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Fyi, I decided not to proceed with this. If I get a chelsea, I would want it on soller last, and not as dark as the plum museum calf apparently is.
That's very funny!
Both of those boots are outstanding. And the burnishing on the lighter colored ones look great. Fantastic looking boots.
Are those double leather or double waterlock soles on the navy cxl dover and the longwings?  
You honestly pay attention to how your shoes crease? If they are too big, sell them. Life is too short to wear shoes that don't fit. The creasing won't stand in your way, since most people could not care less how their shoes crease. If you want to keep them, always stare straight ahead and enjoy the fact that you are not barefoot and that everyone else is admiring your shoes.
Rain last is available in wide fitting. I am not sure if different widths can be ordered in same gmto. I would prefer soller over rain becaise rain past, I find, is too pointy-toed.
I Would join this so long as it is on soller or (second choices) rain or forest and available with a wide fitting. I am flexible as to sole, but have a slight preference for one that could have traction in ice and snow. But leather would be fine.
I would go for that with or without metal taps.
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