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Leffot is offering an Alden PTB that is a country calf.  www.leffot.com
Leaves, This reference is to the EG Dover in Black willow calf.  Is this on the 202 last?
Fantastic!! Congratulations.
I am quite confident that to the normal, this make-up will not be, in fact, sexual.   Shades of the infamous pervert on youtube who, in his tidy whities, stroked his tiny cock while talking about and fondling his shoes.   
I really want those red lizard loafers. what last are those available on?I also really like that blue kizard, but cannot quite figure out what it would reasonably go with or high dressy or not what style shoe to get: will it go with wool pants - like with sport coat or sweater? Jeans or kakhhis? Casual suits? Can you have spectator shoe made with, say, blue lizard and white calf?
Outstanding color And medallion!
Those spectators look fantastic. Elegant,and unique - a subtle bit nice shift from typical lace-up wingtip or captoe Spectators.And what is wrong with a little pimpin'? Every real man has a little of that in him. (Although, truth be told, no Tru Mac Daddy would be caught dead in those - too conservative and not flashy enough.)A few decades ago spectators, inckuding models like these, were relativrly common. Now they are exotic and get Walter Mitty all excited. The less...
Yes, I need a black and whitE spectator, I love these make-ups, go to buy a pair of these shoes, but find only "d" widths.No spectators for meYou buy Alden barrie last shoes - barrie last being the next to widest last Alden offers - in "e" widths. But the shoes you order in the Aberdeen last -Alden's most narrow last - you offer only in "d" width, not "e."Alas, no spectators for me.
These are incredible! Excellent. Hoping you have American "e" width in my size.
I would be in for this.
New Posts  All Forums: