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Any thoughts regarding the Burnt Pine Antique Calf on a Oxford/Derby makeup at the present? Not sure about the versatility anymore .. They appear to be more of a Spring/Summer colour, though I believe the EG antique effect is possibly best noticeable on this leather .. Would be great if someone has a pair to post a photo or two .. I believe this leather is among those least discussed on the board as well .. 
What's the quality of SS shoes in general? They look like crap to me for the price. Not sure about the sale value though, could be a decent price/value ratio .. 
That's at least something CJ should have done before posting them to the original owner if they screwed it already by letting someone to try it on .. Guess these will end up with someone who doesn't care/ is not aware.. 
Then why he waited it for 8 weeks!? It actually doesn't matter if its a stock or not as long as he ordered it and waited 2 months for it. After all the wait they decided to give someone to try it on a pre paid pair before posting the package to him!? I would be pissed myself and demand some sort of compensation as well. This is almost inline with those douches taking a joy ride of a virgin new sports car upon delivery to their owners.
It appears to me as well that the crease is a result of a store try-on, but then again ..  how is it possible they give someone to try on a MTO that customer waited for 8 weeks? Not so cool. 
Trust me, I saw people shooting the kicks on their kitchen table. 
So, after gathering some information I guess we can call this Pop-up sale a disappointment. A lot of odd stock with high prices .. 
Amazing shoes at a great price! If only my size.
My experience as well. 
I went from a 9.5 E to the new 9F resin last and it's now best fitting shoe I got. One would really need to try on the shoe first and experiment the fit with these new plastic lasts as there's definitely a noticeable difference.  FWIW I wear a UK 9  in John Lobb, Crockett Jones and Church's. 
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