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Thanks. Consistent with your experience, I wear 7E in barrie and sometimes can get away with 7.5d although 7E is better. I am 7.5 E in brannock size. I typically need an "F" width in UK-sized shoes. I suspect I will need an "f" width here too, but I will need guidance since I have never had Bonafe shoes.
I will go for this so long as the double monk Pattern used is this slant like in the picture, it is in grey museum cafe, and I can get it in a width that is the equivalent of an American "e" width.
Congratulations.  Great looking shoes.
No.  soller will.  Inca will not.
I am in for the grey suede Chelsea on soller last with welt and sole as indicated. Great idea!
Leffot offers that. I think their current order for that is closed and already submitted to Alden but, of course, you should check.
Well,so far, these shoes have gone from the box to my feet. No one at all has commented in them yet except my secretary. I overheard her saying to her husband on the phone "You won't believe this: now he is wearing red shoes . . . yeah, red shoes, like Dorothy . . . no they don't sparkle, but almost. What man wears red shoes?"It was all I could do to keep from putting my red - shoed foot up her ass. Truth is, actually, it was all I could do to keep from bursting out...
yes, only they weren't essentially sold by invitation.  If someone is interested, what is the cost of an email?  And, by the way, they are only shoes. 
+ 10 True for the feet, down the gullet and the soul. 
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