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pls no! post ITT, dont let your knowledge be stored away in someones inbox. post it here for everyone to see, even the lurkers!
such a great thread and such quality information here....   does frank clegg ever go on sale ? where can i get it cheaper ?
Hey guys, im looking for a brown/black messenger bag. would prefer one where you can take the strap off. I need it for work, I am working in consulting.   Thanks a lot for any offers !
Hi ben, great store. I sent you a pm, pls get back to me  !
Measurements ? When was this purchased ?
Hi, I'm looking for suits (I'm starting a job in consulting) for work. Looking for solid navy, charcoal, grey in size 50R   Also looking for business casual sports coats now !   I'm located in europe. Here is (roughly) what fits me:   Shoulders 48cm Chest (pit-to-pit) 53cm Bottom-to-collar length: no longer than 78cm Sleeves: 63cm   In american sizing:        * Shoulder 18.5"    * P2P 20.75"    * Waist 19"    * BOC 30 1/8"    * Sleeve 25.5"     Pants:...
Do the pictures do the true color justice?
hi, quick questions. are there ferragamo shoes the real deal ? http://www.ebay.de/itm/SALVATORE-FERRAGAMO-Herren-Schuhe-MOKASSIN-schwarz-Kalb-Haut-0237524-MOD-Nr-45-/380823379906?pt=DE_Herrenschuhe&hash=item58aad79fc2 how can they so cheap ? they are 500€ on the ferragamo website and just 150 on ebay ? how is it possible
Offering this very nice Isaia Napoli Black Aquaspider Business Suit. Incredible fabric and construction. The Isaia label is crossed with a black pen, as can be seen in the picutre. This is to prevent illegal full price returns. Link to ebay for pictures: http://www.ebay.de/itm/321328680003?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649   Jacket: Single breasted 2 button jacket has besom chest pocket; 2 front flap pockets; 4 interior pockets; 4 button cuffs; double...
beautiful suit. too bad its slightly too small for me
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