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Lovely outfit, like the harmony! Though, a bit of a Autumn hint? Thought for a second it's a middle of October .. 
How about their brick and mortar flagship store in Amsterdam? Do you think they got all-at-once or they are also adding items throughout the season?
Seeing some stuff from the past (2015) Autumn collection as well. 
I remember Kuti told me a while back they had some troubles with the 3 pieces shoe trees supplier so they cannot provide them anymore .. 
Yeah, I figured it out later .. I thought you are referring to the Spring Summer collection .. 
Whoa, nice @JUAN MANUEL .. Always nice to see a guy sticking to what he likes most. I was lucky enough to acquire a pair of a 1984 completely unworn Black Calf 73 G fit lasted Consul, and the quality of those blows out of water the current line of Crockett Jones Oxford easily. I will post some photos when I get my new camera in a couple of weeks .. I was also considering the 173 lasted Consul in brown but was uncertain of their current quality. Seems like there is...
Looks like a bad a$$ suit to me for those colder days. It has that warm look even it's a dark gray colour .. 2-3 months is a long enough to justify the purchase, imo .. 
So sad to see what this thread has become. A comment graveyard .. 
   W   H   Y   ?
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