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I would be a third - I love this button shoe and the grey on blue is perfect.  I too would prefer the chiseled last.  But I tend to need a wider shoe -- I wear an American "E" width.  Assuming this can be accommodated in the 946 - I have no experience with bonafe -- I am in.
F width here and interested, but only in vintage cherry, not in oak. 
No violation of antitrust laws.
I have a number of color 8 shoes. I don't think color 8 is,as dark as black. Particulrly if the black is alpine grain and there is textural difference.
Really love the black/color 8 and black/ whiskey saddles. Someone else should do those, particularly black/color 8- Adam!
No, you are not the only one who has this obviously correct view. Wearing oxfords -- that are meant for suits -- with jeans just looks like the wearer is either too poor to afford a second pair of shoes or that he has beat the shit of someone wearing a suit and stolen his shoes. The impression is one or the other. Nothing else. Cops know this, of course, and are liable to pick upa jean/st. james wearer on suspicion of assault and battery, and the realy heavy charge: ...
 Very neighborly.  And constructive.
I am down for this, but suspect I will need "F" width.
Great choice.  Traditionally, balmoral is considered to be more dressy than than the derby so if you are getting to wear with suits, the balmoral is more for suits.  This kind of distinction is breaking down and I would say whichever style you like better is what you should choose.  Put them on and enjoy them.
Alden of Madison today (May 13) announced they have a balmoral cap toe in color 8 in stock.  There is no brogueing on the toe - it is a plain cap - but it is a balmoral and a great looking shoe.  It is on the Hampton last, not plaza. For plaza last shoes, contact Yenni at brick + mortar.  I am not aware of her having a shoe like that in the queue, but it cannot hurt to suggest.
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