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J. Gilbert has black and brown calf NST boots.
As one who is working on light blue boots and blue/grey and navy/white spectattors, I so go grey! Seriously, whether you go grey or black, the boots you are considering look great and I hope you get and enjoy them - whether you are on the ramparts or the boardroom.
Kind of funny to see all of this talk about "fuck you' boots that cost high-three figures to mid-four figures.  Anyone who can spend that much on one pair of showy shoes is definitely part of The Man.  The buyer is not saying "fuck you" to anyone.  He is saying "I want to look stylish, and I am such a big-balled success that I just dropped $1,000 large (or more) on a completely non-essential, pure luxury item."    I am all for these shoes as much as the next Style Forum...
I would prefer a wholecut in burgundy museum calf but might be interested in this.
What is the point of beebs and you shitting on the preferences of others? We can all agree that we might have different tastes without impuning what others like. You and beebs think the no. 2 are fucking ugly and you are entitled to that opinion, however revealing of a lack of taste it might be. But is it really necessary, or consistent with the general bonhommie of this thread to repeat your insult to those who do like them?
Of course she did not invent the joke. Who said she did? She is the one who wrote an entire book of punctuation and grammar jumping off from that joke. And the book was written way before the mid-90s - I don't know, but am pretty confident that the joke, the book and many lessons of good grammar pre-date the mid-90s, and the imternet.
The book was written by an American woman and she did tell the joke with a panda.  Good to know that Aussies out by the barbie looking at Nicole Kidman-types still care about proper punctuation.  
You are correct, sir.  Thanks for the correction. 
I am in for wholecut in burgundy museum calf with single leather sole.  Would prefer forest last, wide fitting, but would accept rain-lasted shoe.
Not a fraction of an inch.  A comma.  What a difference proper punctuation makes. There is a famous book about the importance of punctuation literacy that is entitled "Eats, shoots, and leaves."  It comes from a joke, I can't remember, about a cow.  The punch line that a description of his diet -- eats shoots and leaves -- has a very different meaning with the introduction of errantly placed commas:  eats, shoots, and leaves.
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