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Well,so far, these shoes have gone from the box to my feet. No one at all has commented in them yet except my secretary. I overheard her saying to her husband on the phone "You won't believe this: now he is wearing red shoes . . . yeah, red shoes, like Dorothy . . . no they don't sparkle, but almost. What man wears red shoes?"It was all I could do to keep from putting my red - shoed foot up her ass. Truth is, actually, it was all I could do to keep from bursting out...
yes, only they weren't essentially sold by invitation.  If someone is interested, what is the cost of an email?  And, by the way, they are only shoes. 
+ 10 True for the feet, down the gullet and the soul. 
Outstanding pairing!  Excellent picture showing a great-looking use of that naval boot.  Taste is individual, but this boot with bright, hard-to-match pants like those, all shades of grey, grey flannels and jeans are a great look. 
Great looking acquisition and families.
Alden of Carmel recently issued some color 2 longwing bluchers that it had Alden make to commemorate an anniversary. Beautiful and fun casual dress shoes.  There are a number of pictures posted on this thread from the last few months, as rydenfan indicated.  I have never seen other make-ups although there may be some out there from the past.  If you are interested, I would get in touch with Alden of Carmel to see what it may have.
Because you are an American who wishes to wear English shoes that aren't sold in many places in England, much less America. That and the shoe world does not operate off standardization. A bitch.
The dancing part sounds definitely of your part of the world. If the nymphs pictured are part of the equation, anything they want to do is fine.Have a great long weekend.
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