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Excellent! Are there for others interested in this? Steve, will Carmina create such a spectator?
Doesn't matter. The answer to your question is that spice is a suede color that Carmina used to offer bit because it is a gutless, useless firm, it offers no longer. So if you want a shoe in spice suede, which is a vibrant, great color, you must punish Carmina for abandoning it and get it from a superior shoe maker like Edward Green, St. Crispins or the like.
That looks nice. But I would favor something with more contrast. Go loud, go proud.
Those are fantastic! The edge contrasting with the black leather is a sharp, casual look.
4. Dark brown suede Adelaide / Leather Sole / Rain Last - 5 interests & need one more! @gettoasty  @golfinz  @DonRaphael  @Sotiris Btw, Carmina does not have Spice suede anymore and does not plan on getting more anytime soon according to Betty @aldenwear  @SoGent  @pinkpanther  @justinkapur  sorry about the bad news gent Cheers! [/quote] Well, since Carmina has the poor judgment to abandon a distinctive suede offering, is anyone up for a spectator Adelaide? Say a...
Also, at the risk of going beyond the bounds of this Alden thread, you can get what you are looking for from Carmina at about the same price.
Leather Soul has longwings in snuff suede and double waterlock soles. I know you are looking for plain toe bluchers, but if you decide to broaden a bit, you may want to consider these. Good luck.
My next target is what you posted today.  And maybe, as you have on your hit list, the black shell version.  I also have on my list the shortwing monk at Alden Madison in both color 8 and black shell (I am thrilled about this make-up), and the standard model shortwing balmoral in color 8 and maybe the black shell.  I have no particular time horizon for these, so I am not so concerned about any shortages.   As for suggestions, unless you don't like monks, I recommend taking...
What a great Alden stock model.  Non-use of spoiler intentional so this picture shows again.   
New Posts  All Forums: