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What is the latest word on the release of the olive hooded clash? Need that and some new denim for sure. I'm liking the look of that sand colored denim.
Hahah, can't say I've never done the same thing. But I must not be looking hard enough on the site here.. where exactly is the linen sweater available? As for the sizing I'm assuming it may fit loose, but I think that's the intended fit according to the modeled photos, probably a little bigger than a small LS Mercer. If you're okay with that type of look it'll probably be fine. 
What I'm most interested in aside from talk of an olive Clash are the new solid black jeans I'm seeing in some of the FW15 fit pictures. Any hints on when these may release would be awesome.. I'm hoping to pick up a pair of black jeans very soon.  
Now that's a must cop (hopefully with black hardware), when about can we expect this?
Reminds me of the APC x Kanye Airport sweater, which I don't mind because I was unable to cop. Very interested in this piece. As for when I saw the price of the Ripple tee
That is true, I'm going to keep an open mind about the new denim. Hoping for something jet black like Acne's Stay Cash.
Before the denim gets even tighter than it already is, if anyone has current 28 or 29 Obsidians they'd like to get rid of I'd be all over it 👀
Got my black Expo tee and co-mix classic crew in today, and have to say I'm impressed with both fit-wise. I'm glad I moved up to a medium from my small tees, I feared the mediums would be far too long but even the Expo isn't actually that bad in the back. My only suggestion is that JE comes up with a thicker black fabric for the tees, like a black co-mix that's been talked about. The current fabric is very soft but it's so thin that it stretches out easily and feels like...
I would love to see the fit through the chest and neck area if you get a chance, but thank you for that. I ordered a black expo for the hell of it but want to make sure the fit is what i want before ordering a co-mix as well.
Still need some 29 Obsidians and not really sure where to find them at this point  Was banking on that denim sale but was not swift enough, still excited for the stretch denim this fall though. Edit: Also, I haven't been paying a ton of attention to this thread lately, but if anyone can post some Expo tee fit pics when they get them in that would be great. I like the mercer neck but the body of the classic tee, so this may be enough of a compromise for now for me to cop.
New Posts  All Forums: