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I hope that dude I saw today wearing an ascot wasn't one of you guys.
I'm halfway through the Johns Hopkins data science specialization on Coursera.
This is a different friend, who has not figured out that she has to put spaces between words or the #hashtag won't work. But she's a model, and her photos in exotic locations are actually nice, so we let it slide...
All her Instagram/FB posts are like this. Hashtags out the wazoo.
"Just finished offering prayers to heal the cancer of a 10 year-old boy."
Unless you're a vintage bike collector, $200 was too much for that.
Been building up my home gym, and this morning scored a brand new $250 adjustable bench for less than $100 from an expat that is leaving the country in a few weeks. He even threw in a kettlebell (too light for me at 8kg, but I like kettlebells) to seal the deal.
You were friends with that guy?
What mechanical pencil is that, and are you happy with it?
New Posts  All Forums: