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Pleased to say my jacket came today after being released from Chicago customs yesterday! I can now leave this thread behind for good. Hope the rest of the jackets get made and shipped to those that still would like them.
I was on the second round list and received tracking today for my A2 ordered 8/27
Didn't realize second orders tab.  Definitely excited to see my name on the list.  Hopefully, the A2 turns out nice.  700 days exact since ordering 
Tracked my entry to getting deleted by anonymous last week.  Updated the sheet again and protected this time around.
Oh look, a list with my name on it, Brian Robin.  Missed this yesterday, lots of noise in this thread.   Ordered Aug '13
100 nkwu ($1200) 101 arthurmouselo ($450) 102 burnsbrightest ($820) 103 sicknastyawesom ($380) 104 glove24 ($830) 105 Lifetime ($780) 106 dstrkt ($380) 107 Blue000ff ($380) 108 stineybopper ($1620) 109 kevinmaau ($380) 110 yozhik ($795) 111 skeen7908 ($830) 112 iamacyborg (~$1600) 113 cutemelon ($1245) 114 eglbc (1560$) 115 ngredient ($1160) 116 mannyo ($380) 117 yoshi ($1575) 118 jawnjingle ($1720) 119 machete hands ($450) 120 REDSTAR ($380) 121 Slyde (USD 940) 122...
Hope that means I can get confirmation here soon as well for my A2 from Aug '13!
Drew said a couple A2 jackets were getting shipped today or tomorrow and they are getting shipped down the list. Guessing we will have to watch until the next batch gets produced.
I believe there are still July / early Aug orders ahead still.  I was late Aug and still waiting.  Here is to hoping!
I don't think the A-2 exists!  I placed my order just a month after yours...  hopefully we will see it by 2016 
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