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If only they make those on 341 or 236 ..
Not worth visiting the Factory Shop Sale if you are looking for their best sellers. A fellow visited them Today and said he was very disappointed with the selection of styles. He bought 3 pairs eventually, but said there wasn't any popular styles like Chelsea, Dover, Galway ..
BLACK FRIDAY 15% OFF http://www.macsamillion.co.uk/crockett-and-jones/b12  
I keep checking the Calendar, says April the 1st is long gone.
This one's cool, though lapels might be touch too wide.
Glad Nick fired up the thread with a recent sale. It's been quiet here for a while. JL still got it with their classic styles. Still waiting on my pair of Williams in Brown Suede or Parisian. Too cheap to pay the full price.
Don't forget the Lopez! One of their oldest styles. Since 1950.
All what? Casual pockets and a proportion similar to the one from the photo without the shiny buttons? There's a ebay these days for the good deals too. I was more asking for a suggestion on brands that may be producing such type of a jacket on the first place ..Also, the jacket from the photo was on sale in London last year for a $650 though I found about it too late..
Thanks for the suggestion.I am not a fond of a shiny metal buttons, also those flap pocket make the whole ''orphan from the suit'' jacket look, IMO..More looking for this type of pockets and proportions.
Could someone propose a decent brand making a wool double breasted jackets in classic proportions? Without those crazy disproportionate lapels like Suitsupply or a razer thin on other hand .. I am out of ideas where to look .. Would wear it mainly casually, so flap pockets are really not what I am looking for ..  Budget would be around $700 Thanksss
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