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 Oh, man. You know I was thinking chrome farts and then I just defaulted to WM. Dang.
Bobo ~avante-garde~ is what the image is. At a guess: Harnden jacket & pants, CCP boots, rolex(?), and werkstatt munchen jewelery. The worst aspects of SZ just ejaculated on him.
Front zipper? No.
Whichever you like more. 
On IE and LUC: There's no way IE even comes close in fabric or construction. Fit can be subjective. I'm sure given time Erik will be    If there's any 42's out there, here's a $800 BIN on the IS tall boots in culatta cavallo cracked (cordovan). One of the best leathers that's come through for IS.   http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r116474167    
@smashwindow If the guidi weren't the metal enhanced version, I'd say go with them. Otherwise the A1923.
You might want to remove that price talk regarding Holger.   IE pants are minimalist patterns with selvage and raw hems, and a variety of fabrics of visual intreste and coarse texture. Besides, it's hard to find LUC or BBS pants for less than $1k.
Yeah, thanks. I saw the thread on SZ too.
He's riffing CCP hard. His jackets and coats are pretty much Harnden too. Only the sneakers seem to be an original design; and even then they're like bloated, mutated con's.
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