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Questions - Are these new? And do you have anything in a 50L? 
These are the suits I selected from my Size range. Anyone know if any of these are quality brands? Or if the site is good to buy from?   Been shopping around online and someone posted a link to this, figured I could ask in this thread.
ok so I didn't realize you two replied to my post until now. I bought the case for 90 bucks, so it's going to do for now.I'm no leather aficionado here so I can't tell you much on the material, but for a case that I needed asap, it's pretty good.I didn't know what I wanted or needed in a case until now. from here, I'll look for things like function and feel when searching for my next case. the flap is very firm, I wish it were easier to fold open. it's sturdy and has what...
so I was mistaken on the spelling, but purchased the Aston 218-BC briefcase. it's identical to the one I posted in the quote, but dark brown.anyone else here own an Aston?
Anyone ever purchase an Ashton briefcase? Namely this one: But in brown. Opinions? Quality? I'm buying it new but for much less then the Ashton site price.
Beautiful work, and I hope you enjoy it. I'm looking to buy something soon (Next couple of weeks actually). I don't want to have a custom bag made until I'm sure of what I want in or on it. But that looks like the way to go when I do decide to get it.
Sorry for the bump, but would you be able to post some pictures of the inside of this one? I'm looking for a maker who can provide something with room for a laptop/paperwork/etc and some pen slots so they aren't just tossed around.
I'll be moving back to cleveland at the end of the month, and will be finding you for some new fits!
Albeit I am new here and to the Briefcase World, but could someone please explain to me why this case is worth $1,900? I was at the mall looking for a J&M store, but did not find it at the one near me (mistakenly). While at Nordstrom, I checked out their bags for the fun of it and this was the only one that struck my interest in terms of size...
I was just about to reply and say that, but I have a few questions. And thank you in advance for the link and the reply.Is it too large to carry around? I watched the video on J&M and wonder if the case may be too large for someone just starting off?It has everything I was looking for, but I originally wanted a case that I can carry with a shoulder strap, and maybe a flip over lid. That case never came to mind but now that I seen the video, it looks like a great case for...
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