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I am neither nephew mor uncle - at least mot to anyone on this thread - at least not that I know abou!
Really great looking!
Why?  What are the current tiers?  What do they mean?  What do you find meaningful about the designation of membership?
I would be up for the captoe boot, not the chukka, and I would want the commando sole for traction.
I have exactly your view of exotic skins and exactly your questions about use.  I ended up getting a pair - black lizard monk straps.  I wear them to work/social evening events where business casual/dressy sport clothes is required - sport coat, slacks and and tie or sport coat and slacks. I do not wear them often, but I am glad I got them.  They are a nice change of pace without being too out there. If you go this route, however, beware:  a store in NYC Epaulet has...
that is pretty funny. And pretty true.
I wish someone would buy that pair so Leffot would reorder it and I could get a pair in my size.  (The truth is, however, that leffot may not reorder since it took so long for this run to sell.  I think it is a great makeup).
What a great looking boot.  Amazing how much difference the lasts makes:  the Indy boot on trublance is more casual; the same mocc stitching on plaza last makes it look much more dressy and elegant.
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