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I would be grateful for a "how to" if you would be willing to do it.  Thank you.
I have exactly this same boot that has exactly the same tongue shift in only one boot.  I am looking forward to seeing any suggestions.  I realized the problem when my leg was getting rubbed raw because of the tongue shift.  
Those look great.  Too bad the order was messed up.  Hope you get the correct ones soon.
yes, Epaulet did offer that and it did go into production; it is in production as we speak.   Obviously this is purely a matter of taste, but personally, I prefer the lower shaft of the wingtip boot posted by JL. .
Those are outstanding.  
With Alden, "whiskey" is one the colors of its cordovan leather - horse ass - shoes. A durable, great-looking, easy-to-maintain leather. "Burnished tan" is one of the colors used for Alden calf leather -cowhide- shoes.
That's what I'm talking about.  The King of the King!
Really like that split toe monk.  Always have.  too big for me, dammit.
Great looking shoes and pictures.
Great, great looking shoes and excellent job shining them.  
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