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 Nothing in the Loop.  A store in the Near South area - a brief cabride from the Loop -- called Haberdashery carries Alden.  
 I grew up in the ATL as well but have ended up in the  Middle West.  
 I don't know, there are many, many of those in The ATL.  Stealin' our womenfolk too.
 Al, are you a southerner in New York?  Rebel yell, dude!
 C'est vrai.  I have to crow about the Braves because I have settled in a town that epitomizes sports futility in the NL baseball world.  Yes, Braves have a tremendous organization -- like the Cardinals -- in that they seem to restock and always be strong.  
 I too wear in "e" width.  I can wear a "d" width in trubalance by going up 1/2 size as you suggest, and most of the time I can go with a "d" width in barrie using the same strategy.  I cannot down a width (from "e" to "d") by sizing up 1/2 size  in lasts that are true to size, like aberdeen, grant, etc.  In these lasts, I just get shoes that are too long and too narrow.  I hope this helps.
No one can beat the shoes, but the Red Sox cannot survive the NL  . . . . . if they get past their AL comp.
 I have worn them with chinos.  I have not worn them with jeans, but I expect many would.  But the formality of them -- the austerity wingtip and the balmoral -- make them wearable with slacks and sportcoat as well.  I think they are very versatile - maybe slightly less than an open-laced boot, but not enough for this wearer to care.  
+ 1.  Uetam is one of Carmina's more narrow lasts.  Barrie is one of Alden's widest lasts.  In other words, Uetam is on opposite side of width spectrum from barrie.   In addition to the detroit and inca recommendations, Carmina makes a wide fitting on the forest and rain lasts in addition to the normal width fittings offered on these lasts.  
 How?  Because the Cards SUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK.  What they do when they come to Wrigley is just criminal.  Year in, year out, they are very, very bad guests.  
New Posts  All Forums: