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Caught it on Grailed, bought it the instant I saw it because I know they're hard to come by
I'm letting go of a pair of small gray Lima shorts if anyone's interested. Just don't wear them too often and they're a little snug.   Also I was finally able to get my hands on an Olive classic crew which I'm stoked about, I really like the Sage color too but I needed something a little darker first. May post some pics when I get it.
Is there any chance of a Sage classic crew on the way or a restock of the olive? Would love to pick up a tee in that color range pretty soon
Sage is a shade of green, I want to clarify before I pay hundreds for a sweatshirt that looks like one I already own.
Awesome, so it's not the same color as the green hooded clash?
Is the mock hoodie coming in any other colors? Love the olive but already have the olive clash. A gray/tan color would be cool.
I remember a while back someone posted screenshots of the previous Cast denim fit chart, and the current Cast 2 fit. Are those still floating around? I'd like to compare some measurements, especially thigh and waist wise.
Really regretting not copping the flight jacket for 20% off on BF right about now
Do not hand wash them, dry clean only. There were some stories way back of people ruining them.
Looks great, what size is the jacket? I don't have the money for one at the moment but I'm about 5'10" 150 and assume I'd probably be good for the medium when the time comes.Secondly, I'm sure JE has been doing their best to get Black Friday orders out as quickly as possible, and I don't think quite everyone has had a bad experience. I ordered right at midnight on Friday and my order already came in today. I do feel bad for those who had an order cancelled though, that's...
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