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Read. I wrote I woild be up for the Adelaide on spice suede so long as it is on rain last since I need the wide fitting. Simpson is an absolute no go for me
I wear shell belts - black, no.8, cigar, whiskey. Don't have ravello cordovan belt, but a tannish calf that I have is very close. I have the three piece belts and they are hardy as well as being nice looking.For what it is worth, for decades I wore calfskin belts of the colors of the shoes. I thought they looked fine, they were less expensive and certainly ore plentiful. The cordovan belts are akin to icing on the cake.
Mr. Knowledge, your knowledge must be confined to blackboards: if you want to make sweeping conclusions, do your research beforehand by searching to see what my contributions are. A comment was made about another poster's choices that was negative and, as it turns out, silly.
Jean's look fine to me. The "better" jeans cost as much, if not more, than tailored pants in the finest fabrics that are custom tailored for the wearer. Bulky for the Jean manufacturers that are able to get the sheep to fork over their (or daddy's and mommy's?) hard - earned cash so foolishly. Mike- being a demonstratedly wise spender of his clothing cash- allocates it to an incredible cordovan stash and not on paying $400 for $2 denim that has purportedly been drenched...
I hate myself for this, but I would be in for joining a group-made-to-order for the Adelaide in Scary Spice Suede (my favorite spice girl by far; David Beckam got the runt of the litter, looks wise even if she appears to be pretty shrewd), but only on the rain or forest lasts. That is, I will join if the cognescenti will tell me that scary spice suede will go with dark Greys and charcoal as well as tans. Would it hang with corduroy texture-wise? How absolutely damn...
Precisely. And precisely my experience. Rain regular fitting is too narrow for those needing the equivalent of an American "E" width. Any other suggestion is just simply misleading, bad information.
Wrong.  I wear an American E.  Not EE, but E.  I cannot wear rain-lasted shoes without getting its wide fitting.  Rain in its regular fitting is plainly too narrow.   Rain is definitely not as narrow as simpson.  But it is simply wrongheaded -- bad information -- to say it will work for those needing an American "E" width.  The writer who said rain in its regular fitting is medium is accurate.  
I am telling you, the brass eyelets contrasting with the black shell is a winner.  That is the difference between these boots and the naval boots. Actually, I think a more important reason for the run on this plain toe boot is the (perceived?  real?  real/manufactured?) scarcity of shell.  I think buyers are believing they have to nap up shell special order offerings, particularly when they look sharp.
I agree.  Those NST's do not look narrow enough to be Aberdeen.  They look like they are on the barrie last.  The NSTs Citishoes sells (or used to sell) in the more rare cordovan colors were all on barrie last.
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