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Classic Oxford from Crockett and Jones.     Lasted on the 236 last on a standard E width    Finished in a lovely black calf.    Shoes are marked as subs, but to my eye I can't see any faults.    Will be sent in original Crockett and Jones box
Styleforum favorite seller. I bet the best offer is set to 590 as well. 
True. Wish I could do something about it. 
Or you will eventually fed up with a bit flashy John Lobb styles like I did and will want to explore a pure English classic Edward Green has to offer. Besides the Lopez, William and Philip II I wouldn't buy anything else from the JL at the moment, TBH.  
Seriously now .. Are you the Mr. Olympia contestant or what? 
November is great and can easily be worn year around without any giveaway, yet providing extra grip and piece of mind if a rain catches you.
I am not certain how the stock will look like at the London Sale as I am on the phone with Gary from the Factory Shop every week, and there are currently zero popular styles available in both UK 9 and 9.5 size. And by popular I mean - Chelsea, Berkeley, Cadogan, Canterbury, Galway (didn't ask about the black colour though) .. Perhaps this will change in the next couple of weeks, but so far it doesn't look good. Also, there will be a 5 pairs per shopper limit rule like...
Whoa, and I thought my 10 drop is bad enough .. (40 chest - 30 waist)
F last is cool. Sits between EG 82 and 202! Nice watch too! Is that the IWC 3717? 
Does that store stock any other colour than black? I have noticed this too with some of the shoe stores where I live. Must be that 90% of the regular buyers just want to purchase a black shoe as a "safe bet" ..
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