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At around $150 that is a good deal.  See where the bidding ends up.
Very exciting adding Vass. I really like that tan scotch grain medallion toe. I too have been looking for a business casual shoe for foul Chicago weather and that looks great. I need the shoe in US 7.5e - that id, relatively small and wide. Is that possible and, if so, how? Also would really love that monk with the medallion toe in Burgundy cotdovan
True that. Always pays to be err on the side of (over)clarity on web fora. Your explanation of the virtues if Epaulet's way of handling out-of-its-market sizing is very well stated. quote name="El Argentino" url="/t/111211/epaulet-shop-official-affiliate-thread/22890#post_6548940"] Always. SVB's got his hitlist all drawn up already. EDIT: Disclaimer is always nice. People get passions so flamed so quickly it's not worth the risk.[/quote]
Unipair's rack rate includes 20% VAT which, depending on where you live, you may not have to pay.  Unipair is a little higher to very close to U.S. pricing.  
It sounds like you know you prefer the Alden NYC version of the color 8 cordovan Indy.  You should get what you want.  2 minutes after you receive the boot, you will not even remember the wait, and you will have what you want.  If you get what you don't want, you will always know that.     You are right that it would be "prudent" to get the black cordovan Indy -- again, whichever version you want . . . . . . IN ADDITION to the color 8 version, not instead of. You know...
Welcome.Your combo looks great - real gumption to combine bold plaid with argyles and you do it well.And finally argyles that bear some color relation to the pants they are with. It looks fantastic, as do your aldens. Thanks for posting.
This ole boy is proudern' a peacock!
I am proud of coming from the side of the tracks from which I came.     Where I come from, we call those trousers "plain britches" (versus "fancy britches") and we would say that wearin' them plain britches with them goin'-to-Sunday-meetin'-shoes is pretendin' you are steppin' through high cotton.  We would encourage you not to go puttin' on airs that way.  (Two winks).     Now, where you come from, what is the difference between chinos and kakhis?  Aren't they roughly...
That ain't me wearing the jeans so tight the buttons barely made it to cover an exceedingly small waist and rear.   I am physically incapable of wearing anything nearly so tight without offending the laws of nature and decency. I would not do that to the world.
Apologist.     What is the world coming to?    And how can the answer to this question be at all positive when style leaders who have strayed from The Path are encouraged with such, I am sure well-intentioned, enabling?   And how can that answer be positive when I am shirking my duties with my apparently quixotic battle in support of the rules of style and good taste?   Break long over.  Back to work.  
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