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All hail to the King!   I don't know if Mac is my uncle -- many days it is all I can handle and then some to deal with the actual relatives I do have -- but Mac certainly is wise, and has good taste, as to his Aldens!
I don't think rain is wide.  I have seen rain described by Epaulet and others as a medium-width last.  
Alden makes many dress shoes in its standard line on the aberdeen, plaza, hampton and Grant lasts, which are sleeker than Barrie.  Most of the standard line Alden shoes on these lasts are in calfskin and, off the top of my head, include plain toe bluchers on plaza last and a balmoral plain toe on the aberdeen last, shortwings, NSTs, monk straps, and more on these lasts.  In cordovan, Alden's standard line includes shortwings, captoe balmorals, medallion captoe balmorals,...
For me Grant runs true to size and Barrie is larger than true to size.  I wear one-half size longer in Grant than Barrie with the same width in both.   And that is one good-looking medallion toe boot!
+ 1   Another example why anecdotal evidence has to be considered with a pillar of salt in drawing broader conclusions.  
There are two aspects to your questions:  (1) how long does it take Alden to create the shoes and get them to Leffot; and (2) once Leffot receives the shoes, how timely are they in letting you know they have them, collecting the balance due and getting them to you.   The first aspect of your questions vexes every Alden retailer because, apparently, Alden cannot or does not hew to a schedule in getting product to its retailers.  We have all heard of the difficulty in...
    I have a pair of these from the first order of these.  Great looking shoe.  You are paying a bit more for these than the standard color 8 lwb, but the antique edge plays up the casual wear of this shoe, which I found desirable.  Leffot is a pleasure with which to deal.
Fyi, leather Sole offers this boot - if nit the exact thing, very, very close. It has offered this boot in color 8 and other leathers. Most recently leather sole offered it in cxl. I mention this because leather sole may have an order fir this bout pending or even coming. If no one has checked with the store, it may be worthwhile to do so. uote name="venividivicibj" url="/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/55680#post_6490081"] Color 8, Alden Alt Wien boot, plaza...
For many years had six pair of dress ahoes amd would wear each less than one day pwr woek week. Theae were hard wotking yeara and many of these days the shoes would see only carpet because I bicycled to and from work and the only hard use was walking a few blocks to work obligations and business events.In addition, these are great shies. The other four shoes were two more pair of Aldens, and the other two were call skin church shirtwings and AE medallion tip monks. The...
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