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Oh, man, did I get wrong my own shoes? That would be pretty embarrassing. They are almost cherry red. Maybe you are right. Mdubs or mdv posted pictures of theirs. When a I have time today, I will search the thread to see.
Absolutely right. But, at the risk of beating a dead horse, 4 figures for used red shoes?
Inlike the color 4 For casual looks with khakis and jeans. I was recently lucky enough to be able to get a pair of the color 4 long wings offered by alden of Carmel and I am happy to have them.but even the price I paid, which is a relatively small fraction of the auction price for the pair on eBay,I had to think about the purchase. Never in my wildest dreams (nightmares) what I consider payIng what is going on in that auction. But I would never pay one cent for someone...
I know the whiskey cordovan balmoral short wing is on tremont.  I thought the question was whether the stock color 8 and black cordovan modesl - 974 and 9741 were on tremont, and I recently saw on Citishoes' website that the stock models were on grant.  But that is incorrect by every indication I have since seen, as your link shows.  So I stand corrected.
I think the Alden shortwing balmoral model is in Grant, not Tremont.  At least Citishoes describes it as Grant.  
Steve,  Thank you for providing that picture.   Yes, I was thinking exactly what you suggested with a slight change:  navy calf in (1) the captoe, (2) inside the brogeuing around the heel and (3) possibly inside the "u" around the laces (I am concerned that adding this calf near the laces -- three spots of navy calf  -- may be too busy, but I am thinking having the navy calf in these three spots would be fine).  Grey suede would be in the body - everywhere where the navy...
Yes, you cannot forget about the girl that brung ya to the dance!
Those are great looking shoes. Congrstulations.
J Gilbert has an indy shoe - either dark suede or rough chamis, if I remember right. Leffot has indy shoes in blue suede and milk shade suede ( an off white) and, I think, in natural chromexel. Haberdash in Chicago also has the milkshake suede Indy shoe. I think Tassels in Hong Kong stocks a suede Indy Shoe as well.You may also want to consider for a similar look the mocassin in blucher - I don't know if that is the tight name, but the shoe looks like the Lhs loafer,...
All of my Alden's have always set off the machines. I ended up getting some cordovan slip - on cordovan dress shoes from EG just for travel to avoid ruining the benefits of the pre check line. And they go off and on easily when pre check is not available.
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