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fransboone has this exact boot, but it is in snuff suede.  
I second this emotion.  I too take an "e" width.  In barrie-lasted shoes, going up 1/2 size and using a "d" width is not perfect, but it is pretty close and, in some instances, has been very, very close.  
Saw those at Unipair.  Great-looking saddle, and a great combination with argyles.  Congratulations
Those are great looking.  Congratulations.
Very different shoes.  If you live in a climate with rain or a Winter, you will get more use out of the CXL shoes than the suede because the suede shoes will be essentially unavailable to you during that weather.  If that matters, then that alone points towards the PTB.     The difference between a plain toe and the long wing and which color goes better with jeans and chinos -- both go with jeans and chinos -- is personal preference.     Most would give the edge in...
What a great find.  Great, classic look. What a great story. What great results.  Congratulations. Personally, I love that long wing tassel loafer style.  I would really love to have these in snuff and tan suede.  
All hail to the King!   I don't know if Mac is my uncle -- many days it is all I can handle and then some to deal with the actual relatives I do have -- but Mac certainly is wise, and has good taste, as to his Aldens!
I don't think rain is wide.  I have seen rain described by Epaulet and others as a medium-width last.  
Alden makes many dress shoes in its standard line on the aberdeen, plaza, hampton and Grant lasts, which are sleeker than Barrie.  Most of the standard line Alden shoes on these lasts are in calfskin and, off the top of my head, include plain toe bluchers on plaza last and a balmoral plain toe on the aberdeen last, shortwings, NSTs, monk straps, and more on these lasts.  In cordovan, Alden's standard line includes shortwings, captoe balmorals, medallion captoe balmorals,...
New Posts  All Forums: