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Steve does not sell Aldens. Why are you looking for sushi in France when the place to look for sushi is obviously Japan (the Alden thread)?Of course, Carmina, a brand Steve does sell, offers a great looking tanker - style boot. While not identical to the Alden model, some believe it is even more attractive than the Alden tanker.
What is the second time this week? What are you talking about?
For me, my size in barrie - lasted shoes is .5 size down from my brannock size. My size in detroit last (as is true for me in all of the Carmina lasts that I cam wear) is 1 size down from brannock size.
If transactional sex, having Big Bertha show up onstead of the lady pictured, AIDS, and the real possibility of being murdered on the spot are your thing, then you are right.
They are for you. They are expensive because of unusual design and are considered desirable. It is also the case that they make the leg look long and elegant and the extreme heel height pitches the wearer so that the arse is displayed to maximum effect so that the wearer looks ready for sex. If your gal gets them, it is likely to be something you enjoy and cause you to want them, and everything else, off. Such is the paradox of many well-designed amd -constructed lady...
I would compare detroit to the barrie last in that they both are generous in forefoot amd toe box and nit so sculptrd i. The waist. I wear an "e" width in barrie and the Detroit - lasted shoes fit me well, although slightly more snug than "e" width barrie, but not much. Detroit last is a little more sculpted in the toe box than barrie.
In honor of the soon-approaching season, and MDubs' service: Go down, MDubs Way down to Egypt Land Tell Old Pharoah To Let my Alden's go!  
I enjoy mine too.  I also appreciate what they represent:  commemorating innovation, a great idea, staying power and great looking Alden make-ups.
Well, you know what they say about opinions: like assholes, everyone has one. The fact that you are proud to be "blunt" about it, doesn't make it smell any less.
A great looking shoe for business casual or more sporty dress wear. What's the point of hating on taste?
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