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Of course you are: a loafer for laufer!
I regret not getting in on the navy shell captoe boot.  I hope that MTO will be revived soon.  
Those are beautiful!
Those are great looking! Ptb in saddle shell and cognac shell!
+1Or the PTB in saddle on the detroit last that Steve posted.
Yes, to the grey!  For example, the u-tip in the grey, please, for those of us whose dress clothes stay on the black, grey, blue side of the spectrum.  A kind of stealth dress shoe -- a variation from black, but not too far.   Other thoughts:  the alt wein in suede -- snuff suede, for example.  Or a longwing tassel loafer in snuff suede or tan suede.  Some might think this old-fashioned, but on the right last and in suede, it might be a bit subversive.   The Alt Wein...
I knew I would regret that plaza last selection.  The left boot (looking at it) does look plaza, but the right boot has the full, round toe of barrie, and I suspected that the angle might be responsible the plaza-like appearance of the left.  As my equivocation in my response showed, I should have gone with what my head was telling me.   I have the plaza last captoe you have on order.  The plaza last seems to elicit strong opinions -- either people think it looks elegant...
(1) black cordovan NST boot, (2) black cordovan captoe boot, (3) color 8 cordovan wingtip boot, (4) color 8 cordovan NST boot, (5) cigar cordovan captoe boot, (6) leffot navy cxl wingtip boot, (7) color 8 cordovan chukkas and (8) snuff suede chukkas (very hard to see). For the (unannounced) bonus, I will try lasts:  (1) barrie (2) grant (3) plaza (I think I will regret that choice) (4) barrie (5) grant (6) barrie (7) barrie and (8) leyden
Alden NYC has the full strap in color 8, but I think the edging is dark, not antiqued.
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