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Perhaps I came across a little too hard on it. I love that guitar! I just miss having access to my dad's les paul deluxe. Ha.
Thanks, man. The guitar is a fernandes. Not the best in the world, but I like the old thing.
@nahneun sweet.   @nicelynice, the red ones are Augusta. From what I was told they were a special order for HLorenzo only. Not that you can take these things as gospel.   @twdawson, the av's fit a little small. Maybe half a size. The biggest pain is lacing them up and having them stay done. I'd be running late for work sometimes, hoofing it down the street, only to have a kind passerby point out I'm trailing a metre of lace from my shoe.
Size 44, and yep, those grey ankle boots are AV_field. Should have had a pair of the derbies too, but that's a sad tale. I'm missing three pairs of derbies in the line up (CDiem horse, IS water snake and wolf fish), and a pair of IS punched wool/python work boots. Really need to purge some among the less worn of the collection.
Finally getting around to cleaning the apartment. Took a quick pic of my line up. A few pairs are MIA.     Back row: Buffalo, destroyed horse, llama, super vachetta, cracked horse butt, destroyed horse   Second row: Vachetta(?), lamb, buffalo, horse, waxed calf, canvas over leather   Front row: Vachetta, calf (?), kangaroo, cordovan, camel, shearling,   Outlier: Destroyed horse
Never had any problems with the frayed hems tearing away. I can't check as I'm at work, but is there not a seam running along the inside of the hem? Either way I wouldn't stress it. The destroyed silk fabric is great. If you're particularly worried about it, then just go with dry cleaning. Though I do the ol' garment bag and washing machine on a handwash cycle. Just gotta use the right detergent.   Pretty sure Vaz now works for Rick handling his footwear.
m.a+ back zips should go (to me). tia.    How'd the sizing on them go?
They still have them. Try finding one without at least one piece of Boris or Carol. It looks like they rolled around the store until a random assemblage of pieces stuck to them.
Can't get off this IS kick lately. Might be eclipsing Devoa for me.        
Damn. Well, good to know it's probably a wave of fatigue colouring my opinion. Though I do like the black buttons on the shirt. I reckon you're right on the pants; if I do pick them up they'd need to be styled differently.
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