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Got my black Expo tee and co-mix classic crew in today, and have to say I'm impressed with both fit-wise. I'm glad I moved up to a medium from my small tees, I feared the mediums would be far too long but even the Expo isn't actually that bad in the back. My only suggestion is that JE comes up with a thicker black fabric for the tees, like a black co-mix that's been talked about. The current fabric is very soft but it's so thin that it stretches out easily and feels like...
I would love to see the fit through the chest and neck area if you get a chance, but thank you for that. I ordered a black expo for the hell of it but want to make sure the fit is what i want before ordering a co-mix as well.
Still need some 29 Obsidians and not really sure where to find them at this point  Was banking on that denim sale but was not swift enough, still excited for the stretch denim this fall though. Edit: Also, I haven't been paying a ton of attention to this thread lately, but if anyone can post some Expo tee fit pics when they get them in that would be great. I like the mercer neck but the body of the classic tee, so this may be enough of a compromise for now for me to cop.
Well that was ridiculous, I didn't realize I was on NDC trying to cart Yeezys. I never even had a shot at the 28 Obsidians 
I think it depends on the material and how you dry them as well. I didn't have the same experience as the guy above with my Wang shirts. In fact, they're my favorite shirts I've ever owned and still retain their shape. I wash them cold on a light cycle and then air dry. For me, I find JE tees better for layering because they're slimmer and longer, but much prefer the loose drapey look of Wang when I'm wearing just a t-shirt out.
I'm not sure what those are but the current JE fit is much slimmer than new standards. The first run is looser in the calves and below but still slimmer than APC NS.
Would make perfect sense to me if they did, I found it to be overpriced before, along with the bombers and especially the newer checked flannels. I never did understand the pricing on those after the leather yoke version but I'd still love to pick up either colorway at 30-40% off.
I see satire doesn't translate over text well for everyone 😂😂
Any chance you have a fit pic with this? Honestly a really good idea, I almost want to buy one just to do it.
I would dry clean, or at the very least hand wash cold and lay to dry. I don't have the JE silk but I have an Alexander Wang silk and just a cold machine wash and hang dry messed it up a bit.
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