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No you have it. The only difference is that the stock Alden model is on the slimmer Aberdeen last. Looks better withbsuots/business attire than the barrie- lasted version that is more casual because of the relative unsleakness of the barrie last.
  I was not trying to "target" you -- not my intent at all, and I am sorry I left you with that impression.  I simply commented on your price opinion -- disagreeing with it -- just as someone else commented on your opinion, disagreeing with it as well.   With all respect that is due to your opinion, my view on the price matters as much as yours -- not at all.  What matters is what someone decides to pay.  The market will determine the worth of these shoes.  At this point,...
High larious!
Most wear the same size on the barrie last )last the 975s are built on) as trublance (the last for your Indys).
I think that is what is called wishful thinking.  If that were the case, he would not have bought them in the first place and I would have bought them.  And be wearing them to court tomorrow!
Absolutely right.  We will see what happens.
Great looking shoes.  But as good as they look, they are only the second best looking feet in those pictures!
Are you kidding.  $450 (I think that was TSM's price for these second shoes) is the price.  Not worth any more than that.
I called TSM to buy this pair (there was only one pair on the recent 7.5E list) and was told I just missed them.  To a profiteer.  He owns them and can certainly do what he wants with his shoes.  But a real shame they were bought to flip.  We'll see if anyone has way too much money burning a hole in their pocket. 
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