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Are you kidding.  $450 (I think that was TSM's price for these second shoes) is the price.  Not worth any more than that.
I called TSM to buy this pair (there was only one pair on the recent 7.5E list) and was told I just missed them.  To a profiteer.  He owns them and can certainly do what he wants with his shoes.  But a real shame they were bought to flip.  We'll see if anyone has way too much money burning a hole in their pocket. 
Dude, how did you end up with my feet?  Or we have the same feet.  On every device and last.  Amazing.
There is an entire, separate thread devoted exclusively to Carmina sizing in styleforum.net. you will find the answers to your question there.
Well, it is the Mac Method repurposed. And one helluva lot more fun. Or ridiculous. Or both.
If your conscience is shocked, don't watch Italian tv. Or avatars pulled from it. Avert your gaze from the computer.
That is hilarious. Soap. Rinse. Push up. Push up again. And again. And again. And continue. Not much subtl about that. Thanks for sharing.
Two retailers - people who spend most of their waking time selling shoes, which means knowing an awful lot about the lines they sell and giving sizing advice to hundreds, if not thousands, of feet about those shoe lines they make it their business to know so much about - have both given their sizing advice about the chelsea. And they both have the same advice. I would suggest letting the experts, the retailers, do their thing. They, not you, have to deal with the...
That is funny.And even more so because undoubtedly true!
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