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yes you should soak them inside out before you wear them. how long and how hot/cold depends on how much you want them to shrink. usually a warm soak for about 30-45 minutes is what i do. with flat head it'll be important to agitate the denim too in the water so the water can really soak in. afterwards, wring it out and air dry. 
you're making this waaaayyyyyyyy too complicated. if they fit well now, you'll most likely be fine. 3sixteen denim doesn't stretch nearly as much as some other brands. unless your definition of fitting well is super skin tight then yes the jeans will stretch a little bit but again, their denim really doesn't stretch that much. i had a pair of the shadow selvedge that barely stretched even after a year of hard wear.  as for soaking your denim, the only thing that will...
the long inside tag that has the size on it? i usually cut it off as it sometimes gets bunched up or comes out the top of the pants haha. i have a drawer full of hem scraps and tags from my clothes over the years. don't know what to do with them either. 
they'd shrink a little but probably not by much. depending how much you want them to shrink, you could also hot dry them too but it can lead to some indigo bleed onto the weft threads. 
No prob. Selvedge isn't necessarily a given with HQ denim. It depends on the brands. You can see right away if you look at the out seam of the jeans. I believe most rrl jeans are selvedge though
Yes there is some markup with rrl stuff but in general with their denim, you're paying for the higher quality denim, details like hidden rivets, branded rivets, embroidered coin pocket, back pocket construction, etc. With the different washes, you're obviously paying a lot more for the labor that goes into it.
were they brand new and unworn? or did the guy wear them a bit before he sold them? if they're already worn, then they may not stretch out too much anymore. if brand new, then expect some stretch. it also depends on what fit perfectly means for you. are they pretty snug or do you have some room all around? it'll only stretch in areas on of tension so if they're pretty snug then it'll stretch a fair amount (again assuming they haven't been worn already) but if you have some...
it fits pretty slim and the rise is a little higher than other mid rise jeans. the silhouette is great and fits comfortably. 
rogue territory is about to drop some of their jeans in a few washes. should be available in the next couple weeks.
There will be some shrinking but pretty minimal especially if you're cold washing and hang drying. It'll also stretch back out as you wear them. Best9's advice is pretty intense and IMO unnecessary but to each his own.
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