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I've worn through one of the toe caps with m big toe. A bump has appeared in the leather where the toe comes up. Looks like it will damage the leather if I don't get it fixed.   Only had them for just over a year but walked a lot in them. Soles maybe half worn.   Anyone had this happen? I'm thinking of sending them back to the factory for a look to see if it is fair wear and tear or a problem. Seems a bit short in life to be wearing out after all of the stories of the...
That is a seriously beautiful colour but it doesn't look like chestnut. Maybe there was a mistake? I know there will always be variations but that looks pretty different to my chestnut boots. I'm sure they would darken down a bit with some chestnut polish.
I have the standard leather belt in the same style. The quality is fantastic, in a rugged way. I don't wear it much anymore as I don't like the two big shiny tail loops, preferring a more subtle look. If you like that look though, fire away!
Very nice!
They look a lot more like a Henley or a Tambo? Certainly don't look like the craftsman model. Looks like plenty of room for anyone complaining of tight toes in the toe box!
They look awesome mate! Full credit to turning one upside down on the concrete without anything under it. I like your stye!
Agree! Also, when sitting like that with bent knees, pants rise a fair bit. Love the look of the RMs in that setting.
Great pic, what a background!!!
Your best bet in Sydney would be the RMW store on George St. The only place you will find them cheaper is online or in sales. Unless you know your size you would be best to go in store and have them fitted properly. You will pay a bit more but it is worth it.
I'm really enjoying browsing the watches in this thread. I was given this watch at a party. I really like the unique face, it has a Salvedore Dali type feel to it. Not sure what it is/cost but I imagine it would fit it here.
New Posts  All Forums: