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On Carmina shoes on the rain last, I need a wide fitting. For shoes on the Detroit last, I have ordered the same size as I do on the rain last, and the Detroit last shoes have fit well. I imagine that if I needed the regular width fitting of rain - lasted shoes, my size on the Detroit last might be more complex. The general rule is, however, that Detroit is not a lot wider than the normal width rain last so that one would get the same size in the two lasts. In other...
A few years ago, Leather sole offered a plain toe blucher on aberdeen as well as, I think, plaza in the past in both color 8 and black shell. 
Great looking shoe.  Congratulations.
I am up for this.
That is pretty funny.
throw some milk on them.
I would like to participate in the group-made-to-order for the Nevis in almond country calf.
I deployed that very same whiskey shoe today as well.  I paired it with a mundange kakhi pants, not nearly as unique as you. I also observed Whiskey Tuesday when I wore whiskey NSTs.   A Whiskey Week for me.
New Posts  All Forums: