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What mechanical pencil is that, and are you happy with it?
Would it be possible to add support for HTML5 videos from gfycat.com? Major changes would be to add the requisite Javascript to each page: Code: and I guess some logic to the VIDEO tag rendering.
What shoe is this? Is it some sort of Roshe?
Congrats to Ed for the Vault feature.
Does this apply to their trousers, too?
I have it. Got the sleeves shortened, but haven't worn it yet.
Gonna be 4 days in HK for a vacation with the wife. I doubt I'll have time to do shopping on my own, but in case I do, anywhere know where I can score pure wool and other fabrics for cheap (cheaper than Manila)? Edit: nevermind
Where in White Plains?Noted on Tino. I have enough fabric for a 3-jacket shootout too, but that will have to wait a while as I'll be travelling a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: