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Does anyone know where I might be able to find a medium white co-mix expo? I hate to resort to asking the thread but it appears a restock isn't happening anytime soon and I've looked all over.
I don't know, that black one looks really dope to me. I'll definitely cop if I can get it on a discount.
Co-Mix Expo tee restock sometime soon would be fantastic
I was thinking the same thing.. there goes my shot of getting the fishtail raincoat. Guess I'll be waiting 'til Black Friday.
If you want them to fit like the model, go with a small. If you want a loose fit go with the medium. I'm about the same waist size and that's what I've found (it would depend on your height and weight of course too).
Whenever someone says this I look all over the app and can't find a word about the promotion
If we get a restock of some of the Co-Mix Expo's tomorrow in addition to the new drop I'll be making a healthy order
Where did you see it? I've heard about it and need that ASAP
For someone who owns it, is it possible to remove the strings from the fishtail on the fishtail raincoat?
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