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You had to. You just had to do it. Here it comes.Zug Zug ZugZug Zug ZugZug is the wordI'm thinking of.
No, this was a group made to order from Skoak.  One of the many great ones Skoak has organized.   There is usually another Word associated with this particular Group Made to Order.  I am trying hard not to say the word.  That Word.  Because saying That Word tends to unleash an unholy torrent of exclamations that make it seem that this board has been taken over by Turret's Syndrome sufferers:  a ferocious, unseemly and terrifying flood of wails.   So I will not say That Word.
Really?  Of snow-covered boots?   I have not posted pics here before and dont know that I know how to do that. Most here will not think that an excuse since they do it all of the time, but I have not - I know how to email pics, but not into a specific thread on a website.   If I can figure it out without a lot of effort -- I have weather with which to deal, a bitchin' packer brisket smoking in the smoker that I am tending, all-too-frequent snow shoveling duties that I must...
All hail to heather gorse.  All hail to heather gorse.   Bought from Skoak a pair of the heather gorse galways with the shearling lining in the shaft.  Wasn't sure what the point of shearling lining on the shaft was when I joined the MTO.  Really wasn't sure what the point was when I received the boots and saw them in real life.  As great as the boots looked, I was afraid that I would never where them because while I live in a place with Winters that are reoutinely 6...
I think I am in for this.  One question:  what underlying leather would be used?  The boot looks like cordovan.
Cannot keep those.  Return.  Those should have been pitched.
Outstanding boots!
And are these torn, right out of the box, where the lacing part joins the shoe like every other pair of Aldens you have ever bought?They look really nice from the pictures you provided.
I would be in so long as the leather used was burgundy or plum museum calf although would prefer a pattern closer to EG Malvern - has real brogueing, not the fake brogueing of the Inverness
These are so sharp I had to leave one of the pictures unspoilered.  Simply outstanding.  Enjoy them.
New Posts  All Forums: