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Hoping these Boucles are normal Escobar fit (they seem to be) rather than oversized. Excited to pick up my first pair if so.
Well, looks like I'll be saving up for a real rider. Those sleeves are bad.
So when you say the cropped hoodie was thin/disappointing, is that in comparison to the regular JE Oversized Cropped hoodie or just in general? Because that hoodie already is thin as hell and not fantastic quality, I can't imagine it being much thinner. If it's actually the same or very similar to the washed black JE one I may just grab one for the hell of it on discount.
Looking forward to seeing some fit pics of the parachute jacket if anyone gets one in this week, one of my must have pieces from FW16
That would make sense, I guess we just have a head start then. Doubt I'm gonna grab anything anyway but it'd be interesting to see the leather quality in person.
Or even have a link to the full collection on their site menu? Maybe that would make too much sense.
I actually wear my Acne Ace Stay Cash all the time, probably my most worn denim alongside JE. I will say they fit very similar at first, but JE stretches out much much more. Now that JE has just recently tapered the leg below the knee even further on the Cast 2 (just within the last few weeks) you may be just fine. Worst case is they stretch out and you pay $15ish to get them tapered.
I like the slate a lot, and it might be more timeless, but for me the Alpine is more unique and really a standout piece. Definitely grabbing one as soon as soon as I see one on discount.
I hate to keep asking but if a JE rep sees this, are the Anti Expos (Slate specifically) EVER gonna be restocked? I swear I've had notifications on for a restock for about a month now and have checked every retailer with no success.
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