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I really like the buffalo leather. It's not too thick, but it's tough as hell. Wore those suckers four days straight through a recent rain soaked trip to Sydney and they came out fine. The shine has gone a bit from the wear. I'll post up along with Eton.   @eton97, spot on with the sneakers. The ones darklands have and the other variety that was on offer (with the weird panelling) are terrible. Though I'll disagree with you on one point: I don't like the black sole....
I'd like to see some pics of the Augusta's tornado zips worn. I've been considering splurging on a pair. Eck, help a man out!   My IS dirty white roo derbies should be here in a few days. No thanks to JC for the Easter break and mail delays. I don't think these were made outside my custom order, so I'll post up some pics when they come in.
 You're right, they're buffalo. At first I thought I'd sized wrong as it was hellish to get my foot in and when I did have them on they were crushing. After a half dozen wears they've stretched to a perfect fit. The double zips make putting them on easier than any of the single zip boots I have.  Yoshi's Island tier.
One day I'd like to visit the museum that is kgfan5's wardrobe.
No tiers, no tears.   re: Augusta dead end zips; I've got the same boots as Eton, except in bison. I quite like them. The leather's actually flattened out a bit with wear; the wrinkling isn't as heavy as when I got 'em.
 It's the best movie of 2014.
 I'd be somewhat wary with relying purely on measurements with Devoa. The anatomical construction can make some things a little iffy. Daisuke dissuades stores posting up the measurements for this reason. Armholes are high and sleeves are very slim. My recommendation is to go for whatever size you usually are; Devoa sizing going as 1 = 44/XS, 2 = 46/S, etc. Bear in mind there are some pieces that fit a size up or down, but these are generally quite rare. Edited in addition:...
Is it the clown shoes? It's the clown shoes.
 You and I both know the answer is a Devoa suit.
 It's truly what it sounds like when doves cry.
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