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 Not true. But I'm not about to blow my spots. 
Hide-M is a cool store and Holger is a chill dude, but I wish they had more interesting buys. It's literally all the multi-button blazers, work boots, slim/tight pants, and tops. All in black. To be fair, I don't look at many shops. Perhaps it's a pandemic.
Hey Zam. I'm really digging the latest few seasons, though I must admit I am yet to purchase anything. This is changing in the next 24 hours, but I did have a further question that may interest other readers of the thread: what's the process for custom orders? I had a jacket and pants combination in mind and would like to talk through designs and so on with you. May I just email you to start it going? What are we looking at regarding fabric choices and turn around times,...
The only things I have with patch pockets are CDiem/L'maltieri lab coats and a few Individual Sentiments jackets/coats.
 The heavy linen sandwich jacket will be spot on for a 48. It's huge for a L'maltieri size 2. If you were on the lower end of 48 I'd have said the lab coats would work too.
Just clearing house a little. There's some Devoa, Carpe, VA, IS, SftM stuff up on my grailed already, and these will be added with more to come. My girlfriend did up a spreadsheet of all my stuff broken into jackets, pants, etc. It was... confronting.
Some new stuff I'll be listing for sale from Carpe Diem/L'maltieri for those interested:   Labcoat in heavy (heavy) jersey fade-purple-blend-grey - size 2 Banana pants in the same jersey dark grey - size 3 Tapered ankle length cropped pants in black poplin - size 2 Sandwich jacket, mottled black w/oxidisation in layered heavy linen - size 2   Maybe some other stuff. Will trade for similar items.
Any word on other stockists? There's gotta be some European stores getting it in.
I wanted the other one too, but forgot to bid on it. I assume you got it, so sling me a pm if you decide you'd like to give it a good home with its friends and family. 
Pretty sure ol' Basedpope has a bigger and better collection than me. 
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