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Beautiful stevent, my size exactly .. I like the look of F width!
Yes, I noticed too that Burnt Pine is almost same color/shade is Daok .. You can find the dark shades of burnt pine looking same as doak and light shades of doak looking as burnt pine .. especially after a few coats of medium brown saphir cream
I will try not to go off topic, but Ray Clark from the UK represented his work in a Briefcase Thread a while back. His briefcases were in a 350 GBP price range, which is just what I need, and I loved his work .. Clean and nice ..  Personally I would be satisfied doing a briefcase like this one he made only in Dark Oak and wear it with navy suit and doak chelsea ..
I know, but their briefcases have stratospheric price .. I thought purchasing the dark oak leather separately from the manufacturer and than forward it to a briefcase maker in UK who is much cheaper and I'm satisfied with his work ..
Who is the manufacturer of a Dark Oak leather? Is it possible to make a briefcase out of it? Would be cool to have a matching briefcase with the shoes ..
Especially since there are almost no 2 same looking DAOK colors .. ;)
^ Me too. I even tried organizing the MTO for 202 Galway a while back, but had only 4 guys including me interested. It would rock in a Dark Oak/ Walnut Country combo or a full Country Calf.
@thebeebs HeHe .. Yeah .. Must be due to a "leather dots" all over and a similar color.. Called the Jermyn store yesterday, wanted to order a Walnut/Mink Galway with shearling I saw in their catalogue online, however they informed me they don't stock it nor they will, and it has to be ordered at 1,000 GBP/ 1,700$, no VAT deduction for me. They will start receiving a Galway Rosewood country in October priced at 850 GBP, though one can purchase it cheaper here right...
Nice. Is that a rosewood country?
I'm not that lucky to dodge a Zug. Even if you ordered 55.
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