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Those are wonderful, wonderful boots.  Excellent!
I do not understand the concept of wearing dress shoes -- and medallion toe bluchers, the tassel loafer are pure dress shoes -- with blue jeans.  Those are all beautiful shoes RTP has, and he obviously has taken tremendous care of them.  But wearing those with jeans looks like someone stole one's casual shoes.  Or like one is traveling and only took dress shoes on the trip.       I suppose since we don't have to that great coward and sympathiser the Duke of Windsor to lay...
No difference.  Same shoe.  Just different jargon - some just can't use three words when four will do.  
Hey guys heres a list of MTO's from Steve at Gentlemans Footwear! If there are any interests please feel free to PM Steve (steveyoo1983) or myself (justinkapur) pre-order for a Forest last captoe in black calf mto #1 (navy 2eyelet in rain last) - 2 interests   Can this be black cordovan instead of calf?  If cordovan, I am in for this if can get a 6.5 wide.
(Belly button) (pocket) lint,    I wear the same size in trubalance and barrie.  I wear an "e" width in both, but a "d" width will work okay to pretty well on either last if I go up in size 1/2.     As between barrie-lasted shoes and my trubalance-lasted boots, I find the trubalance-lasted shoes a bit wider all around.  My barrie-lasted George boots (chukka boots with a buckle instead of laces -- from the days when you could ask Alden to customize) are, however, as roomy...
I am sorry you were disappointed, but I am not sure why.  Did you think that absence of shell shoes in the exotic colors was made up?  Or that the Alden stores have a secret stash available only to those who physically visit the store?  I know someone -- I think See ya Steve -- said he recently got some exotic-colored shell there, but that person is of ginormous-sized feet and was able to take advantage of a relatively small population with which to compete.  If you too...
Because I do not have the data required to disagree with DonL's point that you cannot make a categorical statement along these lines, I would agree with him.     My own experience, as anecdotal as it obviously is, however is that it is indisputable that the calfskin dress shoes I have owned required more care and maintenance to look good than my cordovan dress shoes, and that the calfskin dress shoes did not last nearly as long as the cordovan dress shoes.  Now, even...
Very, very sharp.
faux "cashmere" stretchy jeans -- like the girls wear -- in a thread about Alden shoes?   Is this a joke?   Or is this one writer's suggestion for how to deal with the cordovan shortage?  Stretchy shoes?  The article does talk about "dog days."  
Looks great.  Loud and proud!  Enjoy them.
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