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Was gonna say a plaster hooded clash with matte black zippers would be incredible. Would buy in an instant.
I haven't had an issue with the classic crews which I've owned for a year or two but my black Expo tees neck was basically ruined after two wears, pretty disappointing. I don't hang them either I just fold them in my dresser.
So glad about the black co-mix, exactly what I needed. Won't be buying anymore non co-mix tees due to the necks stretching out.
Or even SLP, it's not hard to find their more basic models for 325-350
Did anyone receive the charcoal escobars yet and take fit pics? The escobars didn't work out for me last time around due to a sizing mistake but if I were ever to get another pair the charcoals look great
That's a shame, I'd love a dune colored hoodie but don't need side zips
Did JE ever release a dune flash full zip hoodie? I thought they did but I truly can't remember, I'd love to locate one in medium if they did.
So will the Co-Mix Expos ever be restocked?
Does anyone know where I might be able to find a medium white co-mix expo? I hate to resort to asking the thread but it appears a restock isn't happening anytime soon and I've looked all over.
I don't know, that black one looks really dope to me. I'll definitely cop if I can get it on a discount.
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