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The full suit for 167? I need to call them asap. I've been hoping to find even just a navy wool jacket for that price and not the 400-450 they charge on the website.
I believe this has been discussed in the past but I don't remember the answer: should I expect the Coast jeans to stretch out in the waist? I of course expect the raw selvedge denim to stretch a size or two, but not sure about the washed. The 16" waist of the size 29 sounds perfect for me, but I don't want it to stretch out and become too loose. 
Looks snug to me, but if that's the first time you've worn it I'm sure it will stretch and loosen up after a week or two
I wear the same size in JE and RC hoodies (M), and find the RC to be slightly boxier- a little bit shorter and a little bit wider. I like the fit of each but I don't think it's drastic enough to size down. If you do want the RC hoodie to be just as snug fitting you may want to, but it will be a little short.
Is anyone able to compare the sizing on the Ludlow Dress shirts vs the Thomas Mason Slim Dress shirts? I know the Ludlow has a trim cut but I'm not sure how the two compare. I own a size small Ludlow shirt which fits well in the shoulders but is slightly loose in the chest and arms.
Also would like to know this..
Thanks for that Occulta, I probably would've thrown mine in the wash. On another note, I just received my white Rebel in the mail a few minutes ago. The hood is once again too small, I look like a martian or something with that thing stretched up around my head. Otherwise, I like it a lot. A little warmer/thicker than I expected, it looks too bulky with a t-shirt underneath. I'm 5'9" 140 and went with a small and the fit is on-point. Will upload a fit pic when I get some...
I think it's a weapon
Ordered a Rebel last week and hoping it gets here in time for the weekend. Decided to go with the small after the latest fit pic, I'll put one up too when it comes.
I happen to have had the Villain and APCxKanye hoodie, and I would say large would probably be your best bet. However, the APC hoodie is shorter and wider than the Villain, so a large is going to look pretty long on you. I'm 5'9" 140 and fit a medium Villain and XS APC (they really do run huge), but the Villain fits snug rather than loose.
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