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thank you. It does look great as does the Leffot boot with the red brick sole.For what it is worth, Yenni of J Gilbert thinks the blue CXL Indy she is ordering is one of her best looking offerings for this year.
Leffot's version had a red brick sole. That is not a picture of Leffot's version. Leffot has no more of this boot left nor does it have any plans to reorder. In fact, since issuing this boot, Leffot has issued a blue suede Indy shoe with the red brick sole. I believe Leffot still has in stock some sizes of the shoe.
who offers the navy suede Indys?
You can get the navy CXL Indy's in US for the price that one typically pays for CXL shoes, not the 737 required to pay a Korean retailer. Alden Madison has navy CXL Indy's in stock. J Gilbert has orders for them. whonkffers that navy suede indy?
Of course too long.
Somebody is a 7.5D.  There are a lot of interesting shoes on that list:  the shoes you got, color 8 and black cordovan split toes, brown scotch grain moc stitch chukkas, black scotch grain medallion toe bluchers with commando soles (which I got to use in foul weather), kudu chukkas, well as the ravello chukkas.  
God almighty.  Zippy, I will say thanks for forwarding the link, but I regret clicking through.  I will confess I could not finish it I was so numbed by the windbaggery. 
Those are gorgeous shoes.
supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow.   Lake Michigan will be filled with locals swimming and picking up the ladies in bikinis.   Kidding about the second sentence.  But it is supposed to be habitable here over the next few days. 
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