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Exactly right. How can the retailer control shipping. Retailer might want to do something for customer relations sake, but retailer would plainly be taking the hit for someone else's responsibility.
On Carmina shoes on the rain last, I need a wide fitting. For shoes on the Detroit last, I have ordered the same size as I do on the rain last, and the Detroit last shoes have fit well. I imagine that if I needed the regular width fitting of rain - lasted shoes, my size on the Detroit last might be more complex. The general rule is, however, that Detroit is not a lot wider than the normal width rain last so that one would get the same size in the two lasts. In other...
A few years ago, Leather sole offered a plain toe blucher on aberdeen as well as, I think, plaza in the past in both color 8 and black shell. 
Great looking shoe.  Congratulations.
I am up for this.
That is pretty funny.
throw some milk on them.
I would like to participate in the group-made-to-order for the Nevis in almond country calf.
I deployed that very same whiskey shoe today as well.  I paired it with a mundange kakhi pants, not nearly as unique as you. I also observed Whiskey Tuesday when I wore whiskey NSTs.   A Whiskey Week for me.
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