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I'm not sure what those are but the current JE fit is much slimmer than new standards. The first run is looser in the calves and below but still slimmer than APC NS.
Would make perfect sense to me if they did, I found it to be overpriced before, along with the bombers and especially the newer checked flannels. I never did understand the pricing on those after the leather yoke version but I'd still love to pick up either colorway at 30-40% off.
I see satire doesn't translate over text well for everyone 😂😂
Any chance you have a fit pic with this? Honestly a really good idea, I almost want to buy one just to do it.
I would dry clean, or at the very least hand wash cold and lay to dry. I don't have the JE silk but I have an Alexander Wang silk and just a cold machine wash and hang dry messed it up a bit.
I wear a medium in the Villain hoodie and a small in the SS Hooded Rebel fits me well
^I wish I could still get the short sleeve black one in my size, I love my white one.
Could go for a black short sleeved rebel with pocket
I fold mine. But if I were to use a hanger I'd use something very thick/wide to avoide hanger lines in the shoulders.
Right, completely agree. But what I'm saying is if someone shorter than 6'1" wants the fit the model has, they simply cannot buy it.
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