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These are the medallion captoes about which I was speaking in my previous post. I agree with b you these are more formal than the mock toe and go with sport coat and tie or open-necked shirt. I think these would even go with casual suits, but not dressy ones. Wearing these with chinos or jeans I do not think works.
Those are great looking shoes. Those would be great for chinos, jeans, kakhis. I think they are too informal for sport coat and tie business casual. You might be able to get away with more casual coat and open shirt business casual. Definitely too informal for suits.A suede shoe that would go weLL with more formal business casual - more dressy coats and coat and tie: snuff suede medallion captoe balmoral. The ShoeMart sells that too. You may not want to have snuff...
I saw the G&G split toe make up in the dark brown kudu.  I noticed in the switch there is a light-colored kudu -- I think it is called acorn?  Is it possible to get the split toe in kudu, but in the light-colored kudu, not the dark one?
I think that the arran in black lizard looks outstanding!
Question:  when the G&G bullfrog says it is only available in split skins, what does that mean?  And what are the implications for make-up?  Thanks.
What an excellent look!  I almost did not spoiler it because it deserves reviewing. 
FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK! FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCK! FUCK FUCK How many times did George Carlin say it 173 years ago?
Read the post. Poster said 11d - the only shoe he has actually tried on - was too tight. He ordered 11e, obviously thinking if d width is too tight, he needed same size in e width. He then asked if 11.5 d would work. In other words, poster is saying if his best size is 11e, would 11.5d in grant last would work. My experience is plainly, clearly no.
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