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 This one?  It's sick.
Similar questions: Can you contact a seller of an item on yahoo auctions whose item has ended with zero bids? There is an auction I wanted to bid on but the time ran out, no bids, and the seller hasn't relisted.
 There's actually only one dedicated flipper and it's been somewhat stifled.
I don't know about the lookbook, I would have thought it was out already, but there's some really great stuff. Lots of light fabrics; linens, bamboo, and the like. It's a very laid back collection. A nice array of muted, pastel colours and relaxed cuts.
@sinnedk Drop the price, my friend, and I'll take those backzips off your hands. 
I can't be fucked calling Maxfield from Australia. If anyone reads this and can proxy, lemme know. I want one of those hemp jackets in 48.
How much was the L0 stuff at 50% off? I don't recall American stockists having great prices in the first place.
Cruvoir has the green in size 2/medium.
I prefer the IS coat. Though I'm biased as I got it in the black wool tweed, I don't like mac coats, and I like patch pockets. 
I have failed you...
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