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Why so negative? I think Brits have a saying:If you want to forget all your other troubles, wear too tight shoes.
I always look for a 202 last! However, I know chances are slim to nil I actually find Galway on that last, so I'm hunting it on a 64 last only. Other styles I'm looking on 202 last are derby like Elmsley and Grasmere ..
Ebay commissions are pretty high, I understand he will get around 800 USD if he manage to sell them. Perhaps he could try posting them in a SF ad section. There's still a Galway hype around .. I am on a market for Galway boots, but sadly, these are half size smaller and also a tight width, I need E or F.
He will never sell them for $900 + shipping. I can recall this seller selling them even before summer, but apparently with no luck.
Glad to hear, thebeebs. Mr. Porter just got a variety of JL models, all of which have the rubber -dainite- like soles and some nice choice of colors. In Europe, the time already is starting to be a bit harsh for the loafers, so I'm not sure I would wear the Lopez even with a rubber sole. This time of the year requires some nice chukka boots or derby/double monk shoes, IMO.. Anyway, here's a nice Journal from Mr. Porter about their JL choice for autumn days...
Just when I thought to sell my black pair of Lopez to finance a pair in a Plum Museum, they appeared at Mr. Porter.Looking real good, I'm just not sure about the soles. Does anyone have the loafers with a dainite like soles? They may have been designed for a bad weather, thus the hard rubber, just not sure if they look out of place on a Lopez.  [[SPOILER]]
What are your thoughts on a new Saint Crispin model? I like the simplicity, yet the form is bugging me. It's like a Oxford shoe with a overall look of a derby..
And that ridiculously pointy toe is good for killing bugs in tiny corners too.
JL always seems to have a lot of loafers in their FS. Not so much shoes like William and City Oxfords. In my size anyway. Would really like to know whats the deal with that. Hope you had a pleasure dealing with Ms. Pauline. Shes a lovely lady working there, always willing to assist.
Whoa, have they modernized the Shop? The last photos I was looking showed the FS as a 19th century room ..
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