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@greasy, do they have a sale there already? I was informed it is expected to start in one week from now, though no info if any boots will be offered at a discount.
Looking good, Shouldaville!
They got these derbies I intended to buy. Selling them for 220 gbp, but with a regular leather sole, which is not what I'm looking for. I need them with a cool commando.
I was interested in their boot line only. None of them were on sale except the Jackie chukka boot. I remember the salesman told me the price is now 225 GBP which is about 25% off. I hope to see the online store selection on sale soon, they have couple of styles I would purchase with a discount..
There's a sale in Cheaney UK stores, however, not so great selection of styles .. Though some Jackie Chukka's can be bought cheap as 225 GBP
Amazing price. That's more than 45% off.
Sweet deal for those wearing a UK11. There's a brand new pair of Galway in Rosewood Country with Shearling, probably from Skoak, selling for 750$. http://www.ebay.com/itm/EDWARD-GREEN-GALWAY-11-5US-11EUK-Rosewood-Country-Calf-BNIB-/111550516807?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item19f8edce47
Thx laufer. I wasn't actually wanted to compare them or even think buying one. I was just surprised when I saw the Galway replica in the store where I least expected. It was interesting for me to know if EG has actually "invented" this type of look, or Italians just copy/pasted this time, as the suede shaft, mustache line, cap toe line and ski hooks all looks same, minus the overall lack of quality.
Is EG a first company that came up with the design of a boot we all know as Galway? I saw these boots in my local shoe store recently, and they look like a copycat of a Galway boot. I think the maker is Fratelli Rossetti and they cost around 600 EUR. Even the soles are wannabe ridgeway, same rubber pattern, but overall quality is nowhere near EG ofc. Cellphone photo:
Killer price! Anyone knows if Purdey UK will be having a Christmas sale? They have amazing C&J boots there ..
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