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Rejects. No obvious reason. Original CJ Box. UK 8.5 E / US 9.5 D Shoes are located in the UK. Any question or info - please mail to the : richard_clarke@nfumutual.co.uk
Rejects. No obvious reason. Will be sent in Original CJ Box. Shoes are located in the UK. UK 8 E / US 9 D. For any info please e-mail: richard_clarke@nfumutual.co.uk
Brand New in Box. Rejects. No obvious reason. Original Crockett Jones Box. Size is UK 8E or US 9 D For info, please send e-mail to: richard_clarke@nfumutual.co.uk Shoes are located in the UK.  
First Class shoes, not Rejects or Seconds. Original Edward Green Box and polishing mat. Size is UK 8.5 E or US 9 D. Normal width. Shoes are located in the UK. Any questions: richard_clarke@nfumutual.co.uk
Yeah, had the same crap with 99% of buyers when selling my shoes. Asking bunch of q. and then just disappear. Be serious guys!
They are amazing! Thanks for the photo!
They are great, but are you sure those are Cadogans? They look more like a John Lobb Philip II ?
Someone just posted a bunch load of discontinued Soho and other suits on ebay in mostly 38/40. Might be worth checking out. I would purchase some but the US is far away from EU and cannot gamble with extra custom/fee.
W H A T   T H E   H E L L  ! ? CJ Islay boots, brand new for a $300? And the famous boring quote: "If only my size".
Yes, they are on the 202 last.
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