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same here. Rubber all the way. Its not worth to endure the pain and ruin my feet.
looking for said suit, no pinstripes :) im located in the EU and would prefer sellers from the EU.   thanks!
i dont want it used
tags were not shown in the listing, so i requested a pic of the tags. buyer said he also has the original bill from the store but never sent it to me. either way, im returning the jacket
and whats your impression of the fabric ? are these edges normal for a new cashmere sportscoat ? just so I know in the future
hey guys, quick question. I bought a "NWT" cashmere sportscoat RLBL on ebay. It arrived without tags and the edges as well as the fabric do look a little bit rough, definetly not like something thats NWT. However maybe im wrong in this case and would appreciate some feedback on the condition of the item. I also found a hair under the collar.   Thanks a ton.      
gorgeous suit
great, great pieces. if only they are a little more business appropriate, id be all over them.
single vent or dual vent ? forgive me, i am blind and cant see it in the pic.   fully canvassed? pants unhemmed?
Im looking for a briefcase for work, and frank clegg is a notch to expensive for me. any recommendation where i should ? I want a classy cognac leather briefcase that will last me for 5+ years
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