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Are there any JL trunk shows in Europe anytime soon? I would like to order a MTO pair without a surcharge ..
Did someone have experience with following: For example: If your EG size is normally 9.5 E, what would be a feeling wearing a 9 F? So, a half size smaller, but wider fit? Can a wider fit compensate half size smaller shoe?  
Found some decently priced derbies in Cavalry Calf. Did a quick search and it appears it's the type of leather to be avoided as it's corrected? What exactly is cavalry calf? Is it really that bad?
I need 64 Galway in my life this Fall. Still holding my breath for Skoaks Mahogany makeup before I pull the trigger.
Thanks @alexSF .. I was also browsing the ebay, but currently nothing decent .. I prefer the British look and proportions of the jackets generally .. Was thinking about Drake's London, but guess I'm too late as they sold out most of the good things and nothing on their web page .. Any more suggestions .. ?
Thanks, you are probably right. I will do that.
Can someone tell why I can't find a a jacket on their online store? Preferably double breasted
John Lobb UK 9 E Crockett Jones UK 9 E Edward Green UK 9 . 5 E Vass 43
Fellows, I need your assistance. I am desperate to purchase the wool double breasted blazer/ sport coat. After days of browsing online, I didn't manage to find anything. Most of the blazers I found are in Linen/Cotton .. Must be it's due to the current summer season. I was wondering if you could propose me some brand that makes decent DB blazers. My budget is around 700-1,000 $. What brands should I keep my eye on? Thanks in advance.
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