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Walnut M.? 
Love your reports, Lucy J .. You are keeping this thread alive!  Now that you mentioned, I am on the market for a decent trench coat. I like the Burberry, but found the Aquascutum to have more of that "Good old days charm" ..  What are the thoughts here .. 
Thanks for letting me know, I have just blindly followed the styleforum black friday list where it says - 20% off all non sale items. Offer is valid for 48 hours from 00:00 hrs GMT on 27th November 2015. ...  So I thought this refers to the CJ as well ..  http://journal.styleforum.net/styleforum-black-friday-sale-list-2016/   
Just wanted to check if someone had a luck with the pediwear black friday 20% coupon? I entered it, and it said it's applied but the total amount remained the same ..
No wonder why .. 
Amazing pair of Dark Oak Cadogan Oxfords in 9/9.5 E on 82 last worn less than couple of times. The old batch! I guess you can get it for sub $400 if you ask the seller about direct PP..  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Edward-Green-Cadogan-9UK-Mint-W-Shoe-Trees-Edwardian-Antique-MSRP-1400-/201724395056?hash=item2ef7b5fe30:g:rRQAAOSwB09YMh7d Edit: It appears these are in Edwardian .. Though they look quite dark for that shade .. 
Yes, the price is really good! Especially with the branded shoe trees included .. 
Perhaps you would want to check first if the shoes are available. 
So that's why there are hardly any flippers on eBay .. 440 is pretty high .. With all the fees and profit margin I guess these would have to cost at least 550 pounds ..
Does anyone happen to have the R last next to the EG 82 or 202? 
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