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I wore this look - light grey slacks and whiskey cordovan longwings (minus the watch) -- yesterday, onTuesday.  Wearing a dark suit today for client business so it is Black Cordovan Perforated Captoe Balmoral Wednesday for me today.     More generally, however, it is Whiskey Weekend in the middle of the week!
That sure is a great-looking shoe.  
In this order:  (1) Captoe bluchers; (2) perforated captoe balmorals or (3) short wingtip balmorals.   Personally, I would opt for the NSTs because I love the NSTs.  I recognize, however, that given the restriction of  one pair of color 8 cordovans, the NSTs are an idiosyncratic choice for suits.   Most would think (and most would likely be right) that the other three choices above would have more versatility along the range of clothes you specify than NSTs.   
both Not really a question for this crowd.
Trubalance goes the other way:  it is the last the indy boot is on and is Alden's widest last -- widest all over, including toe box.   You want plain toe on plaza last.
j gilbert.  Ask for Yenni Song. Also Leathersoul has make-ups in plaza and other lasts.
j gilbert has navy suede chukkas as does unionmade. Edit:  I just saw the follow-up post with the ever-important information that you are looking for an "e" width.  That knocks out unionmade, which only orders in "d" widths.  The J Gilbert model was also a make-up and, typically, to get an "e" width, you have to pre-order the required size.  You should check to see if J gilbert has your size, but they may not have many "e" widths.  
I sure would.  I would be thrilled to have shoes with that beautiful color and, if I did not feel on my foot whatever caused that bump, I would forget the bump was there after 10 minutes.  Even if I did not forget, I would not care.
Carmina is refusing to do jodphurs in cordovan leathers any longer.  Do a search on this thread for the explanation for this decision.  
Very arch of you and all. Bit this is an affiliate thread. Being condescending about retailers (kmart) and people (my man mullet) is questionable here.
New Posts  All Forums: