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You ought to be ashamed of yourself.  With dogs that big, one pair of shoes for you is, almost literally, equivalent to two pair of shoes in "normal" sizes.  With shell so hard to come by, particularly in the exotic colors, it must be rationed for use in making the most pairs of shoes -- that is, in sizes 7-9, maybe an odd 10 in there occasionally!  Just elegant black and color 8 for you!
If you like gunboats, you always get use out of the black.  A classic, great looking shoe.  And I agree with your intuition about the usefulness of the commando sole for the fall and winter.  I got  a pair of color 8 boots with commando soles for the same use.  
Look great to me.
Here in flyover land, 50 degrees F is when you put on a sweater or sweatshirt to ward off the chill while still wearing shorts. But, of course,  50 degrees is a distant memory now.   And this post is really inconsiderate now that here we are only beginning the four-five-month slog known as snot-pouring-then-freezing-on-your-upper-left-as-you-walk-from-the-train-to-work season.  You really should not be "killing" to be part of this, but counting your blessings that you live...
Did this today.  Looked great.
Rain is not a wide fitting last at all. It is a medium-fitting last. Rain is offered in a wide fitting and even the wide fitting barely, just barely, gets to "e" (US width sizing) territory.
These are great-looking make-ups.  
If you are really interested, you should call Leffot and ask if they can add you to the order.  They may say no, but that is the worse that can happen, and I think it is highly likely they will be able to accommodate you.
Fair enough.  Maybe another PTB make-up.     I would be interested in the chukka in saddle shell with the broguing as well, but not in cognac.  But, obviously, understand if the volume to get it mad goes in another direction.  
I had expressed interest in the plain toe blucher.  I will participate with saddle shell and double leather sole.  I am sure the cognac will look great, but I do not have a need for the shoe in cognac.
New Posts  All Forums: