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Does it fit as big as people say?I've got a medium raw edge hoodie that fits perfect size wise, but the medium Mercer half zip looks much bigger size wise, even the size small Mercer looks to be bigger than the medium raw edge.
Looks like Sage to me
It looks like Oak or even lighter than that to me, almost tannish. Definitely a very different color than the Alpine anti expo it's layered with. This is one scenario where I actually hope the photo is a little innaccurate because a deep, dark green like Alpine and the cream pile would look amazing.
I almost wish it were "fur" on both sides, I agree on the nylon not looking great but I'd also want to wear the warm pile material on the inside when it's cold out. Looks like the perfect late Fall/winter layering piece.
Hahah pretty sure my order for that went in at 11:00 exactly, i feel like it's been months since it's been in stock, wasnt taking any chances
God damn is this thing beautiful. I can't do it because of the belt but that leather looks unreal.
In that case go with the raw edge, I feel the same as you and it's probably my favorite JE hoodie to date.
I actually keep running into more and more retailers doing this. I'm a 29, and I always see 28, 30, 32 etc. I get that this way they can buy less, but it's not the smartest.
They sure did.. and all the wallets and accessories went up about 20% too. Pretty disappointing, I was gonna grab a pair of the Off White Achilles from End.
Really really would love to see some Parachute jacket fit pics, especially with a hoodie underneath. Could be wrong but I don't think I've seen any so far.
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