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 This is not common in my experience with color 8 shells.  It is a significant discoloration and it will not change.  I think it is completely unacceptable that retailer would hope it could pawn that off on someone. I have never seen a second from the ShoeMart that looks that bad. Return them and either get a decent pair from J Crew or get color 8 LWB from anyone fthe many retailers who sell first quality Aldens when you pay first quality price  
 I have used some suede protector spray called Terrago that is superb:  protects the suede against wetness superbly, and does not affect the suede in any way I can discern. I do not know about the Allen Edmonds spray, so cannot opine about that.
Depends how fervent your hate of speedhooks is.  If you like the boot and can learn to live with it, I say do that.  You rarely can know what make-ups or coming and, even if you do, you don't know when they are coming.  If you really hate speedhooks, however, you should not buy them and wait for what you really want.
 That pebble grain makes it  a more casual plain toe blucher.  I would wear it with casual clothes (chinos, corduroy) all the way up to business casual -- sport coat and slacks.   Would not wear it with a suit - unless something like a tweed suit -- ie. suit equivalent of sport coat and slacks.  
 I have a number of shell LHS and bought this summer the exact model you are contemplating -- tan suede LHS. I really like the tan suede LHS - versatile, comfortable, and great-looking. The suede does feel lighter than the shell LHS.  The sole is more flexible than the single leather sole on the LHS, and the suede leather feels thinner, softer and lighter on the feet than shell. They feel like a different shoe than the shell LHS.   I live in a four season climate where the...
Try Alden DC as well.
My experience would suggest you won't be able to successfully size down to 7.5D.  I wear 7E in Barrie and 7.5 E in true-to-size Alden lasts.  When picking up Van lasted shoes, I was advised to go with my Barrie size.  When I did, the shoes were impossibly short.  True-to-size in Van yielded a great fit.   In other words, for Van-lasted shoes, you may have to go up, not down, one-half size from your Barrie size.
What are the lasts for the (1) snuff suede beetle boot and the (2) cordovan boot?  Thank you.
Congratulations on finally going commando.  I know it can be a bit intimidating at first.  But, as you have seen, going commando can be liberating.  It feels great -- breezy and light.  There is a squishy comfort in each step that you can't get otherwise.  I bet you feel better after 8 hours than you do now.   You wear it well.  Enjoy.
captoe boot, NST boot, Indy boot
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