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These are post resin last. Meaning they could fit a bit larger than usual, IME. 
Someone know if the new resin last affects the 202 last as well, or just the 82?  
Lovely shoes! Great price! These shouldn't last long here ..
[[SPOILER]] Nice match! Would love to see more photos, if you got any, of the briefcase in proportion to the figure/shoulder .. I will be ordering a Folio briefcase for a start just to feel the taste of the work/leather quality .. His style and work appears to be really good with competitive prices considering he's using bridle leather + SF discount + weak pound it should be no brainer .. 
Yes, I saw those photos, but I was wondering when can we expect to see something in their online shop - available for purchase.
Yes, that's the list of styles that have't been available in their Northampton Factory Shop for the past 3 months in sizes UK 9 and 9.5. Those are all the styles I intended to purchase. I have a friend living near the Northampton and I have asked him to double check the stock several times (he's passing by their shop on his way to work) just to be sure, and none of those shoes were available.  That's the reason I am trying to find out what will actually be at the pop up...
Are they still making the 3 piece shoe trees? I remember Kuti told me they had some troubles with the supplier so they have discontinued those .. Could be they are back on the track. That info is 10 months old now .. 
When can we expect to see something from the new F/W 2016/17 collection online? Many brands already got a glimpse 
I am currently trying to find out from a guy working at the Factory Shop in Northampton what styles will be available at the pop up sale in size UK 9 and 9.5 ..For the past 3 months there were zero styles in the following colour/leather/last option:  1.) Chelsea, 202 last, Black Calf, Dark Oak, Burnt Pine, Burgundy, Olive Antique, Dark Brown Suede2.) Berkeley, 202 last, Black Calf, Dark Oak, Burnt Pine, Burgundy, Olive Antique, Dark Brown Suede3.) Canterbury, 82 last or...
Please note, for this week only the factory shop has become a pop-up and moved to London.   London trading hours: Thursday – Saturday 11.00a.m. – 7.00p.m. Sunday 11.00a.m. – 4.00p.m   Location: The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL
New Posts  All Forums: