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What an excellent look!  I almost did not spoiler it because it deserves reviewing. 
FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK! FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCK! FUCK FUCK How many times did George Carlin say it 173 years ago?
Read the post. Poster said 11d - the only shoe he has actually tried on - was too tight. He ordered 11e, obviously thinking if d width is too tight, he needed same size in e width. He then asked if 11.5 d would work. In other words, poster is saying if his best size is 11e, would 11.5d in grant last would work. My experience is plainly, clearly no.
My experience is different. My brannock size is 7.5e. I have tried 8d in grant and they felt like clown shoes. My advice I s to get shoes that fit you, not shoes that don't.
Thanks, but I thought this was a one-off circumstance:  an Alden specialty retailer whose name escapes me (Blackbird?) went under, and the stock of this shoe that remained when the doors closed ended up at Alden DC.  My understanding is that Alden DC was merely selling off this remaining stock, and not continually stocking the shoe after that remaining stock was gone.  I thought I heard this from Kathy at Alden DC.  Am I wrong about this and this shoe is part of Alden DC's...
(1) NST monk strap in color 8, black and ravello(2) Instead of the color 8 grain shell lwb, make it a color 8 grain shell plain toe blucher.  That way, the grain will be the focus of the shoe with nothing to detract or distract.(3) Plaza last color 8 plain toe blucher.  (4) saddle shoe with black shell show and color 8 saddle.  Or black grain with color 8 saddle.
Pecker Police.  That's pretty funny.  Rock out with your cock out!
The dick police is again on patrol. But Officer Beebs must be a little bored because he is finding dick where there is none. There is no crotch in that shot at all. Cock fantasyBut the knowledge of what the name of the petals gently sprinkling the ground is impressive. Almost as impressive as the composition of the completely tame shot with the nice contrast between the flower petals and the color of the boots.
8E.  The total volume is very, very close, but distributed differently.  But the "e" is an "e"  But MoneyWellSpent is the ultimate authority about such matters.  I seem to recall that MWS posted a chart showing overall volumes by size and width. Edit:  After I wrote this, I saw others made the same point in more detail and BKotsko included with his post the chart to which I was referring.  The cognoscenti jumping in fast. 
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