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So, I'm looking to buy my first ever pea coat and I was wondering if I could get your guys' opinion on whether I should go with charcoal or black. Thanks in advance for your input.        
So, winter time is here and I'm shopping around for a pea coat. I was wondering if I should go with Black or Charcoal. What are your guys' opinion? Thanks in advance for your guys' input.  
34679 + 28 = 34707
Bernardo just came in woo! woo!
Gahh, summer classes are wearing me out. Starting to slack off on my workouts.    33722 + 75 = 33797
 Although they might look different in the pictures listed, they're actually the same. Amazon has a weird way of listing things. For example, notice how they list Size B, D, and M for the Desert Boots even though they're all Size M. 
Where's everyone at? I'm lonely over here  33430 + 75 = 33505
Hey guys, I was wondering how many days most of you take off during a week when performing heavy lifting with multiple muscle groups on each day. I usually work two different muscle groups each day for 3 days and then rest for a day and then repeat. How do your guys workout schedule compare? and is mine efficient?
Oh yeah baby! Been waiting on my new Rolex forever.
33369 + 61 = 33430
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