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I have three of those unlined Uniqlo sport coats and am pretty happy with them.
Falcon punch.
He made me a couple of shirts last year. I doubt he's taking on new clients though.
Dataset[Dataset$(I'm assuming you're using a data.frame.)You're missing the comma.Dataset[Dataset[,2]=='value',]OrDataset[Dataset$middleColumnName == 'value',]
Last episode (Dark Water) doesn't make sense. Clara already met Danny's descendants in previous episodes. How is that supposed to happen now?
The self-paced Competitive Strategy course on Coursera skims game theory, I think. Might be too basic for you, but my non-tech/math co-workers enjoyed it.I was doing the Great Courses game theory lectures on audio in my car until I got to the point where it didn't make sense without the visuals. I'll have to try it in video soon.
Nope, but it looks like an interesting course. I hope they run it again next year.
Maybe ask if he does the shoulder thing regularly? If he's gonna take in the sleeves from the shoulder you might as well have the shoulders taken in at the same time. Best case you get a suit you can wear. Worst case, you're out a suit that didn't fit to begin with, plus the alterations cost.
I hope that dude I saw today wearing an ascot wasn't one of you guys.
I'm halfway through the Johns Hopkins data science specialization on Coursera.
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