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Great looking shoe. I would go for that if it could be offered on a last that has a wide fitting or one of the wide fitting lasts.
Even in the last picture with the close up I had to strain to see to what you were referring.    That looks much less pronounced than the creases you will have in the shoe by lunchtime.  Those shoes look great to me.    I hope you like wearing them.  
Well, everyone's feet are different.  But typically you go one-half size down, unless, of course, you have wide feet, when you might just stay the same size and go down a width.  Unless you are talking about barrie boots, in which case they tend to fit more narrowly than barrie-lasted shoes and so you go down one width.  This is the case except if you are talking about barrie lasted boots made of calfskin, which give less than cordovan, so you might have to go down two...
ShawnC,  You are assuming there is something pejorative about suggesting someone use an available resource -- and in this case the poster plainly knew that resource was available to him.  I don't get the sense anyone here rolls their eyes about new participants.  And, of course, no one did so here.  At the risk of stating the obvious, that is how an enterprise stays alive, vibrant and grows and the participants here are particularly solicitous and giving of their time,...
Grant is narrower than Barrie.  It is tighter around the waist than Barrie.  I think that the heel is narrower than on barrie too, but, if so, it is very subtle, at least with the dogs that bark with me.
and there is no connection between the lengthof this thread and the many repeated questions? . Even if repeats did not materially add to the length of the thread it is a matter of courtesy and efficiency. Searching is not sifting through the thread. The beautubof searchbis precisely that you are targeting what you want, not sifting.I never understand why some get bent out of shape about other people's time
Search. Very effective and this has been written about ad nauseum.
Leffot makes this model and offers pre-sales on it.  I know they just had some come in this past Fall.  My impression was most of the sizes were already spoken for as pre-orders, but they may still have some sizes left and, perhaps, your size.  If not, you can find out if they will order again by calling Leffot.  Given its popularity, I would think it almost certain that they will reorder.   I would also check with J Gilbert since they make a lot of make-ups, including...
ShoeMart in CT stocks this model. So does a retailer in Atlanta, GA called H. Stockton.  H. Stockton stocks (pun sort of intended) the chukka only in "D" widths.  
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