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Those are beaut's. There's a pair of what I think was brand new sz43 derbies too. I'll see if I can dig up the link.   edit: Yep, noted as dead stock. These are OG silver emblem models. I wish both were a size bigger.     http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m135273139
If one of our lovely thread's denizens picked up those red A1923 side zips on ebay and want to pass them on, get in touch.
Any of y'all (@brad-t ) know what the crinkly fabric is?  [[SPOILER]]
Aw, no. I'm with my man NN. That faded purple was beautiful.
Current season co/li pants are based on the jeans pattern. They're a part of the 'classic continues' line. Daisuke's basics being reissued each season. The new model slim pants are much tighter through the leg.
Also worth being aware of is some LUC pants - especially the washi - fit small in the waist. Not a full size, but if you're going TTS and you're working a little belly, you aren't going to enjoy them.
 I don't understand this part.
That coat is too cool for blue jeans and it knows it.
Anyone got any old kung fu movie recommendations that aren't from Shaw Bros or Golden Harvest? Shot in the dark, but I'll fire it off anyway.
All is quiet on the Erik front.
New Posts  All Forums: