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Jerks.  Only carry D widths.     Unipair also carries Alden snuff suede tassel loafers.  
The oldest Aldens I own -- captoe bluchers in color 8 and black cordovan -- I bought over 21 years ago.  They are a bit looser now than when I bought them - I assume because the cordovan has stretched a bit, but they fit great.  I hope to still have a ways to go so I cannot comment on how they may fit twenty years from now.  But so far, so good.   This is not directly germane to your question, but these post-20 year-old shoes also look great -- that is, they have held up...
great looking boots.  Are these the tan calf boots?
My apologies, stylenoob718, in my last two posts I described the shoes to which I was referring as bluchers.  I misspoke.  The shoes to which I was referring that are offered by the Showmart and Ben Silver are oxfords and would seem to be just what you are looking for.  Good luck.
Also, Ben Silver stocks this same perforated captoe blucher in both snuff suede and tan suede.  Great looking shoes.  
  The Shoe Mart has a make up of perforated captoe bluchers in snuff suede.  
plaza last boot.   Plaza last is more elegant and just as, if not more, versatile.  You can dress casually with both boots you mention, but only the plaza-last boot will go with slacks/blazer, or even suit as well.
color 8 NST, although it would really have to be black cord NST, color 8 cord NST and ravello NST boot.     The three pair of identical shoes reminds me of an acquaintance I once knew who long ago returned to Europe.  He was accomplished, very particular, precise, and a hip, downtown (East Village)-NYC type whose wardrobe consisted of seven black fine wool suits, seven white dress shirts, black dress socks and seven pair of black plain toe bluchers.  This was before I was...
Why are the dissatisfied owners always large-footed?  I am leery of someone else's shoes -- my Momma raised me that way -- but this club-footed type sure would like to be tempted!
NST monks.  Very sharp.  But for the days when one could have Alden to make something custom.  In those days I was able to get George boots -  made in five Horween cordovan colors (at least the five I know of).  some may think NST monks are too busy, but not this observer.  Thanks for the picture. 
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