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I was surprised too, but after the google search I even found a member's report from 2007 who visited the shop and was amazed with the deals at the time. It appears they are selling Brigg Umbrellas as seconds beside briefcases as well. However I am not sure if they are on the same address in Cambridge anymore as I cannot make a phone connection with the shop. Perhaps they have changed phone numbers and location, so I wanted to ask here if someone visited them...
I find Chelsea to be a bit boring lately. I would suggest you to take a look at Berkeley beside Dover and Galway.
You can always sell a family car and visit a Paris bespoke store.
I'm more worried about the recent batches of dark oak leather now that I finally decided to pay the full price for Berkeley .. Got a feeling I would have to order a a Burnt Pine now in order to have the shade similar to the old stock of Dark Oak .. Quite dark. Almost like a boring regular dark brown calf ..
If a competition is reading this he could potentially have a lot of trouble. I am not sure if a retailer is allowed to offer such a deep discount on EG popular styles ..
I guess that would be a 2511.
It depends if you wore it 4 times around the world or around the block.. If you are after a quick sell then probably around $400. If you can wait for a few months, maybe someone will purchase it for around $450-500 .. That would be my guess.
Dang ..
Would have been really cool if you took the seamless heel shot of that suede makeup!
Yes we do, lol. Realized that after seeing couple of your EG purchases .. I believe this pair is long gone by now. I actually phoned their Jermyn Store on Saturday to ask about the discontinued style on sale and all they got was a Chigwell and some single monk style left in my size. ( UK 9 ) .. Is that a fresh info you got about this style in UK 9 or it's from the past week?
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