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For non-raw tight fitting denim like JE's it makes them much more comfortable
Wait what? I thought the dune Villain was scrapped? Excited about the release but not sure how I feel about silver zippers, will wait for photos.
Waiting for the pitch black Villain restock like
Not a great picture, especially because of the pant fit, but here's an old photo of a Villain with the Scar Tank which had the same curved hem as the u-necks.   [[SPOILER]]
Great idea up there on the hangers, I honestly only fold mine and put them on my closet shelf rather than use hangers at all. Just got my cobalts in, fit is perfect. Size down 2 from my normal waist size, same as my APCs. Still patiently awaiting a pitch black villain restock.
Did you happen to see if they have the pitch black Villain in stock? I've been wanting it forever and they're the only retailer near me
I ended up finding a great deal on a pair of 28's just last night so I went ahead and ordered them, can't wait to get em in.
I know I asked this a long time ago but didn't get many answers so here it goes again. I have a pair of Cast/Coast in size 29 that fit me very well in the legs and are just the tiniest bit loose in the waist (not a problem at all for me). The Coasts are pretty much skin tight in the calves, I can't pinch/pull fabric away, and slim in the thighs. Basically, they fit perfect for what I want.   Now I'm looking to purchase a pair of Cast/Cobalts because I need some dark...
Strange that Ssense no longer shows full measurements for sold-out sizes, though that could be because I'm on mobile. That being said, I don't want them to fit quite as skinny as my SS14 15.5cm denim so I may size up one. Anyone know any online retailers that still have size 31 still in stock?
I believe they're a Filling Pieces collab but don't remember
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