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It seems to have slowed down a bit around. I've found a couple good things for personal use. I came across this though and thought it was pretty cool. It's in amazing shape. I know some Polo sweatshirts can bring serious coin. I couldn't find an exact match to this on the bay. Anything special or just pretty nice? Great finds recently everyone, keep at it!      
Okay, so we've got a reverse evolution. Plain water, water and steeped plant seeds make coffee, steeped plant seeds fermented make beer, and distilled fermented beverages make liquor!
We actually went from Spoo's liquor to beer to coffee. Kind of an evolution of drink if you will. Let's see what comes next.
I see no reason not to continue this....       Good morning all! From the winter wonderland.... The 'Bay says yes, but I personally don't know a ton about the brand and that's just one listing. Maybe not worth the hassle for flipping but if you wanted them for yourself might be worth a shot.
Damn, what a steal. I generally avoid that site due to over-pricing but it looks like you can find the deals if you try! Those came from about an hour away from me too...
Hitachi made some really great quality gear. I can't even remember the last time I found decent stereo gear at the thrift. I used to come across pieces now and then but it's been extremely dry here. Congrats! It doesn't take long to amass quite a collection...
Found the dopest shirt of my career yesterday. Ralph Lauren Black Label Made in Italy. Snaps down the front and on the cuffs. It's black and gold and has sort of a western vibe with the chest pockets and stuff. It's an XL so it's long like an XL but is very slim cut unfortunately for me. Too cool to leave behind.  
Like with all things, you get what you pay for to a point. They look okay now, in the picture, but the silks will be lower quality the overall build will be lower quality (leading to a likely shorter life). I'm a huge fan of going pre-owned when on a budget. You get excellent quality at a very affordable price. I'd definitely try eBay.    If you get a good quality tie and a cheap one next to each other you will see the difference. Cheap ones will look more dull, will tie...
Found these awesome vintage Dexter Shearling boots. They are in great shape and appear to be quite old. I love the DEX on the soles. Unfortunately not my size.  
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