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@MickeyPunch, have you realized that the hook is different colour when you received it? Why installing the different colour in the first place? Question is would CJ accept to pay the postage in both direction from Spain to UK and back. That alone would cost at least 40 EUR .. Don't blame yourself for trying to deal this on your own. However, I would have asked for a full refund or exchange in the first place.
Thanks Razl.I was selling these. Had them actually in both Black Calf & Dark Oak. Basically I sold them for what they cost me in the first place, just to unload them ..
Flipper sausages got his hands on a Dark Oak Willow Nevis boots .. Could be of interest to someone .. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Edward-Green-NEVIS-Dark-Oak-Willow-Calf-Leather-Lace-Up-Boots-UK-9-5-F-980-/361210997994?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item5419da6cea
Amazing deal!
True .. EG beats JL easily in boot compartment.. New direction is a disaster. Perhaps they are counting on their reputation to bring more big money customers from east who usually want something more than a pure classic. JL was my first big love when I discovered the world of english shoes 2 years ago, but beside the Lopez loafers, I would purchase everything else at EG.
I stopped even looking the accessories at John Lobb when I realized Vass Budapest is selling the belt from the exact same museum calf leather 5 (five) times cheaper. I mean, enough is enough.
Thanks, razl. Never thought I would be selling these, but ordered too much shoes lately and have to unload some.
Brand New, never worn. Marked with B. Amazing Dark Oak Antique! 202 last.   Please know your size in Edward Green as I cannot accept returns.     FWIW, I wear a UK9E in John Lobb, Crockett Jones and Nike trainers and these Chelsea Oxfords fit like a dream.   This is a true to size US 10 D.   Comes with the edward green dust towel. Will be posted in a plain box.   Fees included. Postage at cost!
Nice find!Considering it's a little place, and the purchase was made on Friday, would I be wrong If I guess that could be a Factory Shop? They have amazing deals there, best part is you never know what you can end up on .. Too bad they won't post the shoes outside the shop ..  
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