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I hope your new jacket fits.  Post pictures of it when you receive it. :)
Thanks Terpo.   I looked at the site but they don't seem to offer custom suits.  I just see shirts and pants.  Any other sites?
I'm in need of replacing the buttons on a few of my jackets and I wanted to know if you gents had any recommendations on where to purchase them?
I bought a jacket from ModernTailor and used the measurements from an existing jacket that fit really well.  As expected, the new jacket was spot on and fit me like a glove.   I then tried the Indochino website because they had a nice selection of fabrics but to my disappointment, they do not accept measurements from existing clothing.  They only allow body measurements (which I had heard do not always turn out the best).  I went against my instinct and ordered using...
What is the proper button stance for a single breasted jacket?  Is it right where your belly button is, an inch above, or does it depend?
wow, I ordered my Modern Tailor shirt before you had placed your order for the small round collar and I have yet to receive mine.   and thanks for the additional pictures, nephster     Edit: So I'm trying to edit my first post to add more pictures but the option to edit doesn't appear.  Is there some sort of restriction that does not allow editing after a certain time interval?  Please let me know how to add pictures to my first post.
Thanks for the pics Nephster.  I've added them to my original post.  I forgot to mention that the pictures without the tie should have the collar buttons undone unless it's a collar that is clearly only designed to be worn with a tie.   alright guys, keep 'em coming.
nephster,   I lol'd at your Peter Pan collar comment.  Thanks for your input.  Now I know you said the collar looks ugly but it would still be helpful if you posted a close-up shot of the collar (we don't have to see your face) so that others can decide whether or not they like it.  Because measurements are helpful but most people are visual.  Anyways, hope you decide to put one up and thanks for your feedback.  
So nobody wants to join in? :(
There are several threads on Modern Tailor in this forum but I want this one to focus specifically on the collar options.  Now we all know there are several different styles to choose from on their site but the problem is that the collars displayed sometimes end up looking different once they are on the actual shirt and it is being worn (also wearing a tie can change the look).  So I'd like for all you members that have purchased shirts from MT to join in and post a...
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