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skeen, I'm with you. I'd actually take calf over horse any day of the week.
@wormwood I'll send you a pm.    @AlexanderTG You are the new eckblk. I think you've spent my annual salary in the last month. That being said, who did you order those through? I like em.
@wormwood please find me some more carpe's in 44/45. I think I've drained the usual wells dry. tia (thanks in advance).
It's worse, actually. I ordered them in, I think, February, they arrived in July completely wrong - 34cm waist lmao - went back, and I haven't has any word since. Coming up on our two year anniversary, baby.
He's gone awol. I'm still waiting on a pair of pants from July of last year. The word is stock is expected in Dec/Jan, but that song's been sung before. That being said, I really like all the pieces I have from him.
I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. IS sizing is 0 = 44/xs, 1= 46/s, etc. Take this from someone that owns a lot of IS.
If it was anyone here who picked up the Carpe linen labcoat off yahoo yesterday, then holler at me if it doesn't work or you decide to sell.
@twdawson you sure those will fit a 46? At 37cm across the waist, that sounds like a 44 would even struggle.
It'd be easier if you could post some pics of what you like. Do you like a bit of stacking orr do you prefer a smaller inseam with minimal break? What sort of fabric; rugged, textured, smooth, dry, stiff, drapey? 
He dropped off the net, with bong in hand. He followed the smoke to the riff filled land. Our kawaii weedian, all the way to Nazareth.
New Posts  All Forums: