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I don't think the questioner is talking about the Gilbert Mc boots. He is talking about the Nf bluchers with a single leather sole.
This is the unlined ptb, correct?They are almost certainly shiemart seconds and, if so, the bin price is about the same as shiemart charges.
This is largely a matter if taste. The nft is a great and unusual shoe and shows the art of shoemaking with the handstitching. J gilbert's version on the plaza last, I think, makes a great shoe even better. I also think it makes the shoe look a little more dressy than the standard Alden version on the Aberdeen last. You are aware that the standard version is double leather sole? If that is important to you, consider getting that rather than spending the additional...
Those are calf skin, right?  If so, shine with polish and they will go away.  Also, with time they will go away.  Finally, and I do not mean at all to be unkind or unfeeling, but they are shoes on the ground.  They are not meant to be perfect and are part of the patina that make shoes look great. 
Just read the GQ list - unfortunately, after I wrote this note.  Those light brown shoes are over $2,000!  They do look great, but, of course, they damn well should!
I think those are color 8s.  Don't mean to be heretical, but that light brown shoe next to King PTB that looks like a wholecut, is a very nice looking shoe.  Alden should make that in a color 8.  Or navy cordovan!
All if this is correct. The plaza last color 8 nst Thos boot is one of j gilbert's standard make-ups and every time I have seen it, it comes on commando, not double leather, sole. In fact, just weeks ago j Gilbert received a run of these boots in store that it had ordered last Winter. I do not know if every pair j Gilbert received was pre- sold, so anyone interested in this boot may benefit from calling to ask if the store has his size in stock. I participated in this...
In countries where you remove your shoes before going through the detected it should mean nothing: you have to remove your shies whether the shank is metal, wood, or there is no shank. For security less tight than at an airport - such as courthouses - the metal shank sets off the sensor and you get stopped and examined by sensing wand. Belt buckles can did thus too. My aldens always - always- set off security sensors causing me to be wanded. I woukd love to gey...
Citishoes in NYC has some exotic cordovans in PTB, longwings, captoe balmorals and NSTs.
Of course, Aldens - even the dark cordovans --  can be worn all year long.  I wore black cordovan PTBs yesterday in 93 degree/100% humidity heat and, the day before, cordovan captoe bluchers with a suit.  Conservative business days demand a certain kind of dress.     But I felt hot and wilted just looking in the mirror.  Dressing with burgundy or black on your feet with dark colored pants does not do justice to summer.    That is why Alden makes whiskey cordovan,...
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