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Excellent! I am with you as to leather soles.
Pink Panther and others,My original proposal about this when the spice suede thought fell through was a spectator on the captoe Adelaide design. The concept morphed into the full brogue design by a poster helpfully posting a Carmina spectator on a full brogue.Steve has confirmed that the Adelaide - the captoe design - can be made as a spectator so that the Grey suede/ navy calf can be made as originally conceived. I would prefer the captoe to the full brogue. Would you...
What windbaggery.That is exactly what I can do. Your acolyte and you who are so wrapped up with a brand that you feel entitled to make repeated personal attacks (stupid ones at that) have to live with what you believe is the grave injustice that I can choose to refuse to participate in your foolishness.With what you have shown concerns you, and how you express it, you really belittle the meaning and origins of your screen name. You ought to change it to PizzaPizzaBJ (BJ?...
Righto this analysis is.
i own a number of Carmina shoes, and have thus given Carmina a fair amount of money.  I was writing in response to a group made to order -- that is, a plan to give Carmina more money -- that went awry because Carmina exited the particular leather.  I have said a lot of nice things about Carmina as well as inveighing against the spice suede thing.  I will leave it at that.  
I was wondering about the expression of wonder when I looked at the third line of the listing.  $1,150.  I guess anything is possible if you ask.  I always wonder if the "there is a schmuck born every minute"  approach really works?
i understand this sentiment.  I had the same qualms.  I have found that this shoe works really well with sport coat and slacks, specifically all shades of grey wool pants, but partcularly medium grey to charcoal.  I think that combination looks really sharp.  The balmoral style makes the look more polished than a derby.   I suspect the shoe might work with navy, and it would certainly go with chocolate wool pants as well.  And more adventurous dressers might find it works...
Edited because life is too short.
Could the adelaide be made into a spectator, or does Carmina have to offer the model in spectator configuration in order for the shoe to be a mto spectator? If the adelaide is not available as a spectator, I think I would be in for the full brogue in either grey calf/navy calf (preferred configuration) with the grey calf where the suede is in the picture.  If everyone preferred grey suede to grey calf, I think I would go along with that.  I would not be interested in the...
Only two days ago (on May 6), the kabosh was put on a Carmina group made to order in which I was participating for a shoe in spice suede.  The reason given for the kabosh was that Carmina had decided not to stock spice suede any more, that it had none of this leather now, and would not be getting anymore.
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