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Here's a little tip about living in Australia: don't buy anything retail that you could buy online. 
Australian; Sydney based. I recommend checking out their store in Glebe if you get the chance. Good folk. Melvin (one half of the SftM duo) is a champ.
Song for the Mute S/S 15 looking pretty fly. Shame about the attached price tag       Here's the rest.
Here's a list of men's haircuts in my city:   Top knot/Man bun Buzzed sides/back and some variation of length on top   ~fin~
'fraid so. You become a little desensitised after a while.   Still have those Cloak boots. Sitting in a closet at my folks place next a pair of Margiela cowboy boots and a box of 90's Marvel comics. I'm still waiting for those to appreciate in value. One day...
I think there's approximately three and a half thousand reasons that may stop you from purchasing a pair of m_moria boots.
Spoiler alert: It is.   Got the the long jacket in the same fabric and the four button coat in the wool tweed. Best fabrics of the season for sure.
What IS pants did you pick up, NN? I go the slash pants from this season in the compression washer transparency print aka wool/linen, and I love em.
I enjoy Alex and NN posting here. They make my purchasing habits practically monastic in comparison. Purchase on, brothers!
 Except Carol already did the double zip before Simone. 
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