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As to the slip-on captoe, I would be up for that, but not in suede.  I would want that in burgundy cordovan or calf for versatility.  I would get it for the same reason mentioned:  to wear for traveling and would want it to be able to wear for business with suits and business casual as well as for more casual wear with jeans and chinos.
I am in on that.  I got no invoice.  I suppose the short/wide pairs needed more time and attention.  But it seems clear that all will be available before the Winter, which is good news.    Not like the milkshake suede (basically light cream colored) Indy boots I received in February -- when there was four months of freeze/thaw slush on top of 8 inches of packed snow on the ground. 
Good Lord!  You know the answer:  Both! And neither with blue-colored jeans.  Wrong color shoe for those jeans. Beyond the style point, and in all seriousness, I like the perforated captoe better in a boot.   I think a boot with a plain toe, plain shaft, blind eyelets and speedhooks that blend into the color of the boot (as opposed to contrast) is just too much plain.  While that perforated captoe does not add much more ornamentation that the captoe, it does add some and I...
I would join a group made to order for that shoe.
Deleted post. Already responded to more accurately by others.
No, everyone has a navy CXL Indy boot now. Alden NYC, DC and San Francisco have one. J. Gilbert has one coming (and it is on the commando sole). I think Moulded Shoe has a make up in the works on the modified last. Alden of Carmel even has a navy suede Indy boot coming in the Fall.Other than the J Gilbert boot that is coming, I am not aware that any of these make ups have commando sole. I suspect this makeups with the commandos sole comes from the Asian market.
If those are, in fact, from Alden DC, then Alden DC apparently does them both ways.  It just received a run of ravello lwb with antique, not dark, edges.
somehow messed up post.
+1 on all opinions expressed here and well and succinctly stated.
You wrote the snuff suede Indy from Alden NY is on red brick and then write "all three are on cork." As youbjust wrote, the snuff suede Indy at Alden Madison is not on the cork sole that Alden uses for its standard Indy models. As you wrote, the NYC model is on red brick, which is a comoletely different material. The Alden shop in San Fran offers the snuff suede Indy boot on the cork sole. But then again the OP asked about chocolate auede, not snuff suede, Indys.
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