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 that fading can happen even under store lights - one shoe is on display and the other isn't.  I suspect that is what happened here.
The color variance in those chukkas is great and very noticeable.  I would not accept them that way in any fashion, first or second quality goods.   I would return them, rarity of ravello or not.  Ravello is just a color that has some versatility and appeal.   Color 8 is just as, if not more, versatile and, to my mind, appealing.  It makes no sense to let ravello drive you to accept defective merchandise.   If you are inclined to make it work,  I think the better advice is...
 Edit.  Thought better of it.
 I have different brushes for each cordovan color shoe I have.  I have always had different brushes for black and color 8 cordovan shoes.  I got brushed dedicated to each color after the first pair of whiskey cordovan shoes I have darkened considerably after I first brushed it with the brush I had used on my color 8 shoes.  That brush had remnants of color 8 paste on it from its use on the color 8 shoes, which transferred to the whiskey shoes.  This would obviously happen...
 Called Leathersoul?  J Gilbert?
 Aberdeen is Alden's most narrow last, and is particularly narrow in the toebox.  The rule of thumb is true-to-size in Aberdeen, so 8.5D for you.  Personally, I am an "e" width, and wear the same size in (length and width) in Aberdeen and Grant.  
Max is a beautiful pooch and really makes both pictures.  Since you fell down on the job this morning, take that old boy for an extra long walk this evening.  He has a gorgeous mug, and deserves it!
 + 1 The cadet, being a perforated cap toe really goes with suits and, perhaps, business casual.  The PTB can go from sport coats to jeans.
Great looking suede NST.  
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