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Lady jeans.  Ouch.  Spoken like a man unable to fit into them.  (As I would not be able to even if my gigantic testosterone levels fell to the basement.)
I would check Leather Soul in the City of Angels and Hawaii.  They tend to order boots without speedhooks.  You should also try Moulded Shoe in NYC because they specialize in the modified last and tend to have a lot of make-ups you won't find elsewhere.  Good luck and congratulations.
It is very close to downtown - 10 minute cab ride, if that.  I hope they allow you to go in.  That would be very interesting.   Maybe you could hijack a few hides.  Ravello please.  Failing that, whiskey will do.
I have both and like both. The plaza last is a very pleasing shape.  The Aberdeen is more pointed and with the NST stitching, is very unique.  
While Jimi was not among the country's best prez, this comment is unburdened by historical knowledge or perspective.
Very slim pickins.  There is a place called Haberdasher - hip men's store that carries a very limited number of Alden shoes in very limited sizes.  A shoe store here called Hanigs is supposed to have Aldens, but they have very few styles and a very limited run of sizes.  I have found that none of the Brooks Brothers stores have Alden styles except for the Michigan Avenue and Loop stores, and their selection is, again, very slim with very few sizes.   It would be a far...
There has been a tremendous and comprehensive back and forth about this, and recently too.  Please use the search function and you will find what there is to find.     I will summarize as best I can, but my knowledge  is thoroughly second-hand:  reading the same posts you can read, so my apologies if my summary is off.  It appears to be hit and miss:  when people order from Carmina, sometimes people are charged, sometimes not.  There appears to be no predictability to...
The retailers are frustrated with alden's lack if responsiveness. It Is obvious it is not only frustrating but hurts their business.By the way, as to Leffot, otherwise is always a limited window with preorders to specify special sizes. I do not know if there are limits to that, but one should definitely ask.
And there you have it.  
No.  It is all over the map.   Some go down 1/2 size.  I fall into this category.   Some say they go TTS because a boot on a barrie last feels smaller than a shoe on the barrie last.   Some say they go down 1/2 size and go down one width; some say they TTS but go down one width.     Personally, I have not had the experience that the barrie last feels different in different uses.  I have had the experience that the material of the shoe - cordovan, calf, suede -- can feel...
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