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Right, completely agree. But what I'm saying is if someone shorter than 6'1" wants the fit the model has, they simply cannot buy it.
That Rider's jacket looks insane. But if the model is 6'1" and wearing a Small, something's off with the sizing.
Like new John Elliott + Co Flash Zip hoodie. This is the original gray color and terry from one of their first runs of production. Size medium slim fit like all of their hoodies. Asking $125 plus ship.
Up for sale is a pair of like-new Saint Laurent Paris 15.5cm washed jeans. Slight stretch to them makes them very comfortable. Size 30 waist and fit true to size, never altered. Asking 325 plus ship OBO and would like these gone soon.
For non-raw tight fitting denim like JE's it makes them much more comfortable
Wait what? I thought the dune Villain was scrapped? Excited about the release but not sure how I feel about silver zippers, will wait for photos.
Waiting for the pitch black Villain restock like
Not a great picture, especially because of the pant fit, but here's an old photo of a Villain with the Scar Tank which had the same curved hem as the u-necks.   [[SPOILER]]
Great idea up there on the hangers, I honestly only fold mine and put them on my closet shelf rather than use hangers at all. Just got my cobalts in, fit is perfect. Size down 2 from my normal waist size, same as my APCs. Still patiently awaiting a pitch black villain restock.
Did you happen to see if they have the pitch black Villain in stock? I've been wanting it forever and they're the only retailer near me
New Posts  All Forums: