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If the eBay sellers were selling their goods, the prices being charged plainly were not "inflated" - people are happy to pay it. And one would think the ebay sellers were successful, if your hypothesis is correct, bwcause if the eBay sellers were not successful, one would think they would stop selling and Lulemon's "problem" would be corrected. Sounds to me like Lulemon only has itself to bblame for its perceived situation and Iis approaching it in a self-defeating way.
those alligator shoes of yours are really sharp.
if youwwant to pay that price, they are. If you want to pay more for them than that, 595 is is a bargain. If you want to pay less than 595, they are nnot worth 595. Or you really want to throw that money away on your 345th pair of shoes but decide you have a better use for the money like being able to retire without sucking at the government, or someone else's, tit, then the shoes are not worth 595. It is your cash (or credit). What do you think?
Just 'cause I like to cause trouble (and I need these shoes): how about: (1) rain - lasted whole cut on navy cordovan (2) rain - lasted whole cut on burgundy cordovan. signnup. Let's go.
Notrkip, you are a prince among shoe sluts.. Size 1/2 down on soller, dude. Thank you again.
Epaulet has reported repeatedly it would refund the deposits to anyonewho wwants refunds amd that it would hold the place for tthe refundees should the Messiah appear and the shoe is confirmed. Many people on the list for the MTO have repeatedly reported this policy as well. There is no news here. When the Messiah comes we will all be delivered, none of us will have this MTO because Alden is otherwise engaged and, you know what, we will all still be delivered with...
Notrekip, Your photos are incredibly helpful for getting a sense of the different volumes and shapes of rain, forest, Oscar and soller lasts. Thank you for taking the time to take these pictures and share them here. question: are the shoes in the rain, forest and Oscar all the same size and the regular width fittings (as opposed to the wide width fittings) for rain and forest? And the Soller lasted shoes are .5 size down from the rain, forest and Oscar - lasted...
Very nice.  Beautiful.
New Posts  All Forums: