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I'm halfway through the Johns Hopkins data science specialization on Coursera.
This is a different friend, who has not figured out that she has to put spaces between words or the #hashtag won't work. But she's a model, and her photos in exotic locations are actually nice, so we let it slide...
All her Instagram/FB posts are like this. Hashtags out the wazoo.
"Just finished offering prayers to heal the cancer of a 10 year-old boy."
Unless you're a vintage bike collector, $200 was too much for that.
Been building up my home gym, and this morning scored a brand new $250 adjustable bench for less than $100 from an expat that is leaving the country in a few weeks. He even threw in a kettlebell (too light for me at 8kg, but I like kettlebells) to seal the deal.
You were friends with that guy?
What mechanical pencil is that, and are you happy with it?
Would it be possible to add support for HTML5 videos from gfycat.com? Major changes would be to add the requisite Javascript to each page: Code: and I guess some logic to the VIDEO tag rendering.
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