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I'm not Nataku but , I'll chime in. That's a reel to reel tape recorder. Probably just one used for voice. Built in speakers are generally a sign of lower-end audio equipment. Good quality reel to reel decks are worth grabbing though!
  This is true, lots are looking for a project. Also often times something simple like changing a blown fuse or cleaning pots and switches can bring it back to life. It's definitely an addiction.
Pretty insane for a thrift price but if it's working it would be worth it. Definitely for personal use and probably some room left if you're trying to flip it. However, if it's got problems, hopefully they are ones you can fix yourself (they often are) or something that would be easily fixed by someone else. I don't know how into vintage stereo equipment you are so I apologize if you already know all this. Thrifting for stereo equipment, LP's, cassettes etc. is what got me...
You definitely can get a suit that will work for dancing I'd think. You probably won't be able to go off the rack like you said. The Made to Measure route will probably be what you'll have to do. I would imagine if you work one on one with a tailor they could hook you up. I don't really know any more than that but plenty here do. Good luck!
Looking at the other numbers I think 65 is definitely a possibility!I definitely see what you're saying. The beauty of traditional looks us they generally don't go out of style in my opinion. I think this jacket could look great now and in the future!
It's been a bit since there's been a post in here. I've got a couple items to toss on here. First is a nice vintage Woolrich Black/Red jacket. I happened to come across this last night in my size and I was pretty stoked. I've been wanting to find something in this style for a bit and this definitely fits the bill. Based on my research the tag indicates a late 60's date for this. The zipper is also large and hefty with the word "Ideal" on it that screams vintage. It's in...
No need for sass! I did my homework now that I have it here. I don't recall seeing the denison smock suggestion but I did find that it is likely a paratrooper smock.  Edit again: Apparently denison smock is the same as a paratrooper smock.
Alright @SpooPoker I went back for the 50's (unless I'm royally effing up my tag reading) camo. I don't have any idea what the practical use was for this but it appears to have snaps on the bottom for snapping into/onto something else. It also has some interesting loop thing on the back which I have a picture of. In one of the pictures you can see the messed up snap. Still very interesting. I've got a closeup of the only tag I can find on it. It was worth grabbing for $3...
  Good to know! I'm still fairly new so I appreciate the tips. I've been casually thrifting clothes for a few years only but I still struggle with what's worth picking up and what's not. Being on the college/recent grad budget makes it tougher to just go for it. But I love seeing the stuff you guys find and it always gives me the itch. Anyway, I'm here to learn and learn I did! I may try and go back for it. It's a neat piece even if not extremely sought after. 
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