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Color 8 is king and that is a great-looking ensemble.  But it is not even 9 am where I am, it is already 87 with what feels like 100 percent humidity and it has been this way for five days.  It is a lot better here than other places, and the Winter here is too long, so I do not mean to complain too much..  A little heat for a while is a good thing.     But just looking at two Color 8 (dark eggplanty) combos in a row makes me feel hot.  Let's see some Summer duds!
Personally, I prefer the green with the burgundy.  Richer look.
grant last doesn't fit me like barrie.   If so, the narrower toe box makes a material difference to this foot.  
citishoes has longwings, PTB and NSTs in some of the less common cordovan colors.  You would have to call to see if in your size.  
Really love these.  Wish I could find in my size.  They look great.  Enjoy them!
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That is funny. But I thought See Ya Steve is only an exotic cordovan hound.  Or is he branching out?
i don't know what you are concerned about.  The antique edge trim v. the dark edge trim make those two different shoes! 
Those are really handsome - outstanding looking shoes.  I hope you can make them work, and enjoy them.
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