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Night & Day in Edward Green, IMO.
Other than sleeves I think you would have to take in the waist quite a bit. I was also thinking of ordering the Hudson, but the lapels may seem too wide and -in your face- for a single breasted jacket .. So I guess I will go with the Havana
Whoa, I guess the new Burnt Pine is definitely the old Dark Oak!
Truly amazing. Something was telling me they are not just another ready to wear pair. Congrat!
Those shoe trees are atypical for a RTW line, that's what made me think they may be a bespoke pair.
Whoa, @agjiffy, are those bespoke?
Brand New in Box. First class shoes. Not Rejects or Seconds. Comes supplied with Original Church's Box and original 2x shoe bags! Highly durable Dainite rubber sole. If you are wearing a Crockett Jones UK 9, John Lobb UK 9 or UK 9 in Nike Air max these will fit amazing. Shoes are located in Europe.
Thought of Chelsea on 202 last ..
I got the exact same Lopez makeup! You will love it. Plum is highly versatile with those soles as well. They do not giveaway for a second they are a rubber with strong studs.
I've stopped looking the higher level brand sales as the popular styles are never on sale anyway, esp. not in the common size, and I risk purchasing some seasonal crap I won't be wearing and will lose money unloading.   
New Posts  All Forums: