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F or R last in the photo? 
Sorry to hear .. Guess those weren't waiting for anyone at 60% off .. 
Amazing deal for those wearing a UK 11 , regular fit New in Box Chelsea Dark Oak 82 last for a $499  Not associated with the seller
What brand do you suggest for items other than suit/jackets that could match the quality/price ratio of SS?
@BackInTheJox We think the same. I believe something could be done with applying the dark brown/black cream, however it will never achieve that Factory Dark Brown look.  Anyway, the Cardiff is now discontinued, only few stockist have this style as a leftover and I have recently received a quote from the CJ Factory informing they can make a pair for me in basically any colour I choose, however for a 600,00 pounds .. Which is over a bar I am ready to go for these .. 
Had the same dilemma, if we exclude the Ashdown. However, none of those worked for me because of the ugly storm welt that kills the versatility .. The Swansea in Dark Brown could be the real deal, however, the 341 is on a pointy side sadly for a casual wear.Basically a Cardiff would be perfect if in Darker colour, however, watching these makes me think again ..  
Or it could be the seller is uneducated and bought them from a seller who also didn't mention this. I have met a few sellers on eBay which edited their listings after I told them in the PM that the shoes they are selling are seconds. 
Whoa, and they were a shell cordovan for that price .. A bargain .. 
If new, yes. 
I believe there is, actually. If I remember correctly this would require you to get back to the brick and mortar store after you have showed the goods to the custom agent where he would put the custom stamp. The cashier at the store would then refund you a full VAT. This basically means, you will have to do this upon your next visit to the country and store, and only if you are doing so in the next 6 months, because you have to show goods upon check out at airport with pre...
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