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British 'd" width is roughly equivalent to American "c" width. If you wear an American "d" width, you should focus on British "e" width.If your American brannock size is 9d, I would think you would be an 8.5E or 8E on Edward Green shoes on the 202 last. And shoes on the 202 last are wider than on the 82 last
Outstanding! Congratulations
Deleted out of respect for the fact that this is an affiliate thread, and particularly this affiliate. My aplogies to Skoak.
Budapest, get real. You are too lame, boring and white bread to even approach the door of the Pimp's Ball.
I am interested in this boot. If it is on Roberts last, I cannot participate. Will participate if on soller or forest last.
That is what I was afraid I recalled.Does anyone know if robets is available in a wide-fitting, like forest and rain lasted shoes are?
Is Roberts a wide fitting last like Detroit? If not, is it available in a widenfitting? I think the answer to the last question is no,but I am interested and would like to know if this make-up wil fit.
Right. Alphas looked great -- sitting in the driveway or by the side of the road because they weren't worth a shit. A car that did not run. I saw another poster said bonafes were akin to land rovers - another car known for its epic cost and decades long reputation at being a spectacular failure at a car's most basic function - actually staying on the road to get you from point a to b.I hope these analogies are false and that Bonafe is a higher quality of shoe than...
But mercedes are overpriced pieced of shit and Hyundai - genesis sedan and Equus- are priced tens of thousands less and great values.I think bonafes and Aldens are far more value laden than mercedes. Is that your point?
These are the medallion captoes about which I was speaking in my previous post. I agree with b you these are more formal than the mock toe and go with sport coat and tie or open-necked shirt. I think these would even go with casual suits, but not dressy ones. Wearing these with chinos or jeans I do not think works.
New Posts  All Forums: