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I've got the opposite issue. The more I buy the more gaps I find. 
Just WoW .. Congratulations! One should really, really appreciate these things to go this route .. Have you gone with the plain oxford style? What exactly is the lasting fee?
@chobochobo Amazing selection of styles! GWS! 
Thanks! Always delightful to read your comment.Unfortunately, I was just notified by Mr. Kuti regarding my order that the "self lined" insoles are a No at Vass, as they only stock the regular yellowish. However, with the hand welted soles and the option of the seamless heel I think I should be happy .. 
So, you are making comparison based on the price point now? Interesting, as for the far lower price Vass is doing the hand welted soles, whereas Edward Green does not. What does that tells you? It's not all about the price point. I am surprised to read such a thing in the forum and thread where almost everything is about the attention to detail rather than practicality. 
Has anyone think/tried of ordering a MTO pair with the insole/bed of the shoe in the same colour as the shoe? The classic tan leather insoles are a bit boring .. This is something a John Lobb is offering with their Prestige line .. 
It was always tricky for me to spot the difference between the Redwood and some lighter batches of Dark Oak .. Could be it's due to a photography and monitor ..      Advertisement                           00:00 / 00:00       00:00
That's helluva ugly colour with some shiny feeling to it as I can conclude from the photo. Could be a decent deal for a funeral or so .. 
Don't see any image as well. Desktop here. 
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