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Please tell me that trucker jacket will be available in black or gray
That's strange.. Regular version not the silk?I actually accidentally ran my classic crew through the machine wash and dryer TWICE in about a week, and surprisingly it held up fine and didn't even shrink. Not something I plan on repeating, but I'm certainly glad it wasn't ruined.
Still looking
Does the online APC store ever do 20-25% off sales this time of year? There's a Fall '14 jacket I'd love to purchase but it's a little out of my reach without such a discount. Unfortunately it's not available at TBS.
Sizing on escobars and flannel? Just want to try to gauge how they might fit on me.
^lol. Did the pitch black Villain get stocked anywhere besides the JE website? Looks like I slept a little too long on the medium..
Yeah I'm the same weight but 5'10" and medium fits me perfect, I'd go down to small. That way the length will look better and the width will always stretch out.
Huh, nothing's showing up for me
Any more fit pics with the 41 Overshirt? (Especially of someone around 5'10"). Trying to decide if I should go with S or M, considering wearing a hoodie under it but don't want it to be too baggy if I don't.
Any update on the long sleeve mesh Rebel? Wondering if I should wait for that or cop the short sleeve
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