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Unbelievable deal on these .. A brandy shell cordovan Elmsley in 10.5/11.. I guess the seller would give them away for a $450 .. If only my size ..
Updating on SC shawl cardigan that I have ordered from the SC web page in size 42" - smallest size they are stocking. I would like to advise that I am a athletic build, about 170 pound and my size is US 40 in almost all items/suits/jackets ..  The fit of their smallest size cardigan is a full scale disaster. I had a feeling I have tried on a coffee sack. The excess of fabric was everywhere. It was a scary experience.  Now, I don't know if the NMWA has smaller sizes than...
@peppercorn78 Thanks! So many options .. F in wider fit, P2 not that flattering, now the R .. Guess I will just have to invest some time in visiting their shop. Thanks for bringing out the R last, I completely forgot about it and I do remember they have advertised it as a English last .. 
Ironically, Vass Budapest store is about 2 hours drive away from me, yet I don't find the time to visit and am still playing "on safe" by ordering the EG 202 (waiting on a pair of Cadogan) .. Now with the recent price increase I just feel there are other options out there. I will check out the P2. I need something closest to the 202. Eager to order a seamless heeled austerity brogue so it will be either F last or P2 .. 
Thanks! Seems like the F last is somewhere in between the 82 and 202 EG last. 
Any Oxford F last vs EG 202 comparison photos.. Someone? 
Sorry to hear that, I have gone through their make your shirt option and got the info shirt is now dispatched after about 4 weeks of waiting, so hopefully they haven't messed up some of the options .. I think their MTO program sucks pretty hard as there are hardly any information other than generic photo. 
Can't decide what's less attractive - price or the style. 
Ordering from Russia is a nightmare. Considering you can follow the progress via USPS means that he has used the regular government post and the parcel is quite possibly just sitting in the line for the Russian export custom to be checked. It can as well stay in this status and all of sudden just appear somewhere in the US coast .. But be prepared to wait a bit longer. 
Amazing sneaker! Size is extremely strange. I wear a Church's UK 9 G in all styles but am a UK 8 F in the Mirfield. 
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