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Whats the point of leaving top row unbuckled? It looks awful, but perhaps those guys have a fitting problem? Noticed this trend on a few photos ..
Are there any Borghiniclassic.com active vouchers?
Yes, I got those. Bought them at AFPOS a while back.. Even though they look nice on the photos I wouldn't trust them the job of maintaining the Islays .. Something about them is not done quite well, the frontal area is too shallow and the tongue area for example is not sufficient to fill my Boston loafers. Would be additional challenge for the boot.
It's just disgusting how lucky you are with this pair.
This is truly a sweet deal for all of you wearing a JL UK 10.5 E .. A rare find and cheaper than rejects. Would kop if my size http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JOHN-LOBB-Mens-100-Leather-Lace-up-Woodcote-Oxford-shoes-size-10-5-/171878823189?hash=item2804c6b515  
Yeap, they really f*cked up on that one. EG rejected a pair of Dovers for a similar reason.
Looking cool on your friends feet. I believe William II and Double Monks generally sits between the Oxfords and Derby shoes. I would just steer clear from the Black Calf, and go for a Parisian Brown or Dark Brown Museum ..
Fuck me. Those Red Museum loafers are pure p0rn. Wish they are my size. Guys, take the advice from a guy here who has 3 pairs of Lopez loafers. It's the best looking loafer out there.
@Zapasman Shoe trees for William last are the only lasted trees JL is producing. Good thing in this case is they cost about the same as their Generic useless trees.  However, I am not able to tell which size of a shoe tree you should go for in case you are about to order a UK 8.5 E William II shoe. The shoe trees are produced in full sizes (8,9,10 ... ) So if someone is wearing a UK 8.5 William I would like to hear if he went with the shoe tree in size 8 or 9 .. Smaller...
Yeah, it's a good moment to be a US customer considering a record high $ and a VAT deduction. It's almost like buying at sale.
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