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Thanks guys, will order them. Sadly, these are probably counting their last days for the season, question is if I will manage to wear them by the time they arrive to me, but got a pretty decent deal and knowing CJ prices will only grow it's a "plan ahead" purchase .. 
Lovely batch of Burgundy Antique. 
Would you buy the Skye 2 in Chestnut if you already got the Islay in Dark Brown Scotch grain? I quite like them, just not sure if the difference will be visible enough to justify the expense ..   
I can't believe how quickly some of the good items are sold out .. Does this mean they are out of stock in their brick and mortar stores as well? Why don't they do the restock? 
Hey, I'm for the 2009 as well. It's just that the referendum was between the 2010 and Hayes. 
Crockett Jones is raising the prices starting Today and If someone got the yesterdays price list, would be interesting to hear by how much .. 
 2 0 1 0   a l l    t h e    w a y  ! 
I regret being a cheap a$$ and not buying these from you .. 
Brand new with tags, size is US 40. Postage to USA is $30.  Will be supplied with the original SS huge dust bag and original hanger ..  Length 41,2 inch Sleeves 25.2 inch
These could literally pass as new, except the suede is a bit fuzzy here and there from brushing .. Amazing results!  What are the prices for resoling these days? 
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