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I am interested in the navy shell PTB so long as it is the sleek navy shell PTB pictured above on the rain last.  I need a 6.5 wide fitting in that rain-lasted shoe.  Isn't that shoe the subject of an existing proposed group-made-to-order? In response to Member2000's inquiry about the navy shell tanker proposed group-made-to-order, isn't the split toe design pictured norwegian construction? 
[try Alden DC. Also try Rancort (sp?) That also makes cordovan shoes and belts.
What great-looking models!  In the Alden boots - is that captoe boot lady calf throughout except for the captoe piece which is smooth black calf leather?  Inspired!   The Carminas look great, but I echo that, at least on my computer screen, the suede looks more beige than grey.     Excellent make-ups.
Td, Search function is your friend. Examples or Carmina ruby cordovan abound on this thread, Carmina thread and other retailers.
I also vote for commando sole. I won't say never at this point about a double leather sole, but I would have to seriously cconsider participating in this MTO if the sole was double leather.
Absolutely not too far.  Personally, I love the snuff suede color, but think that suede in a simple shoe -- a plain toe blucher, for example -- is boring.  I think this snuff suede has a rich color and the brogueing adds some design variation that makes the shoe great looking.  I say that if you like them, get them and enjoy them with confidence.  
ass.The obvious '"vocation" these are " appropriate for" Is stylish coat and tie for more creative professions - obviously beyond your grasp -- or more adventurous street wear. They are also appropriate for the wearer to insert up your narrow- minded ass.If they are not your taste, fine. You don't have to get them. But the next time you have the desire to crap on someone else's aesthetic and call it pimp, tell yourself to shut the fuck up because you have no business...
I would be up for that boot in navy shell. I like it in the brown suede with the contrasting stitching too.
New Posts  All Forums: