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The knees look really dope here. I'd love to try that on my own but feel like it wouldn't turn out as good as those. I like how you've got a few connected strands rather than a total blowout. How did you go about doing it?
Finally got the chance to try on an oversized crop hoodie in-store, really not as bad as people were making it out to be. I can certainly see that it's a little overpriced, but the weight is great for the summertime. Will definitely cop on a discount sometime soon.   Also if anyone's interested, I'm getting rid of a medium dark gray villain as well.   Edit: On a side note, I would do just about anything to get my hands on a medium Dune Expo tee at this point. Even a...
^Haha, if we're going to add to the JE inquiries, I'd love if the olive sleeveless pocket tee would get a restock. Been hoping for one for weeks, that's a must have for the summer.
I think I will, I want it to actually have a cropped look. I'm 5'10" 150 and am thinking a small will give that look.
Still unsure whether to go down a size on the oversized cropped or not. I think I'm gonna, but photos like these just confuse me on sizing. Based on these photos it looks like it doesn't even matter.   "6'1" 160lbs, size XL"     "6'1" 160lbs, size M"
Would love to see some pics of the cropped denim when it isn't hiked up on the models knees, if it's really a 32 inch inseam I'm probably all set to wear them normally at 5'10". The green pair is intriguing though a dune/canyon pair would've been a must cop. They also look far too tight on the models, not sure what's up with that. Maybe they needed to in order to stack like that similar to the Kitos.
Does anyone who sized down on the oversized crop hoodie have some fit pics? I really can't decide, I'm 5'10" and go TSS (medium) in villains but the crop hoodie already has the fit I'd like on the model and he's 3 inches taller.
What a novel idea. Maybe JE will let me exchange my dollars for an olive sleeveless pocket tee soon.
Caught it on Grailed, bought it the instant I saw it because I know they're hard to come by
I'm letting go of a pair of small gray Lima shorts if anyone's interested. Just don't wear them too often and they're a little snug.   Also I was finally able to get my hands on an Olive classic crew which I'm stoked about, I really like the Sage color too but I needed something a little darker first. May post some pics when I get it.
New Posts  All Forums: