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I have failed you...
@nahneun why you do this? I am about to sell the melton wool version in your size NWT. 
Generally a 46/small.    I've got some other things I'm finally listing up too. Taking pics now. If anyone is interested in clothing in small (46/48) sizes and footwear in 43-45 from Devoa/IS/LUC/m.a+/Damir/Julius/CDiem family then hit me up on the ol' pm or check Indiana Jones and The Holy Cup by the weekend. I'm pretty fucking lazy, so you may get a good deal.
If anyone's interested, I've got a L'maltieri labcoat for sale. Size 2, cotton jersey, with interior pocket, and with tags. A little small on me, so I'm afraid I have to let it go.     edit: I've also got a pair of cropped light cotton pants and a heavy cotton long sleeve in bordeaux for the Altieri enthusiasts out there. Both size 2 as well.
I'm on the edge of my seat for Altieri's $10,000 jackets and pants. 
Uniqlo linen shirts are the shit for summer.
Fuck all that. Get this Carpe leather. It's in pristine condition with zero distressing and it's your size. I don't even like leather jackets and I've considered getting it.  
I was buying the cotton ones too, but as I was completing the paypal payment someone else got them. Would that someone be you?   This is endgame wardrobe stuff for me now. CDiem family and old school Devoa only.
Long time no post. I've broken the no-kop and gone on a Carpe/L'maltieri binge. Once I get a few more pieces then I'm done. The game's over. If any of y'all have any Carpe footwear in 44/45; pants, shirts, and jackets/coats in Size 2/3 then I'm interested.   [[SPOILER]]
I've only handled AV_Field, no L0, but they were made by Alessio. All the pairs I've had are built like tanks. Very tight fit around the toe box though, so be wary about going TTS. That and the laces, while cool, are a major pain in the ass to do up and have a habit of coming undone. I've been caught numerous times trailing a good metre of shoelace behind me as I'm legging it somewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: