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You really think so? I kinda like em, but I do need a new pair for sure
Slightly better fit pics with the 30 Odeons, as someone else noticed they certainly came almost fully blown out which is a little strange. 5'10" 150 with medium OS Cropped Hoodie and small OS Sleeveless Pocket Tee. I don't know if hemming the length 2" or so will help in the knee area or if I really should size down        
Got my new Odeons in the mail from Saks. I'm 5'10" 150 and went with a 30 because that's all they had, I'm a 29 in most other denim including Cast 1. I was expecting them to be way too loose, but they don't seem that bad imo. I think they fit well now, I don't usually get my denim quite as skin tight as most people, but am a little worried about too much potential stretching. Blowouts are definitely on the lower half of my knees but that's just the nature of these being...
I don't know if I could ever pull this off unless I wore it completely open with a u-neck or something underneath. Looks pretty dope if you can though.
Haha, I had that in my cart last night and decided to pass, totally would've done it if I had the extra cash.
You may already know, but they run very big. As long as Common Projects but wider too.   Finally was able to score a new pair of Odeon's for under 300 which was what I was looking for, but unfortunately had to settle for a size bigger than I wanted. A 29 in the Cast 1's fit me well and these are a 30, we'll have to see how things go. I'm assuming they'll fit well at first but could stretch to be too loose.
The shoes are fresh as hell and not terrible at that price point, pretty much exactly what I was expecting because they're very reminiscent of the wings + horns leather high tops without zips. May cop in the future but I'm an 8.5 and am guessing the 41 will be loose and the 40 too small.
Look like Lima shorts to me
Does anyone have a fit pic with a pair of Odeons who's around 5'9"-5'10"? I think I'm gonna get rid of my 29 Coasts and grab a pair of Odeons but the models are so tall I feel like the knee blowouts may be below my knees.
Really wish there were some 29 Zincs in stock for this sale but I guess I can settle for something else. I'm anticipating some pretty big drops on the Oversized Cropped hoodies because every color has been sitting with a FSR for a while now.
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