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I bought my Plum Museum lopez with the November sole. They are a bit lower quality compared to Dainite IMO but nothing you would worry about. Also, I would never buy a boots with a leather sole.
I need your thoughts. The MTO Snowdon boot project with a full bellows tongue was a failure and we couldn't get enough people to participate. I now have a chance to purchase the Snowdon boot, brand new, first class for around 30% off MSRP price, as my friend who bought them decided he doesn't like them and is willing to sell them to me. I am just not sure if I should pull the trigger on these as the standard version does not have the bellows tongue, and the overall look...
Does any of you folks from the UK plan on visiting the Northampton soon? I just spoke to their Factory Shop and they got some Conistons there for 200 GBP Trouble is, they won't dispatch the shoes outside the FS like John Lobb/Edward Green normally do. One has to personally visit the Shop and purchase them .. So, if someone is going there anyway, please PM me, and I will of course reimburse for the proxy mission!
Whoa, so these beauties were sitting in the closet for a decade .. Cool
I had such a massive heel slip with the 9795 William last that my feet almost fall out of my shoes. Be sure to try them on first.
Do it! I would if I live in the US. You will not save 300 bucks for anything smarter, I'm sure!
BIG SNOW MEANS SNOWDON TIME! The Northeast is getting HAMMERED with snow right now.  Don't you wish you had an ASS-KICKING BOOT WITH FULL BELLOWS TONGUE ​ in which you could fearlessly face down the elements???   Of course, you do, goddammit, why am I even asking you that?  Well then, time to sign on for the boot you wish you had now - at least you'll be ready for the next time around:     Snowdon: £550 - £458.33 (Approximately $688.78 but subject to exchange rate...
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