueing on quarters. So definitely not them. I think he and and chogall are right. They are bespoke. I just copy pasted the photo to google and appears they only trow them in for marketing purposes upon advertising their Accessories for AW14. Philipp II would look closest to these, but also too pointy. Shame.
Does Anyone know more about this model? I only have a photo and info that say it's for the AW 14. Amazing last and color.
Does anyone own a Grasmere derby on 202 last? Thinking of pulling the trigger but the shoe is a mystery. Cannot find more than two different photos on the web including the catalogue shot.
Great, thanks!Can you share your thought on fit? If I wear a UK9E in Crockett Jones loafers, oxford and derby, would it be reasonable I go with that size too when ordering a Snowdon?Heard from a few guys that they actually had to size down a half size as they claimed there's a lot of space in those boots. I'm not in a position to try them on at all and a deadline for ordering via Bodileys is beginning of December.
^ Actually the fit is GREAT everywhere else except in the heel area which is loose, makes my heel feel so tiny thus slipping out of the shoe. Really strange fit that never happened with any of my other Northampton shoes.
After about one month I purchased the Plum Museum Lopez, I thought it was worth adding a William II to my collection. I was all happy and trilled about their arrival, but than the nightmare scenario happened. First, I would like you all know that I'm buying all my John Lobb shoes completely sight unseen, as I am nowhere near any JL retail store. I was lucky enough to guess the right size at the beginning based on reading all the posts on SF year ago about sizing. While...
New Posts  All Forums: