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Holger is the best place to ask. The ramie/cotton and cotton/ramie are both medium weights. But despite common belief there's a lot more options if you enquire.   The real thing to consider is whether to get the lining or not. Full lining will not be suitable for the warmer months in Tokyo.
 Eh, I'll counterpoint and say they're awesome. Warm, but not super warm. Great for layering with the long sleeves and body; the fabric is a beautiful rough uneven silk with a lot of give while still strong. Mindful of sizing though. I've gone through two now before I got it right. The scarf collar jacket is still a great piece. Still the knits are his best pieces. The cut and fabric on the pants is sick as long as you're lanky.
I was stopped by some guy at Shibuya crossing last year asking me if I lived in Japan and wanted to model. Had to let him down and know I was just there to chill out and drink 100yen store jar sake.
Sorry, man. Just moved house and it takes a surprisingly long time to take pictures for 40+ items.   edit: also love the direction Devoa is going with S/S '15. Shirt and pants are on the kop list.  
If any of y'all are interested in a bunch of Devoa, IS, LUC, etc. pieces in small sizes and some footwear in 44 from Augusta, Carpe, and m.a+, I've got a sales thread up here.   A/W things are starting to roll in. Anyone pick anything up yet? Got the super duper limited army heavy cloth suit from Devoa coming in next month, a smattering of IS pieces, a spicy grilled knit from LUC, and finally a pair of the extra-high top sneakers from Simone. Thank you, tax return-san.
 Oh, man. You know I was thinking chrome farts and then I just defaulted to WM. Dang.
Bobo ~avante-garde~ is what the image is. At a guess: Harnden jacket & pants, CCP boots, rolex(?), and werkstatt munchen jewelery. The worst aspects of SZ just ejaculated on him.
Front zipper? No.
Whichever you like more. 
On IE and LUC: There's no way IE even comes close in fabric or construction. Fit can be subjective. I'm sure given time Erik will be    If there's any 42's out there, here's a $800 BIN on the IS tall boots in culatta cavallo cracked (cordovan). One of the best leathers that's come through for IS.   http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r116474167    
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