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[[SPOILER]]  Good luck, man.  
I'm a 44 too. My enemies are identified. 
Not likely. The instep is incredibly punishing on most models.
Tag out those Hashimoto's and sub in your lien derbies. Those pants look best with a bulbous toe anchoring them imo.
@Rais You are among the bravest men I've seen if you're wearing these fits in Queensland. Doubly so if you're outside of Brisbane.
When the last boots are vibramed, the last jeans sickly faded, and the last grail acquired, you will realize that you cannot eat jawnz.
 My mistake for spending all my money on bills and food.
 So many confirmation exclamations in this thread. So little evidence. Even if they are made in the same place, it doesn't mean they're all made to the same standard or of the same materials.   I was eyeballying these for a good fortnight waiting till I had some cash. Then you went and bought them the day before me. Curse you.
 It's like stepping out of a time machine into SZ's WAYWT approximately six years ago. In the best possible way. No love on the man bun though, sorry. 
It doesn't help us.
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