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Any more fit pics with the 41 Overshirt? (Especially of someone around 5'10"). Trying to decide if I should go with S or M, considering wearing a hoodie under it but don't want it to be too baggy if I don't.
Any update on the long sleeve mesh Rebel? Wondering if I should wait for that or cop the short sleeve
Yeah you're probably right, I'm just not a big fan of the gold zippers. Have any outside/daylight photos of the sand surfaced yet?
So the Dune full-zip will arrive for SS15, is there a Dune villain releasing for FW14 or did I just make that up?
I think it's great that there are now choices for shipping carriers upon checkout. I absolutely understand UPS on the business-end, however as a customer on the east coast I truly can't believe how slow they are to deliver a package in 2014. I'd love to choose USPS Priority, which by weight or flat rate should ring up to about $12-$13, however it's around $40 at checkout which seems a little strange to me.
Thank you, I appreciate the response. Have any of your Boston retailers such as Concepts or The Tannery been shipped the updated fit denim? I may need to try it on just to be sure.
The full suit for 167? I need to call them asap. I've been hoping to find even just a navy wool jacket for that price and not the 400-450 they charge on the website.
I believe this has been discussed in the past but I don't remember the answer: should I expect the Coast jeans to stretch out in the waist? I of course expect the raw selvedge denim to stretch a size or two, but not sure about the washed. The 16" waist of the size 29 sounds perfect for me, but I don't want it to stretch out and become too loose. 
Looks snug to me, but if that's the first time you've worn it I'm sure it will stretch and loosen up after a week or two
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