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Alden NYC has two navy cxl make-ups: lhs and Indy boot. Alden NYC also has a navy suede lwbs. Alden sf and others are offering navy cxl plain toe bluchers. Leather soul has navy suede shortwing bluchers.y
+ 1. That is not normal and should be taken care of by retailer/manufacturer.
 If you need it, you need it.  The Hampton last fits me true to size.   Tremont is one of Alden's largest lasts -- right up there with barrie -- so no surprise that you would go Barrie size on Tremont.  
 yes, these are tankers.   Tankers are vernacular for boots with the open lacing norwegian handsewn front.  Many of the make-ups of this boot are put on the barrie last.  Some (like J Gilbert) have it made on the plaza last.  I think I may have seen the boot on aberdeen last somewhere - aberdeen is the last that the Alden stock NSF shoe is built on --  but I am not sure about that.  Citishoes has its NSF make-ups -- shoes and boots -- made on the Barrie last.
+ 1
Outstanding pair.  Thanks for the after pictures.  I am officially going to use my color 8 Indys, just received this week, as my winter boots.
 The information about the preorders says they expect this current batch in early 2014 but it might be longer. A March-April 2014 delivery for the current preorders would be consistent with my experience with Leffot.  They are a pleasure to deal with and have great make-ups.
 The poster asked for a brown calf ptb with double leather sole and then said cxl would work.   First, I am pretty sure that the link supplied is to shoes with waterlock sole, not leather sole.  Second, I suspect that the waterlock sole on those shoes is single, not double, waterlock.  I see no description describing the sole as double waterlock (or double leather) and I have the navy cxl version, which is among the choices available through the link you supply, and that...
Cordovan does not stretch, so how they feel now is likely how they will continue to feel.  Indys are fundamentally workboots, so comfort is paramount.  What you are feeling is less-than-optimal fit.   The question is whether they fit well enough for you to want to keep them.  It sounds from your description like the "d" width provides you the best fit for Indys.  These are great-looking boots, but they will never fit you as well as an Indy boot could or should.  Solution:...
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