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No, I love those loafers. Like I said, I love the loafers. See the diffference?
Very handsome suedes.The InitialIimage that hit my head is that they look ready to carry you to Nottingham Forest to join Big John and Robin Hood.
Patrick, What do you mean by black wingtips being contradictory? I am intrigued.
Schmallo, Renton, thank you both very much for your help. I appreciate it. I wear an American "E" width. It sounds like I really need a UK "f" width on the last for this boot. I am afraid the standard UK E width simply is not going to work.
skm, thank you. Do you have any alden shoes? If so, what width do you take on then true - to - size lasts? If no.Alden shoes, do you have Carmina shoes on rain or.forest lasts? If so, what.size do you take in those lasts? Thank you again.
I am interested in the adder ley boot in that light tan color. In the interests of moving this along I would ask for the following information which I know is available through a search but a search is difficult to do on my mobile: what last is this potential gmto made on and is that last available in widths that are wider than UK E and, if so, can a wider width be part of the gmto? Thank you.
Bobbo, Of the models you mention, the only retailer I have seen offer the brown CXL Norwegian toe boot and the be chocolate brown suede Norwegian toe boot is Leather Soul. The Shoe Mart I believe sells the natural CXL Norwegian toe boot. Leather Should may as well, I am not sure. Other options in which you might be.interested: Leffot offers a captoe natural CXLboot - there is a pre - order open for that boot now. Leffot, shoemart, alden SF and Alden DC (and, perhaps...
Steve, Thank you for theclarification. YYou will have a pm from me in a moment.
I am interested in the navy shell PTB so long as it is the sleek navy shell PTB pictured above on the rain last.  I need a 6.5 wide fitting in that rain-lasted shoe.  Isn't that shoe the subject of an existing proposed group-made-to-order? In response to Member2000's inquiry about the navy shell tanker proposed group-made-to-order, isn't the split toe design pictured norwegian construction? 
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