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Nice one, L'Inc.
Nobody - and I mean nobody - in Canada should have used the name "Roughriders." That is a name strictly reserved for North Dakota, bequeathed to us by Teddy Roosevelt himself. For shame!
Yes, those are good too. But I was thinking of something that would say "Toronto" besides the word "Toronto."
The Bills would likely earn more of Toronto's love if they didn't have one of the blandest names around. I mean, Bill? If we're going that route, go with the Brocks (very masculine) or the Charleses (sounds kind of Canadian to me...I have no idea why). But really, I'd go with something Torontoans can really identify with and call their own, like the Bankers or Immigrants or something.
I remember that puck well. Damned near wanted to quit watching NHL games. And those stupid things were expensive, so players scoring, say, their first NHL goals couldn't keep them.
I don't quite get Dunham either. Or Daniel Tosh...almost nobody has ever made me change the channel as fast as Tosh.
I would do it. Just make sure she's SF approved. Otherwise, you'll sure be very unhappy for the rest of your days.
(1.) Grow some damned basil indoors. It's easy and almost indestructible. (2.) Purchase other ingredients for about $3, if not less. (3.) Make the sauce, which is about as difficult as wiping your ass. (4.) Quit depending on others for basic foodstuffs.
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