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I've only handled AV_Field, no L0, but they were made by Alessio. All the pairs I've had are built like tanks. Very tight fit around the toe box though, so be wary about going TTS. That and the laces, while cool, are a major pain in the ass to do up and have a habit of coming undone. I've been caught numerous times trailing a good metre of shoelace behind me as I'm legging it somewhere.
I slept on a great pair at a great price from @oulipien. It's not hard to find a some on the market for a good price if you have a little patience. There's a few others I've been eyeing up, but I'm kinda holding out for some L0 since I've got derbies from the other three designers already. Unfortunately, L0 derbies in 44 just never show up. Like ever. 
After careful thought, I've realised my derby game is lacking. That said, I'm looking for some black derbies in size 44/45 from any of the usual suspects: Carpe, IS, m.a+, layer-0. Preferably m.a+ or layer-0 as I'm lacking a little in both. If anyone has any leads or any they're thinking of letting go themselves then hit me up. Not looking to pay retail because fuck that.   Also looking for Marvielab suole sneakers in the same size. Not holding my breath on those ones.
@Rais I'm pretty sure I passed you on the street last night. We were crossing Elizabeth St from opposite directions. You had an all white fit accessorised with a small Asian woman. First internet to eyes transition I've had and it was weird. Good fit though.
Good coat. So is the ramie lab.  
I didn't say anything else LUC wasn't durable. I'd wager any of the non-knit pieces are just as "tough" as any of the other stuff mentioned here. Who cares anyway?
Not durable. At all.
Damn. Those are great. Fat chance anyone is stocking a 44 in Japan though...
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