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Alden NYC has the full strap in color 8, but I think the edging is dark, not antiqued.
Those plaza last suede loafers are a fantastic Alden model and congratulations on getting them at a sale price.  They look great, and I hope you really enjoy them.  
That u-cap is a great looking shoe.  You could wear the u cap with sport coat and trousers.  I would think it might look odd with more casual pants like corduroy.  But wool or linen pants, even dressy cotton ones, with a coat or coat-like sweater would look fantastic. Personally,  I wish there was a different color leather planned fr the U-cap.   My dress clothes are greys, blues and blacks.  I don't use a lot of olives or browns in these clothes, making brown dress shoes...
Great score.  They look fantastic.  congratulations and enjoy wearing them.  
Nor should they.  
Enough with the watches!  Particularly those made by a company (Panerai) that makes money by marketing its military background  -- which background was militaries supporting Nazi efforts.  
Very tough to be a retailer these days.  
Those black circles on the faces are fantastic! The depth of color is just incredibly rich, and the ovalness is so symetrical. I have been meaning to replace my oval blackout face for some time, and you have shown me what I must have.I would be grateful if you can share where you got them. I sure hope they aren't much. I can't spend more than a couple hundred dollars to one. If they are a great value, I might want one for day wear and one for evening.
Those are great looking NST boots in loden calf.   I special ordered loden calf ptb from a store in San Fran.  I got a call a few months ago that Alden had failed to deliver my size - my pair did not pass QC in the manufacturing process, so no pair in that size was delivered or would be.  I am a bit flummoxed that Alden shorts the order rather than makes another pair when this happens.  But this is the second time this has happened in 12 months to a pre-order I made, so I...
New Posts  All Forums: