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I think the sleekest wouold be the Macquarie but it is a round toe. I wear both the Macquarie and the Comfort Craftsman with suits and they are both fine. Black Macquarie looks more formal and the chestnut craftsman just a slightly more relaxed look, especially if you bin the tie later in the day.
I wear my boots everywhere and this happens. You can go two ways, not care, and let them get mad scuffs on them (quite the in look for casual), or keep polishing them regularly and wear them as is and limit future damage.    I'm never too precious about my boots. Love them, wear them, enjoy life.
Yeah I wasn't sure how it would go. I originally wanted something 'warm feeling' and with heaps of texture as it was a winter wedding. We were pretty relaxed and there was no dress code but everyone turned up in suits and dresses etc. There was a nice mix of colour and formality and people were comfortable.  My brother/best man wore his first Hober too (present from me but he chose it): Light Lavender & Navy Blue Stripes on Camel Wool Tie #10 Really happy with the day, the...
Got married in my new (and first) Hober. Looked and felt awesome!! Silver Grey Cashmere Black Warp #19.  
If you get the goodyear welted sole you can change to rubber when you resole. If you get the nailed version you have to stick to leather. Durability depends on what you do. If you're just shuffling around an office on the carpet they will last a very long time!
Hi emc894. Below are 2 x craftsman chisel toe (chestnut & suede) and the macquarie round toe in black. Can't answer same fit as I bought the macquarie in a 9F and the craftman in 8.5G. I would imagine they are the same.  
Nup, it was all part of the resole. It cost $150 or something for the resole but I can't remember exactly. 
I had mine resoled recently and they replaced the elastic too. Came back looking like a new pair off the shelf.
Any one know where I could get a belt to go with the mid brown suede of Ghosty06's boots? I have similar in coffee, but it looks the same.
Thanks mate, that is a fantastic little tip!
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