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Sounds like the shoes don't fit. Double leather sole is less flexible and a little heel slippage is the norm in new shoes with double leather and will end when the double leather breaks in. But you are using tongue pads just to have the shoes stay on your feet. The shoes are too big. You should try 1/2 size smaller. Or, if the length is good, one width more narrow.
There are some other of us. But green shell cordovan medallion captoe blucher and a captoe blucher boot in green shell cordovan pretty much cover our footwear needs in green leather.
Actually, I think Mac has it in ravello- a Leather Soul make-up. Whichever one it is, it does look great. Alden Madison makes an NST loafer on color 8 and black cordovan that approximates the nst monk for a currently available glimpse of the possibilotoes.
So . . . .How did it go?
not positive, but think the wide fitting is available only through I made to order.
Don't get your panties in a wringer and take off your grassy knoll conspiracy theory hat. As those who matter know, and as a number of retailer threads here will reflect, I own a number of pair of Carmina shoes and boots (as well as Edward Green and Alden). I have a great deal of personal experience with Carmina shoes and boots, and have paid for that experience. I also like their product very much.
Good lord.I thought I clearly expressed matters of taste are just that and I expressed mine. Who knows what the majority view is on the rainlast. I don't amd I am pretty confident you don't eithet. I am even more confident, however, that it really does not matter what the majority view is or is not. It sure doesn't matter to me. I have my preferences, and sure don't begrudge others their prefernces.
Carmina offers a wide width option on the rain and forest lasts. In the regular width option, rain is supposed to be a bit wider than forest, but both, in the regular width options, are an average width.As Roger notes, the rain last has a aquarist toe and forest has a rounded toe. Which one prefers is a matter of taste. I think rain echoes the worst of the square - toed clod hoppers, at its best, evokes gaucho shoes. While okay with boots, I think shoes on the rain last...
I would go for this if this last will allow the equivalent of an American "e" width, which I neef.
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