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I would be up for a lizard Chelsea in brown. I would not go for jodphur.
+ 1If you wear a 7D on lwb on barrie last, you shuld get barrie-lasbarrie-lasted boots on 7 D and grant-lasted boots on 7.5D. The differences in thickness of socks is unlikely to matter.
I would also be up for something a bit more exotic: blue suede shafts with blue Utah shoe; grey suede shafts with blue utah shoe; maybe there is a better color combo that would work.
I would sign up for such a boot on the 202 last in "e" width or the 82 last in an "f" width. I imagine the former would work better for a normal inventory order and would be fine with me. Great idea, Namor? A certain, said boot shop?
Yes. My brannock size is what I wear for the grant last.
Is do not think sizing up 1/2 sizsize for grant is likely to work. I wear 7E in barrie- lasted shoes and can often wear 7.5D in barrie - sizing up one-hald in length, but down in width - although the fit is not ideal. 7.5E is my brannock size and what I wear in grant lasted shoes and boots.I have tried sizing up one-half size and down in width to 8D to see if that size would work in grant and plaza lasts because these sizes are far more plentiful than "e" widths. Unlike...
I bought the black pair for tuxedo and white tie wear. I think they are very comfortable, and look great.I thinkthe color 8 pair, as well as the blacl, would also look great with jeans and oth er casual clothes.
British 'd" width is roughly equivalent to American "c" width. If you wear an American "d" width, you should focus on British "e" width.If your American brannock size is 9d, I would think you would be an 8.5E or 8E on Edward Green shoes on the 202 last. And shoes on the 202 last are wider than on the 82 last
Outstanding! Congratulations
Deleted out of respect for the fact that this is an affiliate thread, and particularly this affiliate. My aplogies to Skoak.
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