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You should do what you want.
Whatever your experience, the poster to whom I was responding cannot use the website's ordering system.  That was the point of his inquiry.  I guess he could email, as opposed to speak to someone, but the you know you will get the canned policy that way.  You might get the canned policy by a more personal touch as well, but my experience is otherwise.  You give a call, the worse that can happen is you don't get what you want.  The best is you do.   
Now the equation is $3k for someone else's stank-ass feeted shoes v. two (maybe 1 1/2 depending on the high end shoe maker) pair of EG, etc. shoes made to fit your feet and designed to look how you want them.  
Given my feet, I have never had to pre-order a large size, but I believe I understand Leffot's policy on this:  they will take on pre-order a non-stock size, but you may have to pay full price up front instead of the 20% deposit required for stock sizes.  I would, however, call Leffot to see what they would do because my experience is they work with their customers.
Those are great-looking.
Alden Madison and Alden San francisco
Oh, man, did I get wrong my own shoes? That would be pretty embarrassing. They are almost cherry red. Maybe you are right. Mdubs or mdv posted pictures of theirs. When a I have time today, I will search the thread to see.
Absolutely right. But, at the risk of beating a dead horse, 4 figures for used red shoes?
Inlike the color 4 For casual looks with khakis and jeans. I was recently lucky enough to be able to get a pair of the color 4 long wings offered by alden of Carmel and I am happy to have them.but even the price I paid, which is a relatively small fraction of the auction price for the pair on eBay,I had to think about the purchase. Never in my wildest dreams (nightmares) what I consider payIng what is going on in that auction. But I would never pay one cent for someone...
I know the whiskey cordovan balmoral short wing is on tremont.  I thought the question was whether the stock color 8 and black cordovan modesl - 974 and 9741 were on tremont, and I recently saw on Citishoes' website that the stock models were on grant.  But that is incorrect by every indication I have since seen, as your link shows.  So I stand corrected.
New Posts  All Forums: