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And I thought you were deliberately going for "moisteyness" for fun and inadvertently hit "send" too soon.  A state agency that controls toll roads in my area recently ran a series of radio commercials that promoted one of its toll roads for its "quickiness."  These commercials dripped with irony (that for some may have, at times, turned to annoyance) because one (at least this one) only heard these commercials while creeping along in 15-mile-per-hour traffic jams on that,...
I am up for this fur boot but only in the original tan. I have a preference for commando sole, but any sole with some gripping power would be okay.
I am up for the alt wein boot in saddle shell. I would also love the Grey suede in a single monk strap or in plain toe blucher or a medallion toe blucher.
Incredible:  computer (which I am sure has music and boob tube capabilities), headphones, books, coffee machine.  All you need is a urinal and some tp and you would never have to leave.
my apologies. I am on on a smart phone and I inadvertently asserted my reply in between the paragraphs of your question instead of afterwards. I hope it is not too hard to make out my thoughts.
Thank you for this information.  Very helpful in making a decision. Question:  This is obviously a boot to be worn in Winter.  How does it make sense to make a Winter boot out of suede?  Wouldn't the fact the boot is made of suede make the boot unusable for Winter in places where one gets snow and rain in Winter because the suede would ruin in seconds in snow and rain?  And don't most places that get Winter cold enough to warrant a fur-lined boot also get snow and rain...
Deleted to avoid redundancy.  
Thank you for the post and for going a bit smaller! I have the added challenge of wideness -I walk on clubs - so the wide lasts (soller, Detroit and perhaps Inca (?)) And the wide fittings of rain and forest lasts are what I need. So I look forward to seeing what is available in 2014. Plain toe blucher in the light cognac Cordovan or navy cordovan, six eyelet boot in light cognac cordovan, medallion captoe bluchers in black or burgundy cordovan and a navy cordovan...
Those are both great-looking make-ups.  But, for me, I only wish  could participate:  No 6.5's, so no shoes for me.  
New Posts  All Forums: