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I have these.  The color in real life typically appears a bit darker than that picture.  That picture looks to have a bit of brightening by flash.  The color in real life is darker than that picture slightly, but not as dark as chocolate suede or the dark brown suede of the suede NST in Alden's standard line.  
I would join this but only if on the rain last so I can get the wide option that is available on that last.  I do not believe Inca has a wide fitting available like rain and forest do.  I hope the group can decide to go with rain.
We have different expectations and standards. If I pay $800 for whiskey shell shoes, that is what I expect to get and I won't accept two shoes colored differently that I have to hope may change to a far different color -almost ravello - and maybe get closer in color.
Leffot has a preorder inthe works now.
of course, you are rihht. It is delusional to think mismatched shoes will somehow become more matched to one another.Mismatched shoes are mismatched. They don't match. For something that costs $800 it is outrageous to pass them off as firat quality and I don't see why anyone would pay top.dollar amd tolerate them. I love whisky shell more than most and perhaps this pair illustrates the difficulties presented by light colored shell. They would go right back and I would...
A mistaken post from, as my son puts it, my not-so -smart- phone. This man still has not mastered his technology.
In all seriousness, if you want color 2 long wings, why not call Alden-of-Carmel and see if there are any still available?  
I would participate in a navy shell wrap-around-monk strap too if it is on the rain last.   I would not hold my breath, however,   Others have said that Carmina has no navy or whiskey (Carmina calls it saddle) shell that is not already spoken for.  In other words, Carmina is supposedly out of this shell at the moment.
I would go for that in the black/ Grey suede.
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