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 Nah, doggy. I decided I want some back zips in non-reversed leather now. Fickle temperament!  True, so true. I've even sized up on the A/W sweaters/knits for a looser fit. Take my word on this.
These are the A/W season that's just gone by. Amazing fabric; I haven't had a chance to wear them in any colder weather yet, but I'd say you'll be sitting pretty. I just wish Daisuke did more washi blends.
 That weekend was brutal. I tried going out on my balcony for a cigarette, but my t-shirt spontaneously combusted when I leaned back and it accidently caught the sunlight. Instead I've been Rosenrot'ing it. Sitting in air-conditiong wearing sickly layered coats and eating oranges.
Stop wearing blue jeans imo.
CCP double zips = dead end.  [[SPOILER]]   A1923 double zips = cubic zirconia. 
Read his post again.   I've spoken with Melvin and mentioned them a few times. Apparently they just didn't sell well enough to justify continuing to produce them.
Most of his designs fall short for me. The derbies and boots he did for SftM back in SS13 were sick - pretty sure @Guy Burgess has a pair. Also these are cool:  
Those painted side zips are among the best carpe's I've ever seen. Who here has the baby feet to fill those shoes? Step up and be lauded.
Man, you need to grab a pair of the new slim pants that are dropping soon. I'm getting a pair in the stretch washi, though you could grab the wool if you want something that'll see you more throughout the year. That or just get LUC.
Guh? What are you after that isn't black? I can't think of a single pants model that hasn't had a black fabric from Devoa in years. With the exception of the Tasmanian wool and washi blend slim pants from last season.   Other than those you can't go wrong with LUC. Grab a pair (or two) of the classic pants if you want something that isn't in a five pocket cut. Though if you don't mind that then you can go with the J-pants, curved inseam, or one cut pleated models too!...
New Posts  All Forums: