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 Here's some colour pics of my IS special order. Hard to fathom that most stores slept on this leather.        
No problems, man. You've had solid decisions so far, so I'm sure you'll end up with the right pair.   Not that the old last isn't great., but It's these ones for sure:         Layer-0 clothing for this season is sick. It's always sick. Just underrepresented. Layers is carrying the long blazer, which is mighty tempting.  
 Aaand these are mine. One of one; the only pair made in this style and leather specially requested from Yoko. The colour obviously isn't showing, but they're fade grey green. @AlexanderTG, just go with what speaks to you most. If you end up letting the forum decide for you, you'll just lament on what could have been. That said, I fully support your first choice in the Layer-0 boots.
Got that same Devoa jacket in destroyed silk (who holds the sickest iteration?!).  Be aware that it's cut for a jacket and not a coat. You aren't layering anything under it.   I tried to convince my girlfriend to get the women's version. She wasn't having any of it.  
Fuck to the power infinite. Got one of my grails in the Augusta high hightops in llama leather, black hemp laces, and they're just fucking perfect. Couldn't believe I got them in my size. Well, it seems that Simone is still fucking with me cause these don't fit as marked. Not even close.   Any size 43's or 42's (marked 44 lmao) interested in a great deal on an unworn pair of these?     They look like this, but better. Darker deep black leather and really rough mesh...
Try emailing m.a+. I know the belief is against it, but I emailed them once, a few years back, asking for help locating a particular model and I got a reply. They were even friendly enough. I contacted them at this address: info@maurizioamadei.com.
I've done alpaca/cashmere/whatever, washi (paper), raw silk, cashmere blends; everything. This includes stuff like LUC knits and Devoa jackets. Use the right detergent and you're golden.   If you've got a decent washing machine, buy a good garment bag and try it out.   edit: Also, make sure the water temperature is set to 30C at max.
 What are you looking to wash? I machine wash everything on a handwash cycle or in garment bags, or both, with the exception of suits. It all comes out fine.
Ta. I was hoping, and had been told by the store, as much, but you never know. Usually with the coats there's plenty of room, but Devoa jackets are fucking razor sharp in the fit.
 How'd you find the height of the arm holes and the sleeves? My only concern is that they may be too high and too slim to get a knit underneath.
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