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[[SPOILER]]  A bit shady?  Like being a bit pregnant.  It is dishonest.   
Those shoes are either barrie last or might even be trublance.  It is not at all the model 2160 shoe.   
I have Mardi Gras events to attend in a few weeks and would LOVE that jacket.  If only I did not require a 44R (probably 46R in Epaulet cut).  How did this jacket come about anyway?  Is it a sample?
Temp supposed to rise about 40 degrees by tomorrow afternoon over the temp now.  It is supposed to be a balmy 35 degrees or so on Thursday.  There will be a lot of ice on the ground from the past few weeks and it is supposed to snow on Thursday albeit a relative dusting compared to the onslought last week.  You will be fine with whatever you wear so long as you plan for moisture.
Once again MWS provides very helpful and expert information.  Thanks.
B. Nelson does not use the same commando sole?
I think the shoes look the same from the top. From the side, you can see the sawtooth nature of the heel of the commando sole versus the leather of the heel with the double leather sole, but I think both look fine.  With jeans and chinos, either heel shapes (and dole) is fine.  The question is whether you would prefer one shape over the other.  Personally, I think the relatively rugged look of commando sole is an attractive juxtaposition with the smooth, shiny nature of...
Isn't that the truth!
what do you want to know? Alden makes a Moc c stitch toe loafer - the lhs - in many colors of cordovan and calf skin leather. It makes a lace-up shoe with a mocc stitch toe in cordovan and many colors of calf akin leather that you don't see as much as the lpafer. My sense is that the Alden makes the lace-up only on retailer order. You have a mocc to lace-up boot that is even more rare than the lace-up and looks like a great casual boot. Enjoy them.
Welcome to this idiosyncratic and very informative forum and to your evolving aesthetic.  I hope you enjoy it and it is not too expensive for you. You say you are starting to dress up more.  Of course, there is dressing up and there is dressing up.  Since you also say your style is casual, I would assume dressing up more means things like nice jeans, tailored or wool slacks,  collared dress shirts and maybe sport coats and ties, and does not mean navy, charcoal or...
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