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Need Your Galway Boots in Edward Green size 9.5/10. Not interested in Black color. Send me a PM to make a deal ..
I've heard there is supposed to be a lot more than just a leftover stock from a current sale, like models from past seasons and Subs from Factory Shop .. Regarding the current sale - I called their London store, they only had one shoe in my size, and it's gray .. Price is reasonable though at 420 GBP / around 700 USD .. Much less from what the Ascot or sausages are selling their 2nds on ebay .. :D
Any news regarding the blow out sale in London Music Room someone mentioned here? It's almost middle of July ..
Then I think you just might have answered yourself .. I have seen some phenomenal work from Northampton factories where I couldn't recognize the before/after shoes. So, I am always for a option to chew a 100 GBP more and have a piece of mind knowing they will be refurbished by professionals on the same last they were manufactured .. But with your experience I just don't understand what advice do you expect to get here?
Just send them to a C&J factory for a complete refurbishment. This is not the time to be cheap.
If you have the EG shoes for sale in this size and last, send me a PM to make a deal. Boots are welcome too. Colors: Burnt Pine, Dark Oak, Burgundy Calf ..  
LoL .. So the OP asked for 7, and I need 9 and you both have 8 .. Bummer ..
I don't know how you came up with a thought I am criticizing the CJ for not making the nice shoes .. I just expressed my opinion regarding this specific model which I indeed like, however, I think It would look better without the -IMO- boring blue-brown mix-match .. I would rather prefer the side soles to have a deep blue color, or just black.
My experience is that you can just call their London store, and give them the credit card details. They will than wrap the shoes and send them wherever you want. I really wish Conistons have the matching soles, and not the brown ones. I really dislike when factories are trying too hard to combine 2 colors .. Black would be just fine, not the fancy brown+ brown laces .. Like they were trying too hard ..
Cool News! So, what would be the price in GBP?
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