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There was never any doubt.
The detail pics of the Layer-0 look cool, but forgive me for saying it, it looks a little long in body and sleeves. Perhaps better lighting and a different angle might change all of that.
To be fair, I did almost fall to my death in Gullfoss due to a pair of A1923 having zero grip. So I do understand the safety sentiment.
It seems a shame to vibram a pair of those.
This one is apparently charcoal too. Keep it as is. A pure black belt can get lost in an all black outfit and just doesn't look as good. Grey, purple, and charcoal, or blends of the three, are the best belt colours imo.
@notwithit the reason I don't use any of the oils or saphir renovateur is two fold. I like a bit of wear and tear on my footwear. The best thing Simone ever did was stamp his handling instructions all over his shoe boxes. The other reason is that they darken the leather as well as interfere with a lot of treatments, i.e. carpe's destroyed horse or wax and resin treatments. Plus, renovateur is greasy and tends to leave a sticky film over the shoe.
I didn't buy his. The belt is from yahoo auctions. Generally, Japanese owners tend to have taken care of their junk.
They intend to sell it domestically for a much higher price. They'll only pick up the piece from the overseas seller once someone wins the auction. If the username is CCPISGOD, then rest assured that item is being sold elsewhere cheaper.
I never heard of Daisuke working on Fattoamano. Interesting if true, and clearly a precursor to his anatomical based work.   I'm just going to sit on the fence with Simone and Altieri until a definitive word comes from the man himself. Which means I'll probably be there forever.
An old, clean sock, moistened with a little water to wipe it down, and then pat it dry with a towel. Hopefully the towel is also clean.
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