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Any photos of the Oak hoodies out in the daylight yet? Trying to decide between that and Alpine but don't always trust the studio lighting and editing, every website looks different
Silver zips on the Slate ruin it for me unfortunately. Let's hope for Oak with black zips.
What are the chances of the Mercer Half-Zip releasing in Oak? That with a matte black zipper would be a must-cop
My CP's squeaked for about a month or so and have been great ever since. Was it decided that Slate is similar to Charcoal or no? I've got a lot of black tees already but still want to try out the color if it's a little bit lighter
If this is really true (and it may be) I'm praying for a re-up on the Sage Flash Zip before it's gone, I need that in medium badly
This is all I needed to hear before ordering one, thank you
Does anyone have any pics of the Plumas outside in the daylight yet? Curious to see how this wash really looks outside the studio, I'm hoping it's darker than people are saying.
Yeah I'll shoot 'em an email for sure, they're always super helpful, I'm just disappointed that's all because like I said the fit and color is awesome. I've seen other people post similar discoloration photos with Dune/Olive and some other colors though so it looks like a reoccurring dye issue.On a more positive note I'm definitely picking up the Plumas, that wash is badass. The comparison pic with the Springs is what sold me.
Sometimes, but the same thing would've happened if I wore it for a few hours first
Got my maroon Anti Expo tee and and I was super stoked- at first. The fit and drape is fantastic, the color is beautiful, and the raw edges just top it off. However, the quality/durability is dismal. Hopefully it's just my shirt but I've seen it happen to some others. I haven't even worn this thing yet (minus trying it on) and the collar is already warped. I tossed it in a cold wash on gentle and air dried (like I do with all JE and high-end tees I own) and THIS is what...
New Posts  All Forums: