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Being always on the lookout for cordovan plain toe bluchers that are more dressy to wear with suits, I called Harrisons in the hopes that, even though I need a 7.5E which a store is unlikely to order for a specialty run, I might be pleasantly surprised with a decision to make. Unfortunately, typical retailer logic prevailed and the store ordered no small, wide shoes. The proprietor even laughed when I told him small, club - footed men bought nice shoes too. But...
Me 3.
Those spectator boots are really sharp-looking.
That is one sweet, good-looking bowser. How can you possibly say "no" to him for anything!
I bought this NST model new many moons ago from Alden-of -Carmel.  They were billed as being made of bison leather.  Alden-of-Carmel offered them in brown or black bison leather.  I only bought the brown and still wear them frequently today.  Have had the soles replaced twice now.  I always wish I had gotten the shoe in black too so I would have had a great-looking pair of black shoes to wear with business casual.  
You should do what you want.
Whatever your experience, the poster to whom I was responding cannot use the website's ordering system.  That was the point of his inquiry.  I guess he could email, as opposed to speak to someone, but the you know you will get the canned policy that way.  You might get the canned policy by a more personal touch as well, but my experience is otherwise.  You give a call, the worse that can happen is you don't get what you want.  The best is you do.   
Now the equation is $3k for someone else's stank-ass feeted shoes v. two (maybe 1 1/2 depending on the high end shoe maker) pair of EG, etc. shoes made to fit your feet and designed to look how you want them.  
Given my feet, I have never had to pre-order a large size, but I believe I understand Leffot's policy on this:  they will take on pre-order a non-stock size, but you may have to pay full price up front instead of the 20% deposit required for stock sizes.  I would, however, call Leffot to see what they would do because my experience is they work with their customers.
New Posts  All Forums: