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No.  That wallet is color white.  As in empty.  
Thanks for the PSA.  Great snag you made.  Those tan/brown woven tassel loafers are also sharp. 
i would like a black lizard single monk or those black lizard tassel loafers 
+ 1 All hail to the Kaaaaang!
There was a reply:  from ShoeMart irregular list.
Obviously hit by a one-legged shoe thief.  Either that or a fetishist.  
I used to go down 1/2 size from true-to-size for Van lasted shoes (just as a I do for Barrie and trubalance lasted shoes).  I found, however, that the going down 1/2 size for Van was too small, and now a Van last is true-to-size for me.  I was advised to go 1/2 size down for Grant-lasted loafers and found that did not work for me, and true-to-size does work.     Your mileage may vary, indeed.
I would be up for a single monk in lizard as well.  That tassel loafer looks fantastic as ell.  
All three.  And, actually one more:  the color 8.   If you must get one, get the one you like best.  If that is not enough of a guide, ravello is likely the most versatile of the three you mention, but color 8 is the most versatile of all - the Kang of Kordovan.  
New Posts  All Forums: