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Those are really handsome - outstanding looking shoes.  I hope you can make them work, and enjoy them.
just somewhat crazy.  Just kidding - and I mean that.  A man should know what he likes.
And I thought I was bad because I have a number of Aldens in different colors: LHS, NST, PTB, longwings, captoes and chukkas in various cordovan colors and Indy boots in various leathers. But multiple copies of the same shoe?My doctor wears nothing but black PTBs. They look to be calf PTBs and are probably Allen Edmonds. He is getting a bit wild, however: he recently showed up in PTBs made of pebble grain black calf.Many moons ago I knew an academic in NYC who was a...
Obvioualy it is a matter of taste, but as RdeenFan's pictures show, the ravello is reddish in tone and can look great with dark denim. Some prefer less contrast and so color 8 would fit that bill and look superb and is more accessible. And color 8 is king.
 That is elegantly simple. Ingenius. If you have additional to provide, I will take you up on that. I will send you pm.
I would be interested in a wholecut in cordovan - black, navy or burgundy cordovan.  I could be persuaded to support a medallion toe, although I would really prefer a plain toe.     I am afraid, however, that I need a last that supports a wide foot - forest or rain - and I need the wide fitting for either of those.  I understand that Oscar or Robert lasts are wider still, but I think those are boots only.  
I would be grateful for a "how to" if you would be willing to do it.  Thank you.
I have exactly this same boot that has exactly the same tongue shift in only one boot.  I am looking forward to seeing any suggestions.  I realized the problem when my leg was getting rubbed raw because of the tongue shift.  
Those look great.  Too bad the order was messed up.  Hope you get the correct ones soon.
yes, Epaulet did offer that and it did go into production; it is in production as we speak.   Obviously this is purely a matter of taste, but personally, I prefer the lower shaft of the wingtip boot posted by JL. .
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