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I just looked back at my original order and it came in 2.5 months.  Speaking of that, I am currently wearing my 4zip mdr as I type this.  When I wear this jacket it is a great reminder as to why I haven't asked for a refund. New jacket will be a brown A2. Also added to spreadsheet, never got around to doing it prior.
Hopefully I'll see my jacket soon.  469 days.  8/27/13 order date.
You won't hear a thing from them until tracking number unless you shoot them an email asking about lead times or changes to your order.Now to convince my self to order a brown lamb A2 to pair with my black mdr. Would be an easy decision if I wasn't already in the middle of purchasing a house.
  That's the beautiful part of the internet, every one can act how they please.  If one posts, you best have thick skin otherwise you will end up getting ate alive.     It was fresh out of the packaging, how ever when it's 90 degrees outside I rather not wear it.  Awkward poses for camera never look good, definitely need to be more relaxed.   I just put on a shirt I had here at work, pretty sure that was the first crew neck I've worn in months .  I can see how it will...
I agree, it's zipped too high in the photo.
    MDR showed today, crappy cell pics at work.  Love how it feels and looks, well worth the wait!
Got tracking info today.  11 weeks from order for my 4zip MDR
  Take your measurements and email Charly.  He will take care of you and get what you need for the fit.
Sorry for the dirty mirror selfie. Left my camera at work today. The small showed up today in the linen cotton jacket. Little tight in the shoulders and biceps but feels fine every where else. Still have to shorten the sleeves but they aren't nearly as long as the medium. Now the question is, do I return the medium or the small?
  If the funds allow you to get one, I would!  The pictures earlier in the thread is what sold me on mine.  Mine is on the skinny side of things and noticed that the wider shoe is in stock.  Going to order that one and see if it fits better.  Also to make things worse (or better?), I'm very tempted to get the Berkshire now as well.  I need your help folks!
New Posts  All Forums: