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That is not sex.  They are shoes.   While some conflate the two, that is weird, and should be discouraged.  
Not a MTO. This was a leather soul make-up.
I do not think the problem here is "trying too hard to appear not to care." The problem is it is an affectation simply to be different. More precisely it is willingly being led by the nose by supposed style mavens to do something different than the norm and, thus, stylish. The sockless one talked about doing it to act "his age" - presumably meaning to distinguish himself as being young, presumably as opposed to not young.Style mavens encourage different looks to sell...
Look at those pictures and the answer is obvious:  socks.  Pointy-toed dress shoes deserve socks, not pasty ankles.  
edit because meant to quote.
edit because meant to quote.
Those shoes are great lookingI am not a fan of austerity wkntips, but that color of leather, particularly with those pants, looks fantastic.
Sounds like the shoes don't fit. Double leather sole is less flexible and a little heel slippage is the norm in new shoes with double leather and will end when the double leather breaks in. But you are using tongue pads just to have the shoes stay on your feet. The shoes are too big. You should try 1/2 size smaller. Or, if the length is good, one width more narrow.
There are some other of us. But green shell cordovan medallion captoe blucher and a captoe blucher boot in green shell cordovan pretty much cover our footwear needs in green leather.
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