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skm, thank you. Do you have any alden shoes? If so, what width do you take on then true - to - size lasts? If no.Alden shoes, do you have Carmina shoes on rain or.forest lasts? If so, what.size do you take in those lasts? Thank you again.
I am interested in the adder ley boot in that light tan color. In the interests of moving this along I would ask for the following information which I know is available through a search but a search is difficult to do on my mobile: what last is this potential gmto made on and is that last available in widths that are wider than UK E and, if so, can a wider width be part of the gmto? Thank you.
Bobbo, Of the models you mention, the only retailer I have seen offer the brown CXL Norwegian toe boot and the be chocolate brown suede Norwegian toe boot is Leather Soul. The Shoe Mart I believe sells the natural CXL Norwegian toe boot. Leather Should may as well, I am not sure. Other options in which you might be.interested: Leffot offers a captoe natural CXLboot - there is a pre - order open for that boot now. Leffot, shoemart, alden SF and Alden DC (and, perhaps...
Steve, Thank you for theclarification. YYou will have a pm from me in a moment.
I am interested in the navy shell PTB so long as it is the sleek navy shell PTB pictured above on the rain last.  I need a 6.5 wide fitting in that rain-lasted shoe.  Isn't that shoe the subject of an existing proposed group-made-to-order? In response to Member2000's inquiry about the navy shell tanker proposed group-made-to-order, isn't the split toe design pictured norwegian construction? 
[try Alden DC. Also try Rancort (sp?) That also makes cordovan shoes and belts.
What great-looking models!  In the Alden boots - is that captoe boot lady calf throughout except for the captoe piece which is smooth black calf leather?  Inspired!   The Carminas look great, but I echo that, at least on my computer screen, the suede looks more beige than grey.     Excellent make-ups.
Td, Search function is your friend. Examples or Carmina ruby cordovan abound on this thread, Carmina thread and other retailers.
I also vote for commando sole. I won't say never at this point about a double leather sole, but I would have to seriously cconsider participating in this MTO if the sole was double leather.
Absolutely not too far.  Personally, I love the snuff suede color, but think that suede in a simple shoe -- a plain toe blucher, for example -- is boring.  I think this snuff suede has a rich color and the brogueing adds some design variation that makes the shoe great looking.  I say that if you like them, get them and enjoy them with confidence.  
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