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If there's a five pair limit rule per person I might actually end up empty hands/ feet .. He's a true shoe aficionado, so I told him I would understand if he can't proxy me a pair considering the limiting rules we both found out late yesterday reading this thread.  
My buddy "Scammer" Jordi sent me this photo couple of hours ago via Whatsapp. He's been waiting in front of a Loading Bay Gallery in London since 06.00am. I'm worried about the 5 shoes limit though .. I didn't know about that until late last night ..
Are you sure about the 5 shoe limit?
Those socks rocks, Cleav! 
Well, if someone found his shoes on ebay, that means that market has the acces to EG shoes. Buying Edward Green shoes is easiest among all shoe brands. You just call their store and tell them to send you paypal invoice. For example he's selling the 330 GBP Factory Shop rejected Chelsea Oxford shoe for a 590 GBP! The same shoe cost brand new 680 GBP. I would never buy a rejected pair for only a 90 GBP less compared to the brand new firsts.
^ and a sausages brutal mark up of 100%! I can imagine him already in the line with the 10,000 GBP cash in pockets waiting to replenish anything he can get his hands on. And if he's smart enough he must have brought his family with him so they can get as much as they can in a first wave.. 
@Jsoftz There are no rules basically. The shade of leather may differ greatly from batch to batch. I experienced the same thing with John Lobb shoes. So, you may receive the Dark Oak leather in shades from Burnt Pine to Almost reddish brown .. I remember when I ordered the Crockett Jones brown suede shoes and mathcing brown suede belt. Belt came in a several shades darker color. Glad it was not the opposite.
Well, he's far from a scammer as far as I know! I even have his cell phone number. He's a great guy. He was reading this Thread and wanted to proxy the shoes for some of the members interested as there was a talking about it lately. I don't want to speak in his name, but I was shocked when I read that. You should defenitely wrote in the post here who are you referring to. This way anyone who received the message from @dijor might thought that the guy is a scammer with...
Guys, what is going on with the "scam" thing? @thebeebs I just received the same message from member @dijor, why are you saying he's a scammer? He's a cool guy as far as I know, with a good feedback here. How can he scam you or anyone else in the first place? If you don't receive the shoes you can start the paypal dispute, if he scams several of us, paypal will lock him down. What's the point of your post calling him a scam person?  
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