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Any of y'all have experience with m.a+ outerwear? I've owned two aviators aka Italian straitjackets. Thinking of picking up another jacket and the size 48 measurements sound spot on for me - a 46 - at 42cm shoulders and 50cm chest, but the seller reckons it fits TTS. I don't particularly want to gamble on it either.
Those Premiata look great. A round toe, minimal detail and treatment tornado zip has long been overdue.
Think of it like the hole on the back of a LUC sweater or the silver stapled cross on an m.a+ piece; it's their as a subtle identifier, branding for the so-called unbranded.
Only another brown pain in the same size as mine: UK 10/ EU 44. I'll probably pick those up too. The browny purple persimmon dye will degrade and decompose in a visually more satisfying way.
The quality seems fine. Andrew McDonald is responsible for their footwear, and he's got a good history behind him.   The toe is actually very bulbous. Here it is stacked up against some of the other family members - click for big.  
Here's some pics of the SftM derbies I got earlier this week. Camera phone quality and Margiela inspired floorboards:   [[SPOILER]]   Looking forward to wearing these suckers in to the ground and gaining those sweet, sweet linen tears.
Thread title change, eh? Couldn't we just have it changed to 'artisinal streetwear' as a catch-all? Instead of the slightly awkward 'baller' adjective and often ignored footwear category, we'd have all our bases covered.   Or was the change simply in retaliation to the posting of the Edward Green's?
Yeah, sure.
No real measuring stick for me. Different leathers have their differing charms. Generally, though, I don't like the really thick leathers. My climate may have an influence on that.
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