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Great choice.  Traditionally, balmoral is considered to be more dressy than than the derby so if you are getting to wear with suits, the balmoral is more for suits.  This kind of distinction is breaking down and I would say whichever style you like better is what you should choose.  Put them on and enjoy them.
Alden of Madison today (May 13) announced they have a balmoral cap toe in color 8 in stock.  There is no brogueing on the toe - it is a plain cap - but it is a balmoral and a great looking shoe.  It is on the Hampton last, not plaza. For plaza last shoes, contact Yenni at brick + mortar.  I am not aware of her having a shoe like that in the queue, but it cannot hurt to suggest.
Outstanding!  Deliberately not spoilered because it would be a crime not to show these again.
God almighty! And it looks like the saddles and loafers are all that have been touched.
Charles Oakley?!  Impressive.  You must be a Chicago Bulls fan from the early 90s.  And don't say Knicks fan.  Oakley just put in a few years there to get his pension.  His glory years were serving MJ!!!
They don't look great with those jeans.  They look like the guy let someone else put shoes on his feet, or he cannot afford casual shoes to wear with his jeans.
Those look fantastic.  Why have the museum calf if you cannot tell it is museum calf? Those look great.  Congratulations.
I have a pair of those very shooes. They are bison leather on plaza last NSTs and were sold by Alden of Carmel over ten years ago. They were offered in that brown and in black as well. To this day I wear the brown pair I got way back when. I wish I had gotten that shoe in black as well, but waited too long.Alden of Carmel was the first to offer unique, custom make-ups, and they offered some incredibly beautiful make-ups. Many of those make-ups were on the plaza last. ...
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New Posts  All Forums: