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Those burgundy Dovers are amazing. Killers when teamed with navy trousers .. Any news regarding the order of UK9.5 E or F shoes?
He He .. Take your time, that 12 in your nickname tells me you might be the chosen one for the mission of collecting the 12 people.
@budapest12 How do we stand with the number of orders? Any chance we can collect 12 orders anytime soon?
LoL. You read my mind. Guess I will be going for a SAB! Need 2 cases actually, one black and one dark brown. F&S is in the SAB price range as I can tell from their online info. Though not so appealing to me as a SAB. Thanks for the input, I saw your recent case purchases. Amazing!
Thanks Simon, haven't realized that .. Are those manufacturers known or they won't disclose that info? Would it be cheaper to purchase straight from them instead from Pickett?
Hello fellows, I've been lurking through this thread for quite some time and also browsed through all the pages, and found a lot of interesting stuff. I'm on the market for a quality briefcase and collecting the info from the previous pages I've narrowed down the choice to 3 manufactures. SAB is my favorite ofc, however, I do not feel like burning 2K$ for a briefcase. So, I wanted to consult with SF- what do you think about the "Pickett" brand? Are they worth the...
Agree. Black brogue is dull.
12 is already extremely hard to reach, but let's do our best. Perhaps try posting the photo with the price on Marketplace so others can see ..
"Shut up and take my money!" I'm all in, Mister!  Bellows tongue Faux toecap Waxed Oak Commando Sole You can put my name on the list.  
We appreciate your intention. However, you are making more confusion than help. For the past couple of pages budapest clearly advised he's already on the line with the C&J Factory, and he's waiting for the info on price. No Aki/ London store is necessary.
New Posts  All Forums: