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Great deal, Mister! Wish they are my size!
Damn, just when I saved the cash for a new pair of Chelsea on 202. The toe box on these is even more rounded. Can I have a dog and shoe combined for 1,600$?
It's been some talking about that regarding the EG shoes. EG claims it's bad for the shoe as moisture from your feet cannot ventilate through the sole that has a extra lay of rubber. But I just think they want your soles worn faster and get that extra cash on a resole job. Also, if you do the whole resole job why do they care? They will remove the whole sole anyway and put a new one. I was topying the soles all my life without such problems.
I've done it with several of my shoes, and I do not regret. Really prolongs the life and add extra grip as leather sole can be dangerous at some occasion. I found myself almost falling on bottom couple of times this Summer..
@klasmeister Have you considered putting topy on those soles? Would save you some money.
Nice. I am looking at my next pair of William II in that color, though Parisian Brown on your William II is tempting.
Is that a Dark Brown Museum Calf?
-56% OFF MSRP. Parisian Brown Museum Calf. Rare for Lopez. Brand New in Box with 2x Dust Bags. Marked with R due to a mark on stitch at left heel. Minor shop wear on right sole. Price is $550 if paid via Western Union Price is $650 if paid via PayPal. *Shoe Trees Are Not Included. No Returns. Final Price. E X P R  E S S    S H I P P I N G    I N C L U D E D  
Shiva, they are progressing great so far! Good Luck.
Thanks @Giannis .. I was surprised how heavy they are compared to my other Italian boots. Finger crossed I didn't buy the version with a problematic Dainite sole. The choice was either these or Crockett Jones Chiltern, but the more rounded shape of toe was on Church's side.
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