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I have to say I'm incredibly disappointed the Dune villain didn't release, that was my number one piece for the entire SS15 drop. I do like the midnight colorway but I wanted something lighter for Spring.   Also, is this a preview of the new co-mix grey? Maybe it's silk blend but it looks very different from what we've seen before.  
Oh man, I would've guessed XS based on the fit. Definitely not going to get smalls at my size.
Size and your height/weight if you don't mind me asking? I sent back my mediums (which we severely oversized due to a manufacturing error) in exchange for smalls, but I'm still unsure if they'll be too tight. I wish I could just try them on in-person but there are no retailers near me. I'm 5'10" 145ish and plan on gaining a little weight, I definitely like a slim look but not tights.
Maybe it's just me, but I think it actually looks better. A little more natural and less forced. Either way, it's tough for me to justify the black loopwheel Villain over the regular Villain or even Reigning Champ. Their terry is incredible. Edit: I also can't tell if the zippers on the black one are silver or shiny black. Hmm.
The fit doesn't look bad in the body but it looks a little short for my taste
JE contacted me immediately after the post, I commend them for their efforts to make things right. I do have a "2" sewn into the pants, but a number of the measurements are off. The waist and inseam are correct, but the thigh and knee measurements are almost two inches too wide, and the hem a half inch too wide. I'm comtemplating switching to the small, but might like the medium with correct measurements. If I only I had the luxury of trying them on. But yeah, don't take...
Why are you asking him? JE addressed the midnight villain within the past few pages.On another note I received my first pair of Escobar sweats today and am quite honestly bewildered by the sizing. I decided to go with a medium at 5"10" 145, which I knew would be slightly loose after comparing to the model photos, but I wanted to avoid the leggings look. I finally got them in today after ordering on Thanksgiving and they're huge. The waist fits tight, like I would imagine a...
Those the Carbons?
It would seem like it from the look of this thread.On a side note, I spent enough on Black Friday as is, but I really regret not copping the cobalt denim at a discount. Could have been really versatile for the winter months.
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