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I think I am in for this.  One question:  what underlying leather would be used?  The boot looks like cordovan.
Cannot keep those.  Return.  Those should have been pitched.
Outstanding boots!
And are these torn, right out of the box, where the lacing part joins the shoe like every other pair of Aldens you have ever bought?They look really nice from the pictures you provided.
I would be in so long as the leather used was burgundy or plum museum calf although would prefer a pattern closer to EG Malvern - has real brogueing, not the fake brogueing of the Inverness
These are so sharp I had to leave one of the pictures unspoilered.  Simply outstanding.  Enjoy them.
+1. To be a bit more specific in case it matters: barrie size 9.5D = 64 last, size 9EThose of us who where American "e" width often need an English "f" width in 64 last.
That would be very sharp. I may copy you. Or get one like the picture. Or black calf lower amd grey suede upper. Or get two of these.
I would be up for a lizard Chelsea in brown. I would not go for jodphur.
+ 1If you wear a 7D on lwb on barrie last, you shuld get barrie-lasbarrie-lasted boots on 7 D and grant-lasted boots on 7.5D. The differences in thickness of socks is unlikely to matter.
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