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The only things I have with patch pockets are CDiem/L'maltieri lab coats and a few Individual Sentiments jackets/coats.
 The heavy linen sandwich jacket will be spot on for a 48. It's huge for a L'maltieri size 2. If you were on the lower end of 48 I'd have said the lab coats would work too.
Just clearing house a little. There's some Devoa, Carpe, VA, IS, SftM stuff up on my grailed already, and these will be added with more to come. My girlfriend did up a spreadsheet of all my stuff broken into jackets, pants, etc. It was... confronting.
Some new stuff I'll be listing for sale from Carpe Diem/L'maltieri for those interested:   Labcoat in heavy (heavy) jersey fade-purple-blend-grey - size 2 Banana pants in the same jersey dark grey - size 3 Tapered ankle length cropped pants in black poplin - size 2 Sandwich jacket, mottled black w/oxidisation in layered heavy linen - size 2   Maybe some other stuff. Will trade for similar items.
Any word on other stockists? There's gotta be some European stores getting it in.
I wanted the other one too, but forgot to bid on it. I assume you got it, so sling me a pm if you decide you'd like to give it a good home with its friends and family. 
Pretty sure ol' Basedpope has a bigger and better collection than me. 
More Altieri.          
If they're done with the same patterns (apparently purchased), and with the same leather (guidi sourced like everyone), in the same factories (m.a+, l-0, is, etc.), then I don't see how they will be pale imitations. More like an artisanal zombie wearing an old friend's skin.
 This one?  It's sick.
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