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In the London store Sale period the seconds you are referring to are sold only at 30% off the regular firsts store price. During the whole year those rejects in Northampton Factory shop are sold more than 50% off the regular price. For example, you can find the Coniston rejected boots for 200 GBP in Northampton FS now, while even they do appear in London store as seconds they will cost 295 GBP. That's how it was last Summer when I phoned their London store during the sale.
Good luck with that. All the popular styles are excluded from the sale. You can find some creepy seasonal styles no one wanted to purchase.
The only worst thing than a regretful purchase is a regretful sale!
Does the seamless heel cost extra, or it's a matter of choice when going MTO? Really love the clean look of these ..
F*ck me. I missed these on eBay.
IME, every shoe I received looked darker IRL. So I wouldn't be worried if a bit darker appearance is what you are hoping for!
Well, hardly, honestly.I am also a impulse buyer. I regret later. So once I saw these in my size and new condition (we all know how hard that happens on eBay) I was ready to burn most of the budget I dedicated for the Galway this Fall. But something about the colour that @hoodog mentioned was bugging me, so I decided to post them here in hope someone will tell me - "Don't do it". And I got much more of those than I hoped for.
Thanks for the support. Means a lot from someone with so many G's.
Mmuuussst ressiisstt and save the budget for Galway!
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