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Beebs,I have to say, your cock focus is impressive. You have a singular, laser-like focus on finding dicks and pricks and shouting it out, loud and proud. Most of the time, I, for one, don't even see anything, much less anything offensive or disturbing. I also, by the way, don't see much point in top down photos - usually the shoes appear so distant the picture is useless -- unless you try to increase the size of the picture which takes way too much time and effort. ...
Great looking boots. I hope you really enjoy them.If business casual, you mean dress slacks, coat and tie, your Indys will not work.If by business casual you mean nice coduroys, button shirt with a sweater - essentially one step up from jeans and t-shirt - Indys likely work with that.
Good lord, so judgmental. Where I come from, that's a party.
Oh man, isn't that what they all say.
I hope you used a condom. You need to be careful about what you bring home.
And you just had to go and do it.  I hope you are happy. Those are great boots.  I had them last Winter, and really enjoyed them.  I hope you do too.
If those aren't New Balance shoes, don't post them.  Might blow some minds here and rip a hole in the space-time continuum.
That is not sex.  They are shoes.   While some conflate the two, that is weird, and should be discouraged.  
Not a MTO. This was a leather soul make-up.
I do not think the problem here is "trying too hard to appear not to care." The problem is it is an affectation simply to be different. More precisely it is willingly being led by the nose by supposed style mavens to do something different than the norm and, thus, stylish. The sockless one talked about doing it to act "his age" - presumably meaning to distinguish himself as being young, presumably as opposed to not young.Style mavens encourage different looks to sell...
New Posts  All Forums: