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I would be up for that boot in navy shell. I like it in the brown suede with the contrasting stitching too.
Lemon juice?  Excellent.  Glad you are happy.
At the risk of saying what you don't want to hear, my thought is not to worry about this.  Spots are inevitable on natural CXL, and this is part of the patina you are developing.  Plus the leather will darken with age anyway so, over time, the difference in color will diminish.  Enjoy them and don't worry.  Be happy.
Outstanding!  Fantastic looking!  Bwwwwhaaaaaaaaaaa!
+ 1. Pencil - necked worm who talks about others having silly emotional attachments wwhen hespends his time on a site he doesn't like with drivel. Useless.
If I had a hammerI'd hammer in the morn'nI'd hammer in the eveningAll over this landI'd hammer out justiceI'd hammer out freedomI'd been hammerin' about loveBetween my brothers and AldensAll over this Land  Be an ingenious American man, get out your hammer, give that fucker two wacks and problem solved.
Given where you will be living, I strongly encourage you to get these boots with a commando sole.  If you do not, and get them in either the neocork (TSM) or the waterlock (Unionmade) soles, you will not be wearing them with ice on the ground, which can be 4, almost 5, months out of the year.  The smooth soles are treacherous with slippery pavement.   Leffot and, I believe, LS offers this make-up in commando sole.  You may have to wait going with Leffot or LS make-up (or...
That right shoe looks fucked up. I would return them
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