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Being one of the unfortunate wide-footed. I have found plaza just fine in an"e" width. To paraphrase today's kids, I shun those retailers who fail to offer their plaza make-ups in the real man's (that is, "e") width.
Alden has a number of lasts on which it makes its shoes.  The Trubalance last is Alden's largest last -- meaning it has the most room length and width wise.  People tend to find that whatever size they typically wear in dress shoes, they must get 1/2 size smaller in an Alden shoe made on the Trubalance last.  For example, if you typically wear a 12 in dress shoes, the general guideline would suggest you would wear an 11.5 in a shoe made on the Trubalance last.     All of...
Glad it worked for you. Enjoy your now-perfectly-manicured Aldens
Match or lighter. You don't need much heat to get the job done.
I think I recall The Shoe Mart listing this.  I could be wrong, however, and I have not double-checked.
It is not that hard.  You slowly move the flame toward the edge of the thread.  It will ignite - not a burning flame, more like a  glow -- before the flame touches it:  the heat will light the thread.  The thread will burn towards the shoe slowly enough that you can watch it move toward the shoe and when the glow gets close to the shoe, extinguish it.  Small threads can be difficult to cut, and I have found this to be foolproof.
Excellent explanation.  Thank you.
+1 on all. Very well put.  
It sounds like you are familiar with Alden-of-Carmel and, if so, you are aware of their wingtip boots in color 8 and black cordovan and are not interested in that or it does not have your size in stock.  But if you are not aware of that, they have that boot in various soles and that has the versatility you want.   Alden of NY has a George boot - like a chukka, but with a Monk strap across the throat and no eyelets or laces -- on Aberdeen last (making it sleeker than the...
Look fine here.  Most people's feet are different sizes and gait and footfall could effect this.     By the way, they look great.   If the shoes fit, wear them.  
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