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Actually, I think Mac has it in ravello- a Leather Soul make-up. Whichever one it is, it does look great. Alden Madison makes an NST loafer on color 8 and black cordovan that approximates the nst monk for a currently available glimpse of the possibilotoes.
So . . . .How did it go?
not positive, but think the wide fitting is available only through I made to order.
Don't get your panties in a wringer and take off your grassy knoll conspiracy theory hat. As those who matter know, and as a number of retailer threads here will reflect, I own a number of pair of Carmina shoes and boots (as well as Edward Green and Alden). I have a great deal of personal experience with Carmina shoes and boots, and have paid for that experience. I also like their product very much.
Good lord.I thought I clearly expressed matters of taste are just that and I expressed mine. Who knows what the majority view is on the rainlast. I don't amd I am pretty confident you don't eithet. I am even more confident, however, that it really does not matter what the majority view is or is not. It sure doesn't matter to me. I have my preferences, and sure don't begrudge others their prefernces.
Carmina offers a wide width option on the rain and forest lasts. In the regular width option, rain is supposed to be a bit wider than forest, but both, in the regular width options, are an average width.As Roger notes, the rain last has a aquarist toe and forest has a rounded toe. Which one prefers is a matter of taste. I think rain echoes the worst of the square - toed clod hoppers, at its best, evokes gaucho shoes. While okay with boots, I think shoes on the rain last...
I would go for this if this last will allow the equivalent of an American "e" width, which I neef.
J. Gilbert has black and brown calf NST boots.
As one who is working on light blue boots and blue/grey and navy/white spectattors, I so go grey! Seriously, whether you go grey or black, the boots you are considering look great and I hope you get and enjoy them - whether you are on the ramparts or the boardroom.
New Posts  All Forums: