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Leffot makes this model and offers pre-sales on it.  I know they just had some come in this past Fall.  My impression was most of the sizes were already spoken for as pre-orders, but they may still have some sizes left and, perhaps, your size.  If not, you can find out if they will order again by calling Leffot.  Given its popularity, I would think it almost certain that they will reorder.   I would also check with J Gilbert since they make a lot of make-ups, including...
ShoeMart in CT stocks this model. So does a retailer in Atlanta, GA called H. Stockton.  H. Stockton stocks (pun sort of intended) the chukka only in "D" widths.  
Two of Alden's best models combined with a great cordovan color.  If only I had been aware of Leather Soul at the time they did this make-up.  A great make-up.
He is too young and stylish to be great grandfather.  Don L looks so good, he is the Godfather.  Personally, I would vote for the Dog Father he is so bad!
I have had this happen with a couple of pair of Alden boots.  The spot where I am afflicted is the inside left ankle.  In each instance it has happened, it went away after a few wears.  That and loosening the lacing until break-in completed took care of the problem.  
Thank you for the nomenclature information. There was no mention by the original poster of either of his options including a shoe in patent leather.  While not explicit, it was pretty clear he was asking about the captoe balmoral v. wholecut in black calf or, I suppose, cordovan.  
Regarding the blucher v. balmoral classification and the Carmina wholecut's classification in that system:  I appreciate the information supplied and I particularly appreciate Junior taking the time and effort to find and post the pictures from oldleathershoe.com and otherwise.  I am going to do some searches to better understand how wholecuts are balmorals and not bluchers.  I certainly get it that if a blucher requires open lacing and open lacing requires the additional...
This has got nothing to do with "tradition," "respect," or "gratitude"  or any generational divide.  It should not be controversial that one can appreciate the importance of respect and gratitude, and demonstrate these qualities, without playing along with this uncle/nephew -- I will be polite here -- eccentricity.  If others want to play along with it, have at it.  But it is an odd practice, and, I think, imminently understandable that the convention discourages some...
New Posts  All Forums: