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It was always tricky for me to spot the difference between the Redwood and some lighter batches of Dark Oak .. Could be it's due to a photography and monitor ..      Advertisement                           00:00 / 00:00       00:00
That's helluva ugly colour with some shiny feeling to it as I can conclude from the photo. Could be a decent deal for a funeral or so .. 
Don't see any image as well. Desktop here. 
Do you sometime find the Islay to look out of place for the city wear, especially if it's not too cold or snowy?
EG is doing it, so why wouldn't the Vass? Also, not the only one who asked this. If you think that's too much to ask for, no reason to be sorry about. 
Thanks guys. I have asked 2 times if the ebony is a regular calf and he advised it is .. I was specific and asked if it may be Utah or Delapre, but the answer was no .. Now, I do wonder why he didn't check the box label while I was on the phone, but never mind .. You are probably right .. It's a shame though you have to surcharge for what it appears to be the standard colour on certain style .. For example the Cardiff asks for a 150 GBP surcharge on top of the 850 GBP for...
I've just phoned their shop to check if they got some of the styles I am looking for, and the guy working there (obviously not the Englishmen, though not important as he did sound knowledgeable enough) advised me they got one of the styles in Ebony Calf. When I asked if he's sure that's the exact name of the colour he replied he's positive and it's darker than the Dark Oak .. Now, I can't seem to find the Ebony Calf Edward Green colour anywhere on the web, also not on...
How would you compare the SS quality to the Charles Tyrwhitt?  They got a nice db suit at an very reasonable price, especially with 14% Valentine discount ..¤tPageNum=1&prefv1=SS17&prefv2=new%7Ccontinuity%7Cterminal&sz=32&start=16&cgid=suits-slim-fit
Is it possible to exclude the JR leather sole logo and include the initials of ones personal name instead when going MTO? 
Thanks! Was just looking as we speak! It seems to meet all the criteria .. Dark Brown Burnished Calf, Hard wearing Dainite soles, no reverse welt. Basically they would be perfect if on 325 last .. They seem a bit elongated on the 341 last, though I guess they could pass ..  
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