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It's not that I hate the coloring but I'm really buying it for the fit, fabric, and raw hem. Other than the cropped denim a few season back I don't know anything off the top of my head that's comparable.
Those who have the Skittles- has the coloring decreased after dry cleaning? I'm interested in grabbing a pair but actually want very little color, just a slight amount of "dirtiness." I feel like if I dry clean them a couple times they might end up perfect. I know with my Odeons some of the darker coloring faded away.
Sold out in my size too, they'll restock
Beige shorts are dope for sure but I really feel like the Natural would go great with all the spring color tees and hoodies (saguaro/pink especially). Might have to grab those.
Still looking for a medium Kake Mock in Slate Also looking for high tops in size 40 for the low (seen too many pairs going for sub-250 during sale season to feel comfortable paying retail)
Which color? I've always had such mixed feelings about that jacket
Is it something you can size down on? It does say an oversized fit in the description. I'm normally a medium in everything, but I'm 5'10" as opposed to the 6'2" model wearing medium and it's barely cropped (if at all) on him.
Thank you for the clarification
I like the Thumper but I'm not so sure about an "oversized" trucker jacket. I don't remember the previous Thumpers having that fit, but I haven't owned one so maybe they did.
Do you use the exact same sole as Common Projects on the high tops or just similar? I only ask because Wings + Horns run the same as CP's length-wise but are actually much wider which helps me a lot when sizing down.
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