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Plobably the tremont last. I cannot think of a shoe on the tremont last, however, that is not a wingtip. So if you want that last, you better like wingtips. And the stock model wingtips made on this last are shortwing balmorals, so they are more dressy looking than wingtio bkuchers. All of the other less roomy lasts - grant, hampton, Plaza - I don't think anyone would describe as clunky.
Plus 1 although I do like the looks of my plaza last nst (and those who say that model is too casual for suits are sadly mistaken) and the plaza last for plain toe bluchers.
A few weeks ago Steve floated a navy calf/Grey suede spectator shoe. I was, and still am, down for that.
I cannot answer the question as to the marlow. Barrie is Alden's second fullest and widest last. It is so roomy that most people take 1/2 smaller size in shoes or boots on the barrie last than the brannon device identifies as their proper shoe size. For example, my brannon size is 7.5 e. I wear a 7E in barrie - lasted shoes. The barrie is so full I can also very comfortably wear a 7.5d in barrie lasted shoes.Aberdeen is Alden's most narrow last. Barrie is full in the...
Being always on the lookout for cordovan plain toe bluchers that are more dressy to wear with suits, I called Harrisons in the hopes that, even though I need a 7.5E which a store is unlikely to order for a specialty run, I might be pleasantly surprised with a decision to make. Unfortunately, typical retailer logic prevailed and the store ordered no small, wide shoes. The proprietor even laughed when I told him small, club - footed men bought nice shoes too. But...
Me 3.
Those spectator boots are really sharp-looking.
That is one sweet, good-looking bowser. How can you possibly say "no" to him for anything!
I bought this NST model new many moons ago from Alden-of -Carmel.  They were billed as being made of bison leather.  Alden-of-Carmel offered them in brown or black bison leather.  I only bought the brown and still wear them frequently today.  Have had the soles replaced twice now.  I always wish I had gotten the shoe in black too so I would have had a great-looking pair of black shoes to wear with business casual.  
New Posts  All Forums: