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Great looking suede NST.  
 I cannot compare the Alden longwing 975 to the Ralph Lauren or C&J shoes you mention because I am not familiar with the non-Alden shoes you mention.  But the 975 is on the Barrie last, which is one of the widest last in the toebox that Alden makes.  Moreover, the 975 is widely available in "E" widths -- one width wider than "standard" "D" width -- and I believe is available standard from the factory in "EE" and "EEE" widths if needed.  So with Alden longwings, you should...
 I would go with snuff because it is more versatile - goes with jeans, chinos, and wools in charcoal, grey, tan, olive, some blues, etc.  -- but it depends upon the intended use.   The mocha brown looks great with charcoals and, of course, browns.
 Leffot's tan and snuff suede longwing bluchers are on single flex sole.  There are pictures on that website.
 Are you kidding?  Those are two different boots.  You will love having them both.  Get both. Wear both.   In all seriousness, if you really don't have the money for both, then you have already answered the question in the way you posed it. But they are two different boots; they are both great-looking, and you will enjoy them both.  
DonL, great combo how you have the eggplant color in your trousers that your color 8 wingtip boots pick up.
 That is simply remarkable.  You did superb, superb work.  Your finished product looks outstanding.   And inspiring:  now I will be lobbying for black/burgundy saddles since I cannot even think of making them as you did.   Congratulations and I hope you really enjoy them.  Thanks for posting.
 Why are these only in sizes for pituitary freaks?  Why not some real sizes in the 7 range?  (joking, of course.  I wish my feet were in the 8-9 normal range sizes).  I would love to have cordovan indys on plaza last.  So close yet but so far.   Budapest, you should get them because you will regret not doing so when they are no longer available.  And they will last you the rest of your life with proper care.
 Great combo - great shoes, argyles that tie to the pants.  Thanks for posting.  
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