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Agree! Also, when sitting like that with bent knees, pants rise a fair bit. Love the look of the RMs in that setting.
Great pic, what a background!!!
Your best bet in Sydney would be the RMW store on George St. The only place you will find them cheaper is online or in sales. Unless you know your size you would be best to go in store and have them fitted properly. You will pay a bit more but it is worth it.
I'm really enjoying browsing the watches in this thread. I was given this watch at a party. I really like the unique face, it has a Salvedore Dali type feel to it. Not sure what it is/cost but I imagine it would fit it here.
Hi mate, The suede ones are actually called by RM as "coffee". They were a seasonal release last year so I don't think you can get them any more. If you really like them you might be able to get them custom made? Or, if you are an 8.5G make me an offer I can't refuse :) Here is a few different angles of the coffee suede boots.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUDmfkACBrQ 
I have just added a pair of Maquarie to my collection for a sleeker smarter look with suits etc. Went for the leather sole for slippery dancefloor moves! Interestingly the ankle opening is bigger on these than my other 2 pairs (Craftsman) out of the box. I don't imagine this will be a problem.   The sole looks so nice unworn I almost don't want to scuff them (I'll get over it once they have been worn)   The other 2 pairs I have are both Comfort Craftsman in 8.5G....
I did one online with Aussie Bush Hats and had no drama. It takes a while to be made and sent. I think it was a few months but the end product was worth waiting for.
They look good then. Not many people get a look at the sole or even care. Go for it. I have some Comfort Craftsman with the rubber sole and they look tops. I have done some light bushwalking in them, worn them with a suit to a wedding, & wear them to work with chinos as smart casual and they have looked tops and been so comfortable! I don't wear anything else now unless I'm wearing shorts or something.
Thanks mate. Yes I am only a lightweight. I'm actually looking forward to getting a resole when needed as I want to change the size slightly.
OK here are the sole pics to show the wear.     Holding up well after minimum 5km per day on concrete footpaths.   Close up showing stitching with minimal wear.
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