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opinion seems to be running against me about oxford/blucher, but isn't the cap toewith closed lacing and thus Oxford and the whole cut open lacing and thus a blucher?
The whole cut, which is a type of plain toe Blucher.
if you are serious about having a need to wear the black shoes to formal events you should get the plain toe blucher. It will work well with suits and you can wear it with a tux. If you wear the cap toewith a tux you look like a guy who does not know the difference between business and semi-formal.
(1) if Simpson -- a narrow last -- is just right for you, Rain -- a medium-width last -- and Inca -- a wide last -- will likely not fit you well at all.   (2) the price for shoes that fit is a great price.
my goodness, you are married and still relying on luck? Either you have a very complex life or your wife has not appreciated your entitlement to your manly due. Your choice footwear should be mere foreplay.
The longwinv, being a blusher and on barrie last, is more casual than the short wing which is a Balmoral and on a slimmer, more formal, last. The short wing can go more comfortably with suits and the long wing can go more casual than the shortwimg.There is some overlap but, be real. Particularly here, you know these are two wildly different shoes and you need both.enjoy
The longwing is a classic that is versatile and, if you like the look, great-looking.  It is also available now, or sort of now, in a number of different configurations.  Moreover, it will likely be so long before you can get the cigar Indy, you could get the longwings now, get on a list for the Indys now, and perhaps have both within 12-24 months.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.  With dogs that big, one pair of shoes for you is, almost literally, equivalent to two pair of shoes in "normal" sizes.  With shell so hard to come by, particularly in the exotic colors, it must be rationed for use in making the most pairs of shoes -- that is, in sizes 7-9, maybe an odd 10 in there occasionally!  Just elegant black and color 8 for you!
If you like gunboats, you always get use out of the black.  A classic, great looking shoe.  And I agree with your intuition about the usefulness of the commando sole for the fall and winter.  I got  a pair of color 8 boots with commando soles for the same use.  
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