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I never considered buying a Rolex, looked like a everyone's favorite watch to me, until I visited the local Rolex shop yesterday .. Among many Rolexes from 40-41 mm range, this one got my attention .. What do you think of Rolex Milgauss ? Thought adding it to my IWC F.A Jones .. It's appears to be too dressy to be a sport watch, yet too sporty to be a dress watch. Has a bit of retro look, yet it's modern .. A really nice mixture .. And it has a cool story/history...
Well, that's just dirty cheap If I may say so. I wish they are UK9! Someone should buy them instantly if his size!
Perhaps they don't look so appealing on the photos, but something with the buckles is just putting the people off whenever i show them the photos, I don't know what the thing is. Those are "ordinary" guys and girls, who are purchasing all sort of brands, more or less expensive .. Somehow they are associating the monks with peasant shoes .. lol .. couple of them told me so .. Anyway, I'm looking to get a pair no matter what other think .. I don't intend wearing them with...
Well, actually, every single person I showed them to said they are just ugly (William, Westminister) .. Not to mention girls .. They thought I'm making fun on them .. But when saw I'm serious, they just said they don't like them .. I know we all purchase the shoes for our selves, that's why I would like to grab a pair, just to have them in a shoe collection, but also, aspect of other people opinion (especially off Styleforum, who needs a reality check once a while) is...
What didn't you like about the DM?I'm in search for a pair, though JL William, much better proportions IMO ..
First 6 needs to be in a same width. Funny thing is everyone likes this combo more, yet Bronze/Black has more chance of passing the MTO bar.
Cloud? That's a strange shade of gray characteristic for a Cloud Antique .. Looks like a brown ..
You can see for your self .. 202 is more rounded ..
They are insane !!!! Is that a factory polish work?
I'm sure they are great, but it's all about the 202 Galway!
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