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they just released a lookbook that showcases the jackets. http://www.3sixteen.com/blogs/news/15432401-fall-winter-2014-lookbook
nope. the 633s comes in the 21oz fabric as well. http://www.selfedge.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1278&search=633s
agree with the 633s recommendation but the 20oz unsanforized fabric you're referring to is the collaboration fabric with Self Edge which was a one time release. the 633s should come out in different fabrics but right now the main one is the 633s in their 21oz sanforized fabric that is super soft and ready to wear. 
i cold wash my jeans every 60-70 wears or so even if they don't smell. gets the denim clean and helps prevent or at least prolongs blowouts from happening. 
my fiancé got one in a size xs. they seem to be running pretty true to size. i normally wear a small in stuff and i'd get it in a small. the jacket looks pretty amazing. the wash is nicely done and looks legit. i don't know normally do washed denim but after seeing it in person, it looked awesome. i probably would've gotten one if she didn't get one before me haha. 
the chain stitch is not as durable as a lockstitch in that it can be unraveled easier which was one of the purposes of the chain stitch in certain situations. as for the roping, it was one of the unintended side effects of chain stitching on the hem which then became a desired look with faded jeans. you can achieve a similar roping effect with lockstitch but from what i understand it requires the person to know how to manipulate the machine and get the needle to go into...
i would say that both cuts would work if fitted right but it also depends on if it matches what you're wearing. a tapered leg gives you a slimmer silhouette and would work well in your case of wearing it with dressier shoes while a straight leg can also be dressed up but tends to look better IMO with a boot or heavier shoe. i started wearing less tapered jeans because i mainly wear boots and the smaller leg opening is hard to have the jeans sit right on the boot. 
rogue territory just released a good amount of washes and their cuts are pretty slim. 
added a tellason denim jacket
3sixteen's standard jeans are 14.5 oz which is a mid weight jean. I personally use 14.5oz denim year round but light weight jeans are around 11-12oz. I believe 3sixteen is planning on releasing a lighter weight jean for the summer months. they're sold in a few stores in canada (lost & found, understudy, the helm, working title). if those aren't near you, self edge offers free shipping worldwide. 
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