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That made me laugh out loud.  Thanks.
 All I meant by "if they are really  . . " is if the post was tongue-in-cheek or a joke.  Most people, particularly on this forum -- and I include myself here -- would be prone to baby their cigar cordovan boots rather than use them for outdoor work, so I thought your post might have been made in jest.  I meant nothing else, and certainly no disrespect of any kind.   Obviously, those are cigar cordovan boots (and they look like they may be on the plaza last to boot (pun...
If those are really cigar cordovan Indys, Patek gets the award for Most Gumption.  Or maybe it should be called Walking the Walk.  I know shell is tough, but to use an exotic cordovan instead of, for example, the more ubiquitous King Cordovan takes cajones.   Or maybe a second pair of cigar cordovan Indys lurking in the closet.   Love to see a cleaned up picture.
DonL is seriously in the running for Best Dressed on this thread.  Consistently, he not only has impeccable shoes, but the combination with  other clothes, and the clothes themselves are superb.  That houndstooth coat is the shits and looks perfect with those great looking pants.  Hat's off.   If Mac is uncle, Don L is the Godfather.
Excellent, my brother from another mother!
You've got to be kidding me. First, an "uncle" that evokes all kinds of wierdness. But at least Mac knows what he is talking about and, until recently, was a not only a highly informed presence, but a ubiquitous one too. Now this fsmily of strangers theme is made even more weird by what appears to be a thoroughly self-appointed "grandfather?". Lord, is "grandpa" Ari Gold continent? senile? Does he have experience on the topics that matter - in other words, is he older...
Moulded shoe in NYC has a captoe boot in brown cxl.
 Look at that red lining.  Excellent.  Too bad one's feet get in the way of the world seeing that.  The owner's little pleasure.
New Posts  All Forums: