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It's definitely two jackets. Even if it wasn't, I'm not even surprised by the Chinese Nouveau riche anymore.
Nicest dude across any forum I've dealt with.   Any details and pics of the suit you could share? I've just enquired about options on one from him too.
@Auximenes Yeah, man. I think between some of the potentially more frequent buyers here, my choices deviate from the Harnden, Layer-0, and CCP biz. Photos are always mine enemy. I'll try harder soon.     edit: nvm
@wormwood, whatever the true value, I was just lamenting my inability to buy them. More pics are always appreciated. This thread needs a bit of a shot in the arm! I haven't seen Chinorlz of SZ's work, Collateral Concepts, mentioned here. He's recently posted a new season and a suiting project. Definitely worth checking out. That boro jacket is simply...
If you aren't down with LUC then consider TVA and SftM. TVA is severely underrated, but you can damn the latter's prices to a black corner of hell. Devoa slim pants are still an option too. It's difficult to navigate the mountain of pants they drop each season before they sell out if you don't know what you're specifically looking for though.   @wormwood why are your lab coat prices higher than the ISS? Wanna sell me one for a fraction of your asking cost? Much obliged.  
Ah, yeah, you're right, I need to get on to that.   The Marvie jacket is great though. Hopefully have a Marvie cumbini jacket in the works too, as well as a lm'altieri lab coat and a short jacket. Someone send help; it's Summer in Australia and I'm buying jackets. 
Finally got myself a Marvielab in'es'terno jacket. It's beautiful, heavy, minimal, and completely reversible. I'll sling some pics up shortly.
Because, for a little while, it makes you feel good.
 Don't make me regret not being the one to pull the trigger.
New Posts  All Forums: