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When I heard the name "Anti-Expo" this is what I thought, and the photos seem to confirm it. Really hope not because I'd love to grab a maroon one.
Decided to let go of some size 29 Odeons, if anyone's interested hit me up before I throw them up on Grailed
Really need to grab a medium Sage Flash zip, anyone know where they might still be in stock?
Looks like the CoMix Classic Crew to me
You're really on a roll today huh?
I actually had a comix white expo and it was awesome, somehow I lost it. Cleaned out my closet a few times and it's still nowhere to be found.
Speaking of tee colorways, my favorite fit by far is the Expo because the neck is wide but not dramatic, and it doesn't have the outdated split hem at the bottom. All I've been hoping to do is grab it in the newer colorways (sage, clay, now maroon and alpine) and it seems to be phasing out. Not sure why but may have to stock up while I still can.
You really think so? I kinda like em, but I do need a new pair for sure
Slightly better fit pics with the 30 Odeons, as someone else noticed they certainly came almost fully blown out which is a little strange. 5'10" 150 with medium OS Cropped Hoodie and small OS Sleeveless Pocket Tee. I don't know if hemming the length 2" or so will help in the knee area or if I really should size down        
Got my new Odeons in the mail from Saks. I'm 5'10" 150 and went with a 30 because that's all they had, I'm a 29 in most other denim including Cast 1. I was expecting them to be way too loose, but they don't seem that bad imo. I think they fit well now, I don't usually get my denim quite as skin tight as most people, but am a little worried about too much potential stretching. Blowouts are definitely on the lower half of my knees but that's just the nature of these being...
New Posts  All Forums: