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@Rais I'm pretty sure I passed you on the street last night. We were crossing Elizabeth St from opposite directions. You had an all white fit accessorised with a small Asian woman. First internet to eyes transition I've had and it was weird. Good fit though.
Good coat. So is the ramie lab.  
I didn't say anything else LUC wasn't durable. I'd wager any of the non-knit pieces are just as "tough" as any of the other stuff mentioned here. Who cares anyway?
Not durable. At all.
Damn. Those are great. Fat chance anyone is stocking a 44 in Japan though...
Y'all may remember I previously asked about Mr Altieri's choice of clothing.  
Zero chance of a response in English. Contact one of the stores and cross your fingers.
Daisuke is absolutely one of the most chill guys in the scene. A shame you didn't get more pictures!
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