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These are so cool. Wondering why JL is not making them anymore? Or they do as a MTO request? What last is this, 8695? 
Real life photos are more appealing. The Carmina studio photos are highly unrealistic. Guess they used too much of a strong light hence such a exaggerated effect. There is no way for Tobacco suede to look like like on their web page. That's misleading.
Bought a black loafer once. Once. Not enough punch for a suit. Too formal for a casual wear.
It sure does! And I couldn't ask for a more competitive fellow! Thanks, @Sammy - Ascot
As some of you may remember at the end of a last year I bought a pair of William II monks in my regular UK 9 E size. What I felt was a complete disaster. To sum it up, my heel was so loose that I expected it to jump out of the shoe any moment. Some suggested it's because of a double leather sole which was not broken in, but I had a strange feeling like the whole shoe is half size bigger but just in the heel area. My Q. for someone wearing a William II is .. Would you...
I believe that is a Museum Calf Walnut. Real question is: How did they manage to remain unworn for a decade!
There is an amazing store in Netherland, called Pelger. They are selling Crockett Jones shoes there. They got stores in Den Haag and Amsterdam. http://www.pelger.nl/ Also, you got Fransboone in CW Sluis .. http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/crockett-and-jones
I'm not sure where you are from but in France there is one guy selling beaten branded shoes like this though the ebay. They all look like sh*t, and if you can save the money for a new pair, do it. If you are in the hurry to purchase a first pair for a job/wedding or whatever, order it online at full price. If you can wait, keep browsing the ebay.com / ebay.co.uk for a new pair at around 30-50% off selling price.. They will appear eventually .. 
Seen a bum today wearing shoes in better condition .. Even these are 50 EUR question is, would you like to be wearing someone else's beaten shoes?
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