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^ Love the harmony of that photo! 
The fit is amazing. I wouldn't be happy with the pattern and would prefer the plain instead, but everything else is just great. 
No one said Brecon is sleek. You got it all wrong. What it's sleek, and not just little, is that damn 348 ..  
Little you say? 
Amazing style. This can be teamed with almost anything .. 
I have noticed this and I don't like the change. I believe the old style would age better due to more classic lapel shape. 
Somebody own F, R and P2 for the last comparison purposes? Still seeking for the most similar EG 202 substitute .. I guess, at the end of the road I will just have to pack a pair of 202 and bring them to the Vass store .. Still not sure if the P2 is flattering enough for the oxford style, though it could be one most similar to the 202 ..
What last is this?
Those who are returning the worn out suits are the least to be blamed .. What the hell is the customer service doing? They should inspect each item they are putting back into sale and how is it possible to issue a refund to someone and accept the return if he has sent back a used item .. There are quite a few logical steps in this process that failed. 
New Posts  All Forums: