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One thing bothers me about that Nomos Lambda: the fact that it has "gangreserve" written on the right part of the dial and "Nomos" on the left.    As I wear my watch on the left hand and the part of the watch peaking from underneath the shirt being the right, I rather see the name of the company instead of some german technical word. Not for braging rights as Nomos is virtually unknown, but this layout just doesn't seem logical to me.    Or perhaps I think this way...
 Regarding all this love for G-Shock, I remember the signature of a WIS member that made me sell most of the watches I liked, but didn't love.    "Never put on your wrist something that isn't useful or beautiful to you"- quoting with large approximation.    I have a specific watch for running that shows me the speed, beeps me if I slow the pace and does other things that mechanichal watches can't. But that's a tool to me, not a "watch". It's useful.    Other...
Well, the strap comes and goes. Even if it's cordovan, it will wear off, eventually. So embossing it doesn't sound like a good idea.    If it's a "glasboden" you want, there will be not much space to do it on the back, like it's usually done.    So you have the side of the case, or a generic clasp- that you can buy cheap.    If you're sure that the girl and the watch are both keepers, do it on the side- opposed to the crown. If not, the clasp.
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