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Agreed with you on linen and ramie being great for blends. I think you're forgetting our old friend silk. Mix some raw silk with a bit of cotton and you've got some insane texture going on, e.g. Devoa's destroyed silk pieces and LUC's various tussah silk blend options. Goes surprisingly well with washi too.
Nah. Bergfabel is sick. Unlike PH and Augusta jackets it's easy to size; and as you mention, Klaus is a champ.
Clarks DB.
If someone here picked up those m.a+ strap boots from grailed and wants to pass them on, let me know.
Another great read that gets into it is In Praise of Shadows by Jun'ichiro Tanizaki.
 It's quite interesting to see how it's finding a bit of usage - mostly on fashion forums. Even more interesting to hear it's not in common usage in Japan. Rick sole falling off your dunks? Could be looking at a bit of wabi sabi. That said, you just rocked my world with the etymology of 'tycoon'.
Patch it up and wabi sabi.
Nor is it art. It's a two thousand-odd ticket lucky dip.
There is no F/W drop coming. Erik's work isn't seasonal. Holler at Holger.   lel @ Augusta sizing recommendations. There is no consistency with Simone. You'll have to try it on, or order online and put your trust in the store/seller getting the recommendation right.
Didn't eck suggest the other, original, last?
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