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There have been pictures a few pages of back of the natural cxl Indy boots.  Scroll back a few pages and make your own judgment.     I own this Indy boot and think it looks great.  Whether it looks like D Marten's or not, I don't know.  It never occurred to me, so I guess that means I think they do not.  Again, they are your dogs.  You decide what you put on them.
Plus 1,000 for not only monks, but NST monks -- the king, queen, prince, lord, subjects and vassals of monks.   And the usual excellent shine applied to them.   If only, when I had the chance, I had hit up Alden of Carmel more than I did for special styles, like the NST monks.     Always great to see them.
i would be up for;   (1) navy shell ptb on rain last -- to  have the option of a wide fitting   (2) brown lizard double monk with brass buckles on rain last -- again to have option of wide fitting.   (3) loden shell --  I would prefer the alt wein, but may be interested in austerity brogue -- which, so far, has gotten more interest.  I just think that the loden looks better with more, instead of less, broguing.   That is why I bet the longwing looks fantastic...
i find Trubalance to be the same or, if any difference, a bit wider than barrie.  Obviously, your fit is different.  But Grant is narrower than both, so 11EEE or even quadruple E.
 I like the idea of loden shell medallion captoe.     I might be interested in the brown lizard double monk, but would like to see it.     Finally, I do not mean to beat a dead horse, but I would be up for another PTB in either navy, ruby (like last make-up), burgundy r black shell if another  PTB MTO makes sense for the fall.
I would really love the wholecut - the PTB - in  cordovan in this order of color:  navy, burgundy, black, saddle, ruby.  I hope others would be interested as well.
Oscar is a wide last.
Those are wonderful, wonderful boots.  Excellent!
New Posts  All Forums: