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Those are a great looking selection.  Congratulations.  I expect you will sell the hell out of those.  I never knew I needed a pair of grey shoes until I saw those.   What are the lasts on the grey calf, brown lizard and navy cordovan models?
Those are great-looking shoes.  I hope you enjoy them.  I really don't think, however, that those are on the Aberdeen last.  First, they look like Barrie-lasted shoes -- round v. almond-shaped toe -- wide middle, etc. -- and most, if not all, of Epaulet's make-ups are on barrie last.  But if Epaulet says Aberdeen, then so be it.  
 Nothing in the Loop.  A store in the Near South area - a brief cabride from the Loop -- called Haberdashery carries Alden.  
 I grew up in the ATL as well but have ended up in the  Middle West.  
 I don't know, there are many, many of those in The ATL.  Stealin' our womenfolk too.
 Al, are you a southerner in New York?  Rebel yell, dude!
 C'est vrai.  I have to crow about the Braves because I have settled in a town that epitomizes sports futility in the NL baseball world.  Yes, Braves have a tremendous organization -- like the Cardinals -- in that they seem to restock and always be strong.  
 I too wear in "e" width.  I can wear a "d" width in trubalance by going up 1/2 size as you suggest, and most of the time I can go with a "d" width in barrie using the same strategy.  I cannot down a width (from "e" to "d") by sizing up 1/2 size  in lasts that are true to size, like aberdeen, grant, etc.  In these lasts, I just get shoes that are too long and too narrow.  I hope this helps.
No one can beat the shoes, but the Red Sox cannot survive the NL  . . . . . if they get past their AL comp.
 I have worn them with chinos.  I have not worn them with jeans, but I expect many would.  But the formality of them -- the austerity wingtip and the balmoral -- make them wearable with slacks and sportcoat as well.  I think they are very versatile - maybe slightly less than an open-laced boot, but not enough for this wearer to care.  
New Posts  All Forums: