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What are your thoughts regarding the double leather or HAF soles?    Not much interested in pros and cons of each solution, rather curios how do you find the aesthetic perspective of these? I am not certain personally what to think. The whole shoe looks much different to me (not just the sole part, but the leather of the shoe and the last itself looks a bit tighter than the one made on a single leather sole ..  Seems like the most of the Italian retailers are stocking...
Looking at these after my 82 lasted Chelsea and think to my self- that is the last I should have go for. 
Then you got the answer. Nowhere. 
Anyone else from Europe got a Transmission problem upon accessing their website?  Can't enter the online shop for 3 hours now .. 
Sweet style, however those are Elmsley Derby shoe, not the Berkeley (Oxford). 
Not for me though, a bit clownish look overall, imo. What are your thoughts on this a 100% Cashmere Blue Hudson from the new Fall collection?Looks like a good deal for a 399 EUR considering the fabric. Nice shade of a blue as well. http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/pre_order_jackets/hudson-blue-plain/C995.html?cgid=pre_order_jackets
@Lee Ken I believe they have just been tried on by someone before they posted them to you, a common practice from CJ lately as we could see.
I like steeds higher button stance. I think its what gives that clasically English and a bit more rigid look. Just what the double breasted should be.
Any thoughts regarding the Burnt Pine Antique Calf on a Oxford/Derby makeup at the present? Not sure about the versatility anymore .. They appear to be more of a Spring/Summer colour, though I believe the EG antique effect is possibly best noticeable on this leather .. Would be great if someone has a pair to post a photo or two .. I believe this leather is among those least discussed on the board as well .. 
What's the quality of SS shoes in general? They look like crap to me for the price. Not sure about the sale value though, could be a decent price/value ratio .. 
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