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 It's like stepping out of a time machine into SZ's WAYWT approximately six years ago. In the best possible way. No love on the man bun though, sorry. 
It doesn't help us.
 It's getting warmer over my way, so outerwear is outta here. I've got a nice little collection of warm weather pants. My current fav's are: Devoa washi slim - I wish I'd grabbed two pairs of these. The fabric is crazy good and the cut is perfect.Devoa destroyed silk slim pantsIS linen canvas slim sarouelIS cotton and linen contrast fabric panelend slimsLUC cotton/linen classic pants Can't wait for the stretch washi pants to drop in a few months. I've been considering a...
I plan on doing so. It's a deadly game though. And I'm still trying to find white vibram soles.
 Although separated by space and time(zones) we are kindred spirits. Two pairs of IS derbies, m.a+ side lace derbies, and my Carpe S45's that have worn through all sit idle, waiting for a visit to the cobbler. My current boot rotation really needs a line up change to derbies with summer coming in.
 Probably more to do with people like myself confusing the labeling and misrepresenting it.
 The 'artisanal' brands still do as far as I know. Luca produced a suit in Tussah silk, which he tends to use a lot. A good example is Ghostface's recent WAYWT with the amazing destroyed fabric pants.
 I can't speak with any authority on Harnden fabrics. Most of my silk and blended stuff is Devoa, IS, and LUC. The only one I've had any issues with has been the tussah silk cardigan from LUC having one of the button holes pull out a little which was more due to the unfinished stitching on the holes more than anything else. Other than that I've found it incredibly hard wearing.  The best alternative for us in the warmer climates. It breathes well while still holding in...
Agreed with you on linen and ramie being great for blends. I think you're forgetting our old friend silk. Mix some raw silk with a bit of cotton and you've got some insane texture going on, e.g. Devoa's destroyed silk pieces and LUC's various tussah silk blend options. Goes surprisingly well with washi too.
Nah. Bergfabel is sick. Unlike PH and Augusta jackets it's easy to size; and as you mention, Klaus is a champ.
New Posts  All Forums: