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 Eh, I'll counterpoint and say they're awesome. Warm, but not super warm. Great for layering with the long sleeves and body; the fabric is a beautiful rough uneven silk with a lot of give while still strong. Mindful of sizing though. I've gone through two now before I got it right. The scarf collar jacket is still a great piece. Still the knits are his best pieces. The cut and fabric on the pants is sick as long as you're lanky.
I was stopped by some guy at Shibuya crossing last year asking me if I lived in Japan and wanted to model. Had to let him down and know I was just there to chill out and drink 100yen store jar sake.
Sorry, man. Just moved house and it takes a surprisingly long time to take pictures for 40+ items.   edit: also love the direction Devoa is going with S/S '15. Shirt and pants are on the kop list.  
If any of y'all are interested in a bunch of Devoa, IS, LUC, etc. pieces in small sizes and some footwear in 44 from Augusta, Carpe, and m.a+, I've got a sales thread up here.   A/W things are starting to roll in. Anyone pick anything up yet? Got the super duper limited army heavy cloth suit from Devoa coming in next month, a smattering of IS pieces, a spicy grilled knit from LUC, and finally a pair of the extra-high top sneakers from Simone. Thank you, tax return-san.
 Oh, man. You know I was thinking chrome farts and then I just defaulted to WM. Dang.
Bobo ~avante-garde~ is what the image is. At a guess: Harnden jacket & pants, CCP boots, rolex(?), and werkstatt munchen jewelery. The worst aspects of SZ just ejaculated on him.
Front zipper? No.
Whichever you like more. 
On IE and LUC: There's no way IE even comes close in fabric or construction. Fit can be subjective. I'm sure given time Erik will be    If there's any 42's out there, here's a $800 BIN on the IS tall boots in culatta cavallo cracked (cordovan). One of the best leathers that's come through for IS.   http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r116474167    
@smashwindow If the guidi weren't the metal enhanced version, I'd say go with them. Otherwise the A1923.
New Posts  All Forums: