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I wear stretch SLP 15.5 30's and have a 29 in the Coast. It fits me well, but I like my waist just slightly looser rather than tight. You should be good with a 28.
I did not, but I went ahead and ordered the "fashion peacoat." The only difference I saw was the leather on the pockets and behind the neck (which is visible when the collar is up) on the cheaper one- which I personally do not like.
Very strange, almost makes me wonder if one of ours is mislabeled. I'm 5'10" 145 and the Dark Grey villain in medium fits perfect.
You know if it weren't for ski patrol blowing it up all those years ago I sure wouldn't have minded
I might be making this up, but I believe a while back JE might have mentioned the introduction of a heavyweight villain. Might that be happening sometime soon? My current Villain looks and fits great but it's certainly not warm and winter hasn't even started yet.
Up for sale is a TOJ Winter varsity jacket in very good condition. It roughly fits a 48 (M), with the sleeves being slightly tighter due to the insulation. I'm around 5'10" 145 and this fits relatively well with a bit of extra room in the body. It's a black wool body with black leather sleeves and accents. Quilted lining. I'm asking $350 OR BEST OFFER, I would like to have it gone soon to make room in my closet for some other jackets. Please message if...
Does anyone know if there are any major differences between this:   https://www.schottnyc.com/products/wool-blend-slim-fitted-peacoat.htm?color=1&catID=9   and this?   https://www.schottnyc.com/products/24-oz-slim-fit-fashion.htm?color=14&catID=9     I understand the second one is labeled as the "fashion peacoat," but besides the interior lining, are there any differences? It looks as though both are 31", a wool blend, and slim fit. As long as the fit is the same...
That looks great, definitely interested if I hear some positive reviews
Does anyone have any recommendations for a slightly shorter, slim-fitting peacoat in in the $400 and below price range? J Crew Bayswater is unfortunately very hard to find at this point in time, and I don't like the protruding pocket flaps on the Dock peacoat. It also looks like those tend to have loose, baggy arms from the fit photos I've seen online. I have my eyes on a Burberry one on eBay, but at ~$600 it's probably a no go. Sterlingwear seems to be the concensus for...
Up for sale is a pair of Saint Laurent jeans, 17cm hem, size 30. They were worn 2x before I decided on a different pair. Asking $350 plus ship OBO. Please message if interested. Thanks!
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