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I would go for that whiskey shell tanker.
Congratulations, those boots look great, and the combo with pants looks fantastic.
tarrago (sp?) is an incredibly effective product that you spray on suede to make it amazingly water repellent.  I do not know if it will help with dye rubbing off on suede, but I would certainly ask of the manufacturer.  I am sorry I do not have the experience to advise about how to remove such stains.
Alden of Carmel has limited sizes remaining in color 8 shortwings with commando soles on the leydon last.  Leydon is not as round-toed as aberdeen, but it is far slimmer than Barrie.  
I was lucky enough to get these too - Leffot perforated captoe boots in black cordovan - and since Fall is beginning, am wearing them for the first time today.  I too really like the boot - something about the way it is put together is very nice - I think the all eyelets adds to the quality and look as does the double leather sole.  I did not get the color 8 version because I simply could not justify it when I have a color 8 captoe boot.  I really wish, however, that I...
Those are a great looking selection.  Congratulations.  I expect you will sell the hell out of those.  I never knew I needed a pair of grey shoes until I saw those.   What are the lasts on the grey calf, brown lizard and navy cordovan models?
Those are great-looking shoes.  I hope you enjoy them.  I really don't think, however, that those are on the Aberdeen last.  First, they look like Barrie-lasted shoes -- round v. almond-shaped toe -- wide middle, etc. -- and most, if not all, of Epaulet's make-ups are on barrie last.  But if Epaulet says Aberdeen, then so be it.  
 Nothing in the Loop.  A store in the Near South area - a brief cabride from the Loop -- called Haberdashery carries Alden.  
 I grew up in the ATL as well but have ended up in the  Middle West.  
 I don't know, there are many, many of those in The ATL.  Stealin' our womenfolk too.
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